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Project Hero: CPT Christopher J. Bronzi, Silver Star
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, December 31, 2005

Leadership. That intangible quality that inspires, motivates and causes others to want to emulate the leader's actions. In combat, leadership can be the decisive quality which determines success or failure. As you'll see, by reading his Silver Star citation, CPT Christoper J. Bronzi, USMC, is such a leader:
For heroic achievement in connection with combat operations against the enemy as Commanding Officer, Golf Company, 2d Battalion, 4th Marines, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Central from 6 to 7 April 2004 in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM II. During heavy fighting in southern Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Captain Bronzi repeatedly exposed himself to intense small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire while personally destroying several enemy fighting positions. His heroic actions led to the elimination of 250 insurgents during the two-day period. His selflessness and bravery inspired his Marines to engage and destroy an enemy focused on the destruction of coalition forces in the capital city of the Al Anbar province. During a period of extremely heavy fighting on 6 April, Captain Bronzi led a fire team of Marines into the middle of a fire swept street in order to recover the body of a fallen comrade. On 7 April, Captain Bronzi and 3d squad, 4th platoon were surrounded and forced to take cover in a nearby building. Isolated and outnumbered, Captain Bronzi moved to the roof in order to best position himself to command and control the Marines of Golf Company, and while under heavy enemy fire coordinated a link-up of his 2d and 4th Platoons. He then led the embattled squad to the designated rendezvous point and eventually to the safety of the company fire base, eradicating the enemy in the process. By his zealous initiative, courageous actions, and exceptional dedication to duty, Captain Bronzi reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.
Of course Bronzi credits his Marines and notes their valor during this time.
“I can’t tell you how many heroics there were at that time. Our men were so relentless and tenacious, the enemy didn’t stand a chance,” Bronzi said.
Leadership. It's what makes the difference. Be thankful that we have such men of the caliber of CPT Bronzi leading our troops in combat. But they'll tell you they have the easy job and it is their troops who are the brave ones.

Previously featured in "Project Hero":

1LT Brian Chontosh: Navy Cross
PFC Daniel McClenney: Silver Star
PVT Dwayne Turner: Silver Star
MSG Robert Collins & SFC Danny Hall: Silver Star
SSG William Thomas Payne: Silver Star


PROJECT HERO is an ongoing attempt to highlight the valor of our military as they fight in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We constantly hear the negative and far to little of the positive and inspiring stories coming out of those countries. This is one small attempt to rectify that. If you know of a story of valor you'd like to see highlighted here (published on Saturday), please contact us. And we'd appreciate your link so we can spread the word.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Thank you for doing what the MSM/DNC should be doing. Of course they hate America so they will not do this. They will broadcast JFK telling the world that American troops go into Iraqui houses in the middle of the night to terrorize the people!
Thank God he lost by a good sized margin!
Written By: JommacDougal
URL: http://
As a former Fifth Marine and Nam Vet I say without reservation that the best men in the world are Marine Officers!
It is a crying shame that America’s MSM has been taken over by America haters like Turner and Redstone. This story should have been all over the news. But of course anything good about America has been burried by the MSM/DNC for 50 years.
They will publish lies that make America seem bad - 12,000 to 15,000 poor blacks killed by Katrina because America is rascist!

An old exJarhead
A 1/5
Nam 1967 - 1968
Written By: Rodney A Stanton
URL: http://
Could you all pleaze give me a simi list of links to military blogs (only the people who you can half been there.) ?
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://
Could you all please give me a simi list of links to military blogs (only the people who you think have half been there.

not sorry for double post trying to fix typos.
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://
Okay, it’s a really petty point, but the USMC doesn’t use the computer generated abbreviation, CPT. We use Capt. as the abbreviation for Captain.

CPT just looks too weird when applied to a Marine.
Written By: Mike Rentner
I know Mike ... I made an editorial decision to keep all rank abberviations to one style, and, having spent 28 years in the army, that’s the one I chose. :)
Written By: McQ
Let me throw some gas on the fire. If he were a REAL captain, he’d be commanding a ship.
Written By: Chuck Simmins
Chuck, don’t *make* me come after you... heh.

Thanks for doing this - it is long overdue.
Written By: Cassandra

this is your old friend, vinny sorrentino. If you read this, please e-mail me.

Written By: vincent sorrentino
URL: http://
Congratulations to Capt Bronzi , as a friend of the family, I know they are very proud of your accomplishments. I to as a former Marine am proud of what you have accomplished.
You know my son very well, he now commands a company for the 101st Airborne in the "tringle of death" very close to where you were in Iraq.
While differences come and go, let me commend you for a job well done and a very deserved honor.

lou kangas sr
Written By: lou kangas sr
URL: http://

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