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Rep. John Shadegg Interview
Posted by: Jon Henke on Thursday, January 19, 2006

This morning, House Majority leader candidate Representative John Shadegg participated in a blogger conference call with the following group...
Rep Shadegg seems to be in the "Goldwater tradition of Arizona libertarian conservatives".
Rep. Shadegg has already made his case in the Wall Street Journal and on the Hugh Hewitt show, but this was, I believe, his first interview with the blogosphere as a House Majority candidate. As James Joyner indicates, Rep Shadegg seems to be in the "Goldwater tradition of Arizona libertarian conservatives".

Download the entire interview and reach your own conclusions....



Red State points out that Rep. Mike Pence — one of the few genuine brights spots in Congress — has endorsed Shadegg, saying...
"While I see Roy Blunt and John Boehner as conservative men with honorable records of service in Congress, I am proud to endorse John Shadegg for Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives. [...] John Shadegg is a son of the Republican revolution, a member of the fabled class of 1994, and a leader who has never lost his zeal for reform. John Shadegg knows what fiscal and moral reforms are necessary to restore public confidence in the integrity of our national legislature. Now, more than ever, we need leadership with the energy and vision to steer this Congress back to our roots of fiscal discipline, limited government and traditional values.
NZ Bear has put up a very useful House GOP Leadership: Candidates & Questions page containing links to the relevant articles, positions, etc.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I’ve been liking what I read about Shadegg... I’d ask my Congresscritter to support him, except I’m in Jim Moran’s district, and he is a Democrat, so he wouldn’t have much say in a Republican race.

However, at least if I need quotes about how the Jews are responsible for the war or whatever, I’ve got a place to go.
Written By: K
URL: http://
Has Tom Cole endorsed anyone yet?
Written By: Dave
URL: http://
where did the candidates get this glamour shots?
Written By: Chris
URL: http://
I kinda like this guy. He’s head and shoulders above the other two, at any rate. I’m somewhat saddened that he makes a point of shying away from drug legalization, but I guess you can’t have everything. Considering that he’s revving up his campaign and seems to be carving out a niche as the fiscally conservative "people’s choice" guy, this might be a decisive time to exert some influence and see if we can’t get him to endorse the Line Item Budget.
Written By: Matt McIntosh
The above quote suggesting that John Shadegg is in the "Goldwater tradition" would have our former Senator rolling over in his grave. Can you imagine Barry Goldwater voting for budgets that put our country into debt that our grandchildren will still be paying off when we’re gone? Would Barry Goldwater have supported invading a country that did not attack us, putting us in a position of nation building and endless war? And I know Senator Goldwater would never have supported interfering in the Shiavo family’s decision to stop using artificial means to keep Terry Shiavo alive. Please don’t insult Barry Goldwater by saying he and John Shadegg are alike. John Shadegg is no conservative. He’s an extremist in the neocon tradition. Fortunately, we have a centrist candidate, Herb Paine, to replace him in Congressional District 3.
Written By: Kathleenyardley
URL: http://

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