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Stern to be censored on Sirius too?
Posted by: McQ on Monday, January 23, 2006

It appears that while Sirius satellite radio is not required to follow FCC rules concerning speech on the radio, it isn't about to give it's newest star, Howard Stern, a free hand in what is and isn't said on his show:
Howard Stern may be coming down with a Sirius case of the bleeps. High-level executives of the satellite broadcaster are developing an internal standards-and-practices document that will set boundaries for Stern and other shock jocks, The Post has learned.

“It’s something that’s being taken very seriously," a Sirius source said.

Stern's new show also is being broadcast on a time-delay, giving him the opportunity to censor the program — which he already has done. Stern moved to Sirius in part because satellite-radio services such as Sirius and XM — unlike free terrestrial radio — are not policed by the FCC, which spent years waging an indecency war against him. The battle resulted in big-bucks fines against Stern and his former employers at Viacom.
The obvious? It's a private enterprise and they have no requirement to provide "free speech" to anyone. I also can't believe that Stern would go into this relationship without knowing this was coming. Given his previous problems at Viacom, it would have to be one of the first questions posed in any negotiation with Sirius.
Meanwhile, Stern himself has asked for some restraint on his show, encouraging his staff not to use profanity too often.

On one occasion last week, Stern even "dumped" out a minor bit of his own broadcast to protect the identity of a staff member's family.
So my question is, why would Stern make a move which would cut his audience to almost nothing compared to that which he supposedly enjoyed on the public airwaves, and, subject him to censorship as well?

For the money, of course, not that there's anything wrong with that ...
It's not clear whether Stern knew he'd be subject to any limitations when he signed on with Sirius, which is paying him about $100 million a year.

He also was awarded $220 million in stock after the company reported that it had signed up more than 3 million new subscribers, boosting its total to 3.3 million.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Damn that free market....
Written By: Robb Allen (Sharp as a Marble)
McQ: Don’t be so quick to believe the NY Post. This article is 100% not true. You will notice the Post does not name any sources, this is basically a "blind item" like they put on their Page 6 gossip column. And Stern discussed this article on his show this morning, and confirmed the Post basically made it up.
Written By: John Leroy
URL: http://
Well, [bleep] me!
Written By: Robb Allen (Sharp as a Marble)
Not quite for the money, he already was mega-rich (though becoming ultra rich is a nice effect)

He wanted his ego boost for 2 reasons:

1) He really enjoyed being known as the 1st Ammendment poster boy instead of the man who had strippers queiff the national anthem on air

2) If satellite radio succeded, however modestly, he’d be the 1st to take credit for it.

He hadn’t been fresh for years....
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Ah Shark, I believe you have nailed it nicely. If Limbaugh is the King of Talk Radio, which I once read infuriated Stern, NOW Stern can be the "Undisputed King" of Something, too. After all, Limbaugh has said he’s not interested in moving to satellite.

Although raises an interesting thing, the new generation of "icons." Larry Flynn (sp.?) is now a post boy for the 1st Amendment? Overweight crybabies and Kelly Flynn the face of modern Feminism? It seems that truly most of the great battles have been fought and that this generation of icon/leader is pretty sad.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
1) He really enjoyed being known as the 1st Ammendment poster boy instead of the man who had strippers queiff the national anthem on air
Well this move pretty much puts an end to that, doesn’t it? It’s no longer a 1st amendment problem.
2) If satellite radio succeded, however modestly, he’d be the 1st to take credit for it.
That a good "ego" argument and probably true. After all, Stern is definitely an egomaniac.
He hadn’t been fresh for years....
Agreed. Listen to it for a week and you’ve listened to if for a year. Same stuff, different voices. It’s sophmoric humor and ultimately boring.
Written By: McQ
I hate to play the role of conspiracy theorist, but couldn’t this just be a mutually agreed upon move by Sirius and Stern so that Stern can keep up the same bits that made him popular?

Really, pushing the boundaries when there’s no boundaries gets boring real fast. Add in some agreed upon Sirius-imposed boundaries and voila! interesting again...
Written By: Jody
Sirius would never shoot themselves in the foot by censoring Stern. He’s their cash cow and his shock jock style is the reason he tripled their subscription rate last month. NY Post simply made this crap up. Sorry.
Written By: Drew
Two things you can take to the bank:

1) Howard Stern got complete creative control over his show. Either he has no limits, or he’s agreed to existing limits.

2) Howard Stern is no fool. Like his show or not, he knows the medium, and he’s not simply going to be a gross-out artist or a shock jock. He’s always been much smarter than that, and he’ll continue doing that.

You don’t have to like Stern to know that he’s very, very smart about his show. He didn’t rise to the top simply by being a little bit more shocking that everybody else. There’s a method to the crudeness.
Written By: Jon Henke
Opie and Anthony. Uncensored and ONLY on XM Satellite radio, channel 202. The Pioneers of Satellite radio.
Written By: Johnny Griswold
howard again is making up lies. he is an old lady that cannot let go. asking every woman if she is into anal sex becomes boring real quick. i have xm and love opie and anthony. they are not hypocrytes. howard has a show that entails him complaining about the man[his bosses]. go away. sell your sirius stock befores it has no value, after all hoo hoo did. tell em fred
Written By: roger

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