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Washington Post: Confirm Alito
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, January 14, 2006

Interesting editorial in The Washington Post today. Some good points:
A Supreme Court nomination isn't a forum to refight a presidential election. The president's choice is due deference — the same deference that Democratic senators would expect a Republican Senate to accord the well-qualified nominee of a Democratic president.

And Judge Alito is superbly qualified. His record on the bench is that of a thoughtful conservative, not a raging ideologue. He pays careful attention to the record and doesn't reach for the political outcomes he desires. His colleagues of all stripes speak highly of him. His integrity, notwithstanding efforts to smear him, remains unimpeached.
Correctly called. The hearings certainly produced some rather amateurish and facile smear jobs which, of course, went nowhere rather quickly. And they didn't achieve their goal of making Alito look bad. Instead they made the inquisitors look bad.

The Post concludes:
The Supreme Court sports a great range of ideological diversity but less disagreement about the scope of proper judicial power. The institutional self-discipline and modesty that both Judge Alito and Chief Justice Roberts profess could do the court good if taken seriously and applied apolitically.

Supreme Court confirmations have never been free of politics, but neither has their history generally been one of party-line votes or of ideology as the determinative factor. To go down that road is to believe that there exists a Democratic law and a Republican law — which is repugnant to the ideal of the rule of law. However one reasonably defines the "mainstream" of contemporary jurisprudence, Judge Alito's work lies within it. While we harbor some anxiety about the direction he may push the court, we would be more alarmed at the long-term implications of denying him a seat. No president should be denied the prerogative of putting a person as qualified as Judge Alito on the Supreme Court.
DU and the Daily Kos will see this as more evidence of the conservative media (not that they need much help in finding conservatives under every rock), but frankly I'm a bit surprised. The Washington Post endorsing an acknowledged conservative judge for all the right reasons other than ideology.

Maybe hell is freezing over.
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The pitiful performance of the Democrats on the Senate committee left the WaPo nowhere to go. How would you like to have to write a cogent article stating why Alito should not be confirmed? It would be impossible not to exhibit archetypical leftist bias, because that is the only content produced by the hearings. So, since they must comment, they have no choice but to take the high road and create a piece that they can point to in the future when they are dumping on another similar appointment.
As all of America, other than those living in the liberal cocoon, knows the story here is one of attempted Democratic smears and innuendo based on their wish to continue implementation of an activist liberal agenda on the Court. Although saying so sounds very like the spouting TGRWC rhetoric, in this case it is merely reporting what the Democrats have wrought. The most positive thing that can be said is that they “took a shot”.
Political spinners can make mouse out of feces. Therefore, I expect to read in the liberal cocoon about this story of brave warriors standing up against evil forces and fighting the good fight for right and justice. In the old days, before c-span and the internet, the liberal media would have dared putting that spin in the news reports of the hearings. Since America has seen it with their own eyes, they dare not. Now they will have to wait and quote it from spinners in the cocoon. It just struck me that the spin must already be there and that a good way to close would be to go into the cocoon and find an example.
David Corn says: “...the Democratic members took the conventional approach.” I guess smear and innuendo has become the conventional approach to advise and consent?
Diehard liberal hack Josh Marshal has too many more important topics to cover [Oh, yeah.]. He hopefully says: “Lieberman says filibuster is on the table?”
Marc Cooper is just too busy to post anything at all.
Hmmmm. Maybe this is a bigger disaster for the left than I thought.
Written By: Notherbob2
URL: http://
1) They’re saying the right things now because it’s a going to happen. I’d have been more impressed had this appeared earlier

2) What this reads to me is they’re also setting up for a possible Hillary presidency, and they don’t want the nasty republicans dooming her picks, so they’re going to get in front of the issue now and look reasonable in the process.

Remember, they may SAY the right things, but the reasons they say them are always suspect.

Written By: shark
URL: http://
Usually quoting the wacko lefty fringe is, by definition, non-productive, but since the regular lefties have decided to take the day off rather than comment meaningfully on the Alto hearings I took a look at a progressive site to see what they were up to.
They had run a Zogby poll that appears to show that 52% of Americans polled favor impeachment of President Bush. Since we all know that if that were true we would be hearing breathlessly updated stories on all channels and we are obviously not being subjected to that, what is up with that?
Polling fans can read the story on the site, but for normal people, two statements: 1) The question their conclusion is based on is a version of: “If Bush was found with a smoking gun in his hand, is impeachment one of the options that Congress should consider?”; and 2) the percentage of Democrats/Republicans reached in the survey is not cited. Like all such misleading polling stories, voluminous statistics are cited for credibility; except for the really meaningful statistic of the D/R split in respondents. To give you some idea of the nature of this “poll” they state that 71% of Libertarians contacted “favor impeachment”.

By the way, the polling site has an amusing ad showing Alito eavesdropping on the guy in the “Can You Hear Me?” TV commercial. That is pretty funny. If you wonder why lefty wackos believe the stuff they claim to, reading these sites will answer all your questions.
Written By: Notherbob2
URL: http://
So, logically following my intellectual [pretentious?] thread on what to make of the Alito hearings, what is the right up to on the Alito issue?
Powerline has a pretty good reference. They put an unwarranted right spin on it, but the article makes a good point about how the Democrats went wrong in the hearings. Basically, it says that the Conservatives learned valuable lessons from the McCarthy debacle that the Democrats did not. Good reading.
Written By: Notherbob2
URL: http://
The reason the Washington post is doing what they’re doing now is what I observed about Bill Clinton some years ago; Clinton as you may recall, had the habit of getting out in front of a Lynch mob and claiming he was leading the thing.

And as I said yesterday; the democrats must’ve known going into this thing, that they were gonna win. They knew a leader was going to be confirmed regardless of their protests. The only worries and that they were protesting about it was so as to make some smoke to point at come November. I can’t imagine the denizens of the Washington Post not knowing all of this. Therefore, it’s only logical to assume that this about face for them was always planned from the get go.

Written By: Bithead
best comment yet:
“The poor fellows had no choice but to sacrifice themselves on national TV at the behest of NOW and Daily Kos and the kookier parts of the base. ... like some moth-eaten circus act, Ted and Pat Leahy and Dianne Feinstein are obliged to jump through ever more ludicrous hoops for the gratification of the base.
Throughout last week’s hearings, the Democrats had five key concerns: abortion, warrantless wiretaps, abortion, abortion and abortion. Neither abortion absolutism nor constitutional protection for terrorists resonates with the broader public — and, indeed, going on cable TV round the clock for a week to flaunt such peculiar fixations only makes them look ever more disconnected from reality.
The media did their best to neutralize the impact of this pitiful spectacle, with expert commentators on hand to assure us that smart fellows like Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden were only going through the motions for the sake of all that fund-raising gravy. Don’t worry, Ted and Chuck and Pat are way too savvy to believe this junk. Thus democratic politics reaches a new level of circular hell: The spin is that it’s only spin. ...this last week of Senate hearings has been so absurd it may bring the whole system into disrepute: Big-time Democrats are out there dancing for dollars in a cause so obviously non-viable that their media buddies feel obliged to signal that it’s merely a charade.”
Written By: Notherbob2
URL: http://

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