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The Allen ’08 Campaign
Posted by: Jon Henke on Friday, January 06, 2006

Hotline on Call reports that George Allen is running for President. Well, that's not what they say, but that's what this means...
Ed Gillespie, one of the most well-respected, most well-connected Republicans in Washington — he's the RNC chair once removed — has signed on to be the treasurer of Sen. George Allen's political action committee, Good Government for America.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch points out that Gillespie's addition gives Allen "national connections". To say the least. James Joyner adds that Allen is a "sitting senator who has been a large state governor and a House Member" as well as "sufficiently Southern and conservative to get enthusiastic support of the base but sufficiently moderate to appeal to swing voters."

Of course, from a strategic standpoint, being a sitting Senator isn't necessarily a bonus for a Presidential candidate.

In any event, the more the Allen campaign develops, the more they are going to have to address charges like this from Brendan Nyhan...
Does that mean Gillespie isn't concerned about Allen's ugly racial history? Does he even know about it?
Follow the link for Nyhan's view of Allen's past. He's used that specific phrase — "ugly racial history" — 11 times in reference to George Allen in the past, though he has not directly accused Senator Allen of being racist, settling for merely implying it over and over again.

I think the question should be pursued with a bit more rigor than Nyhan's repeated innuendo, so I'll ask Brendan: do you actually believe George Allen to be racist? Specifically:

  • Are you alleging that the noose in his office was a reflection of Allen's feelings about black people, as opposed to being part of a western and/or legal motif?

  • Are you alleging that the Confederate flag was a specific reflection of Allen's racism, rather than an innocuous part of a flag collection?

  • How should a Southern State — the "Capital of the Confederacy" — formally remember its history? Can a Virginia Governor recognize Confederate History without being racist, or is there nothing but slavery to Confederate History?

I think a lot of this comes down to ethnocentrism. Many people in the South simply don't see Southern history through the same slavery-centric prism that some others do. (unfortunately, some don't see slavery at all) Conversely, though, many people have trouble seeing the South though anything but the prism of slavery. When the two collide, there's a lot of opportunity for misunderstanding.

So we're left with innuendo and hints of racism. Or, to borrow some Brendan Nyhan once wrote about Republican rhetoric on immigration, it "doesn't represent a serious attempt to deal with the [race] problem, it's an attempt to pander to disaffected [voters]".

The Allen campaign will eventually have to deal with this smear; in the meantime, I think the merchants of these charges ought to be more forthcoming.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Quit whining you anti-Semite.
Written By: McQ
Now Book chooses to link to a guy who believes Jews were warned beforehand of 9/11 and that Israel was responsible for detonating the towers.

Is there any post in which Book can leave a comment that is not related to Israel or whether or not someone has a jewish heritage (and therefore ulterior motives)?

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
Rather hard to do when you’re an anti-Semite like Book. He’s now trying to pull a David Duke and cloak it in ’reasonable’ discussion while every link he throws up here shows his true colors.
Written By: McQ
Jon comes in waving the flag for the liberals, and Book stands up to cheer claiming anybody who doesn’t use fooled by the name callers. Anybody surprised?
Written By: Bithead
Israeli occupation of Palestine not much different than the invasion of Virginia by an alien nation. Elderly and children care nothing of political posturing. They want basics. Food. Clothing. Safe homes at the like. If honoring your forebears still holds a place in this world methinks Allen may be on the right track. And if pissing on your ancestors graves for a few more votes be the line of least resistance we can surely all go to Hell. My flag ain’t in the basement.
Written By: Lee
URL: http://
Palestinians are expected to allow Zionists to occupy their land
I’m sure I’ll be wasting my time engaging Book and his rabid obsession...but:

I’m curious about what standard you use to determine that it was "their" (the Palestinian’s) land? It’s my understanding that the land was previously controlled by the Ottomans until they were defeated in WWI. Then the land was controlled by the British. During the entire history of the land both jews and "Palestinians" lived there. Additional jews immigrated to the area beginning in the 1920s once it was under British control. When did the land ever belong solely to "Palestinians"?

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
I’m curious about what standard you use to determine that it was "their" (the Palestinian’s) land?

Asked previously and still unanswered. All that was left was the usual handful of links to anti-Semetic sights and his childish overuse of the bold button.

You’re wasting your time.
Written By: McQ
Interesting how the same people who want Israel of the Middle East, are also, almost to a man, the very same people who want a defeat in Iraq....

And here’s the pop quiz, Class... which domestic political party represents these people?

Written By: Bithead
Jon, I’m with you on the trouble with people misunderstanding Confederate history, but the trouble for Allen is that this noose/battle flag business is too easy a narrative. The press won’t be able to avoid it it, and neither will my fellow Democrats. And I have to say that while the kindest explanation for the display of a noose and a flag is reverence for history (removed from its context and displayer), racism is also a reasonable explanation.

If Allen is going to present himself as pro-Confederate history by anti-racism, he’s going to have to start engaging in some high-profile work in the black community, and soon.
Written By: Waldo Jaquith
All of a sudden Middle East Expert McQ is mute.

Someone tell this boob that I have no intention of corresponding with an obvious anti-Semite. And while you’re at it, recommend he purchase a copy of the "Idiot’s guide to the Middle East Conflict" and lay off the anti-Semetic websites for a touch. He might actually learn something since it is obviously geared to his intellectual level.
Written By: McQ
All of a sudden Middle East Expert McQ is mute.
I’ve answered several of your questions on many posts, and asked several in return. You haven’t answered me yet and they were very straight forward. Maybe your ability to stand by your ludicrous statements only goes so far?

I’ll ask again: By what definition do you ascribe the land currently called Israel to have been taken away from the Palestinians? As I stated previously, it was controlled by the Ottoman Empire until WWI. After WWI it was controlled by the English until the UN partitioning after WWII. The entire time the land was populated by both "Palestinians" and Jews.

To even question Israel here is to be automatically labeled "anti-Semitic"
Wrong. Israeli policy has been challenged many times by different people. However, others don’t claim Americans who are Jewish are secretly working for Israel. Others don’t link to jewish hate sites. Others don’t link to sites that claim jews knew about and perpetrated 9/11. Others don’t relate every post to problems in Israel or to someone’s jewish heritage.

Now answer my questions about your claims since I answered your question to McQ.

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
You can tag-team me AFTER McQ answers my initial question.
You are a chickenshit. I answered your initial question. Now answer mine.
Palestinians are dying to know. Literally dying.
They are dying because they hate living with Jews and try to kill them. No one can take away land from a group of people who didn’t control it in the first place. Therefore, the Palestinians are not paying for anyone else’s crimes.

Since you disagree, provide your explanation for why you think Israel exists on "Palestinian" land. I have repeatedly given the historical reasons why it is not.

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
You have repeatedly interjected yourself without stating one single "historical" reason why Palestinian real-estate was sto;en because of what the Germans did to the Jews.
1) Not "stolen" (already explained)
2) "What the Germans did" helped solidify world opinion within the UN, but similar land proposals had been debated and offered repeatedly since the end of WWI as the Jewish population in the area continued to increase along with increased violence against Jews in the area.
For the record...please NOW tell 1.3 billion Muslims why Zionists have the "historical" right to occupy Palestine.
They have a right to the land because it was controlled by the British, Jews had been living there forever along with others, and the British agreed with the UN proposal to divide the land (which was similar to previous British proposals after WWI).

For the record...please NOW tell everyone why 1.3 billion Muslims have the "historical" right to dictate where Jews may live in British controlled territories.

Additionally, you may answer any of the other questions you keep dodging (like why you think the land solely belonged to the Palestinians in the first place).

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
If the 1.3 billion Muslims can accept JWG’s explaination why the Zionists are occupying Palestine then we will all enjoy world peace.
You keep throwing out that 1.3 billion figure, but you must know that the majority of Muslims really don’t give a crap about Israel. The countries with the largest Muslim populations are Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh; none of those have any cares about Israel.

The Israel issue is one between Arabs — not Muslims — and Israelis.
Written By: Steverino
If the 1.3 billion Muslims can accept JWG’s explaination
I’m still waiting for Book’s explanation. What’s the matter, Book? Why can’t you tell me why you are so sure the Palestinians had the sole claim to the land now occupied by Israel?

You are full of pronouncements but continually fail to provide any relevant facts. Why was it Palestinian land?

Why are you afraid to answer the question?

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
Book, I’ve stayed away from this trollery prior to now, but I’m going to step in and ask you nicely to please refrain from pursuing these "jewish/zionist" arguments in unrelated threads. This post has nothing at all to do with the issues being discussed, and I’d appreciate it if you’d keep your opinions of jews and Israel to yourself — or, at the very least, to posts in which the matter is directly pertinent.
Written By: Jon Henke
Exactly Steverino.
I tak it from your agreement with me that you’ll stop throwing out the 1.3 billion Muslims figure, since you know it’s bunk?
So why has American taxpayers "loaned" the Israelis over $134 Billion and when do we get our money, tanks, blackhawk helicopters, and F-16 attack jets back?

We loan/sell at discount/give plenty of money and weapons to our allies. Israel’s an ally. Is it your position that the US should not ally with Israel?

When will you answer JWG’s questions? He’s made several relevant points, and you scrupulously refuse to respond to them.
Written By: Steverino
I’d rather you stay and debate. Aside from the anti-semitism, I’ve had no problem with your participation. It’s unfortunate that you try to get everything back to that monomania, though.
Written By: Jon Henke
here ya go JWG.
Maybe you can be a tad more specific than merely linking to a book by Ralph Schoenman (who argues that the Zionists helped Hitler with the Jewish Holocaust) provided by a German Marxist website?

In other words, what specific fact(s) leads you to believe the Arabs living on the land now called Israel had the sole claim, given the previous political and military governance of the land?

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
you are disingenuous in saying that you seek honest debate
You have yet to produce a single sentence that expresses your argument. All you do is link to what other people have written without any comment from yourself. How do I know what you find of interest within their work?
Do you even read the links?
Obviously I did or I wouldn’t know what Schoenman believes.

I’m going to guess that you think the Palestinians had sole claim to the land because there were more of them. Are there any other reasons, or is that it?

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
Here at QandO there should be various and differing opinions
And I learned plenty about Schoenman. However, since you refused to list any of your opinions in your "answer" to my questions (since you only posted a link), your opinion for better or worse is missing.
Written By: JWG
URL: http://

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