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If things get too bad...
Posted by: Dale Franks on Thursday, January 05, 2006

Then, maybe, we can just leave. I mean, really leave.
AN EXTRAORDINARY "hyperspace" engine that could make interstellar space travel a reality by flying into other dimensions is being investigated by the United States government...

The theoretical engine works by creating an intense magnetic field that, according to ideas first developed by the late scientist Burkhard Heim in the 1950s, would produce a gravitational field and result in thrust for a spacecraft.

Also, if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster, allowing incredible speeds to be reached. Switching off the magnetic field would result in the engine reappearing in our current dimension.

The US air force has expressed an interest in the idea and scientists working for the American Department of Energy - which has a device known as the Z Machine that could generate the kind of magnetic fields required to drive the engine - say they may carry out a test if the theory withstands further scrutiny.
So, it's off to Barnard's Star for me.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

This might give print media a new lease on life. They can get the news on your doorstep faster than the internet.
Written By: John
URL: http://
So, they understand this, yes?

I do not want them vaunting through space and "introducing" their brand of "Freindship" anywhere else in the universe. If Captal Hill is an example, a black hole would be in order.
Written By: Newc
URL: http://
The theoretical engine works by creating an intense magnetic field that...would produce a gravitational field

Long version: A Nobel Prize in Physics awaits the first person to generate a gravitational field from a magnetic field. "Can you say ’Unification Theory’? Sure, I knew you could.[/MisterRogers]"

Short version: Go on, pull the other one.

Written By: Scott Crawford
URL: http://

Just bring back a newspaper with you.
And pictures. Post lotsa pictures.
Go on, pull the other one.
I am. Ad this my trusty servant Patsy. We have ridden the length and breadth of the land in search of knights who will join me in my court at Camelot. I must speak with your lord and master.

Oh. Sorry. Wrong movie.

Written By: Bithead
You all aren’t saying much to actually discredit the theory this is based on. It may well not work, but there’s no reason yet to think it won’t, and some reason to think it will—the theory it is based on accurately predicts the masses of the elementary particle as a consequence if its first principles.

Most times things are too good to be true, and then sometimes they aren’t.

Yours, TDP, ml, msl, & pfpp
Written By: Tom Perkins
URL: http://
How wild! Here’s more info on this story. Like they say, it seems an awful waste of space if nobody’s out there and we’re all stuck here.
Written By: Ron
URL: http://
I think that this is wonderful news. It makes it moe likely that we will discover Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica or the Green Orion Slave Women! Either way it’s worth at least 10-20% of the US GNP to explore the possiblity! Ooooh Green Women....
Written By: Joe
URL: http://

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