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Trying to have it both ways
Posted by: McQ on Friday, January 27, 2006

Robert Kennedy Jr. is becoming a lot like his dear uncle Teddy ... a blatant hypocrite.

We were subjected, recently, to a lecture by Ted Kennedy about how terrible a bigot US Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito was because he belonged to an alumni group who supposedly banned women and minorities (even though the magazine of the group was edited by, you got it, a woman). We then learned that Mr. Kennedy was still a member of a men only Harvard social club.

Given it was Ted Kennedy, no one was particularly shocked or surprised.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has become a well-known and outspoken environmental activist. The other day he took the opportunity of a speech in the UC Santa Cruz's Arts & Lectures series to take a swipe at President Bush, who he calls "the worst environmental president we've had in our history":
He mentioned that three of his six children have asthma, aggravated by particulates in the air put there by the coal industry and tolerated by government agencies looking the other way: "I don't want my child gasping for air because someone gave money to a politician." He also said that the levels of mercury in his own body from eating fish was double the level the government deemed safe.
Of course when he had the opportunity to actually put his activism where his mouth is he chose words over deeds:
A long-simmering disagreement within the environmental community over a plan to build a massive wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass., is now boiling over into a highly public quarrel.

The four-year-old battle started heating up last summer when Greenpeace USA staged a demonstration against well-known eco-activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who's been an outspoken opponent of the proposal for a 130-turbine wind-power project in Horseshoe Shoal, a shallow portion of Nantucket Sound south of Cape Cod. Kennedy — a senior attorney at Natural Resources Defense Council and a pioneer in the waterway-protection movement — was on a sailboat for an event with the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, which opposes the wind project. A Greenpeace vessel cruised up alongside with a banner that read, "Bobby, you're on the wrong boat" — a stunt that was part of a larger Greenpeace campaign pressuring Kennedy to change his mind on the development.
Apparently in this case, Bobby's view is much more important than his children's breathing problems.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Do we even need to bring up Bobby’s unscientific fear-mongoring about vaccines and autism?
Written By: Chris
URL: http://
I’m wondering why he just doesn’t move his kids away from coal-fired plants and stop eating fish if this is so bothersome.
Written By: Steverino
Heh ... well because his kids live on Nantucket where there are no coal fired plants and my guess is he’s addicted canned tuna and won’t go into rehab.
Written By: McQ
I’ve noticed that the vast majority of prominent, vocal environmentalists don’t put their money where their mouths are. They drive SUV’s all over large cities, fly in private jets, etc. etc. while complaining about air pollution. Meanwhile, there are REAL environmentalists in places like Utah, where ordinary people actually do stuff about particulates in the air, such as ride the bus, buy wind power, carpool on "red burn" days, and install power-saving LED stoplights. Salt Lake City just won an international award for its eco-friendly policies. The difference is, we don’t proclaim our eco-holiness from the housetops while doing nothing meaningful.
Written By: Wacky Hermit
They do eat their own.
Written By: Unknown
URL: http://
I’m wondering why he just doesn’t move his kids away from coal-fired plants and stop eating fish if this is so bothersome

For the same reason Sean Penn can’t quit’s Bushs fault!
Written By: shark
URL: http://
"I’m shocked!!!!! shocked!!!! to find hypocrisy going on here!"
Captain Renault leaving the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
You make no mention of Robert Kennedy’s reasons against the wind farm.....
Written By: Blewyn
URL: http://
It’s going to ruin their view, and it might be loud. Large turbine blades cutting through the air tend to do that.
Any more questions?

Now this is obviously okay if it’s built far away, where they don’t have to
see it or hear it. But in their backyard? Goodness gracious no! Let’s put
it up in some Red State and run a power line to it, okay?
And like most good liberals the sanctity of their home and property must be preserved, and they’re completely willing to sacrifice the sanctity of someone else’s to maintain that while living up to their "principles".

What? You think maybe GreenPeace is doing this because they want to get revenge on Teddy for puking over the side of his yacht and poisioning Nantucket Sound or because it’s a good place to build an alternative energy source facility?
Written By: looker
URL: http://
You make no mention of Robert Kennedy’s reasons against the wind farm.....
What, you don’t know how to hit a link and read for yourself? It’s all at the link provided. It’s a BS argument and those who answered it (also at the provided link) made that clear.
Written By: McQ

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