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Go to the hospital to have a baby ...
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, January 21, 2006

And come home minus your arms and legs:
A Sanford mother says she will never be able to hold her newborn because an Orlando hospital performed a life-altering surgery and, she claims, the hospital refuses to explain why they left her as a multiple amputee.

The woman filed a complaint against Orlando Regional Healthcare Systems, she said, because they won't tell her exactly what happened. The hospital maintains the woman wants to know information that would violate other patients' rights.

Claudia Mejia gave birth eight and a half months ago at Orlando Regional South Seminole. She was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando where her arms and legs were amputated. She was told she had streptococcus, a flesh eating bacteria, and toxic shock syndrome, but no further explanation was given.

The hospital, in a letter, wrote that if she wanted to find out exactly what happened, she would have to sue them.
Who says this isn't a bizzare world? Read the whole thing.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Sweet Jesus!! My bet is that someone at the hospital screwed up very badly by not following proper sanitation, and she ended up getting strep A leading to flesh eating disease. That nasty stuff grows at a rate of 3cm per hour, which would explain why they were in such a hurry to hack her limbs off. Ugh. This is one possible argument against absolute caps on damages for malpractice suits...
Written By: Matt McIntosh
Man you people are obsessed with money !! I think it would be rather more useful to find out how the situation arose and prevent it happening again than to wibble on about damages, don’t you ?
Written By: Blewyn
URL: http://
Blewyn, who said anything about money besides you? The article was about how she’d have to sue to even get the information.
Written By: Wacky Hermit
Well in fairness I did mention damages as an afterthought, but WTF Blewyn? Are you saying the woman doesn’t deserve a truckload of compensation?
Written By: Matt McIntosh
Written By: zra
Non-economic damages and punitive damages are capped in Florida

The is no cap for other types of damages. Why they can’t tell her anything is very strange. I wonder if there were other cases involving other people?
Written By: Jim
URL: http://
Written By: slickdpdx
From the article:
ORMC said Mejia is requesting information on if there were other patients or someone on her floor with the streptococcus. They said, if they release that to her, that would be a violation of other patients’ rights.
The hospital is blocking her from accessing other patients files.
Written By: Unaha-closp
URL: http://
The hospital is blocking her from accessing other patients files.

Pooh. They can redact the files to remove any identifying info. It’s routine.

Another example, perhaps, of why we need a "no-fault" malpractice system. Unfortunately, as long as doctors refuse to police themselves, that’s not very likely.
Written By: Anderson
Well in fairness I did mention damages as an afterthought, but WTF Blewyn? Are you saying the woman doesn’t deserve a truckload of compensation?
Of course not, I was just shocked that the first response to this story was about damages caps, rather than an expression of horror or anger that such a thing could even happen. If we engineer out the problem...damages become an irrelevance.

I don’t think it was the flesh-eating thing because AFAIK you would only need to cut off the affected area - not all four limbs.
Written By: Blewyn
URL: http://
i have read some of the comments some people have written i am afraid some people can’t read. we never said anything about money. all we want to know is what happen to her and if it has happen to anyone else in the hospital. we don’t want to know who they are, all we want to know is how many cases they have had before.
Written By: tim edwards the husband
URL: http://
It is more likely that this was Strep B given that this happened at or after delivery.

Yes, this could have been just one of those things that happen without being anyone’s fault.

If there was an outbreak of strep B and the hospital’s staff were following protocol by scrubbing up and sterilizing instruments properly; then there is more to this story and the CDC will get called in. Strep B used to kill parturitient women as well as the newborns.
Written By: Charles D. Quarles
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Written By: James
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Written By: James
I am a 46 year old woman who went in for a routine hysterectomy a little over a month ago. 4 days later I was diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria. I was direct admitted to the hospital and underwent 5 surgeries within a month. Not to mention countless wound dressing changes. Pain does not even begin to describe what one goes through when facing Necrotizing faciitis Blewyn.... Unless you have been through this horrific disease process, it’s inappropriate for you to judge anyone regarding this matter. Whether it be in refernce to money damages, pain and suffering or, the day to day torture of just trying to function.
After 9 days in the Hospital initially, several very strong round the clock antibiotics and numerous oh so painful debridements, my HMO insisted I was too sick to go home, but they would not pay for any more hospital stay (average stay for this disease is 32.4 days according to the AMA). I was sent to a "skilled care nursing facility". What a joke! I got worse, my vital signs begun to be unstable again, the wound was becoming infected all over again due to their lack of proper supplies and lack of sufficient Nursing care to deal with the huge wound in my abdomen. I had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency sugery and proper care. Not only am I frustrated because of all I have been through. But who do these HMO’s think they are dictating what care we should receive when they haven’t a clue?! Oh and by the way, one of the first things that I’ve thought to do, is get ahold of my patient file. It’s just not that easy is it?? Wishing anyone who has had a similar experience better days ahead. God Bless. Maddie, Pennsylvania
Written By: Maddie
URL: http://
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