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"Prime Minister Cheney"
Posted by: Jon Henke on Monday, January 30, 2006

This really takes me aback...
Counsel to the vice president is, in most administrations, worth less than the proverbial bucket of warm spit, but under Prime Minister Cheney, it became a vital power center, especially after 9/11.
Look, I'm no great fan of Cheney — I've called for his resignation because I think he's an insidious influence in this administration — but this Newsweek story is investigative reporting, not opinion. He might be "Prime Minister" Cheney in an opinion piece, but in a news story ["A NEWSWEEK investigation"] he is Vice President Cheney.

Snark may be half the fun of blogging, but it is utterly inappropriate for serious journalism. (the investigative report is good and worth reading, otherwise)
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Yeah, that is pretty ridiculous that Newsweek would resort to such editorializing in one of their non-editorial articles. I don’t really read Newsweek myself, though.

For my print magazine needs, I have found US News and The Economist to be more than sufficient. Both of them involve analysis and investigation into their articles, and as such cannot be 100% indifferent, but I’ve found them to be sufficiently balanced and fair while still maintaining fairly high-quality reporting and analysis.

That is some serious negative points for Newsweek, though.
Written By: Rosensteel
URL: http://
That looks like a straight up error. Did you contact the writer?
Written By: matt
URL: http://
Heck no ... the tell us all the time that unlike blogs there are at least 4 levels of editors there and they never make mistakes.
Written By: McQ
Yes, Cheney is a problem, but try looking at it differently and you might see a much different problem. As an example, “Wiretapping” isn’t the only serious crime that has been committed against us. It’s really the tip of an iceberg of many crimes, some that are much more serious.

From reviewing the news, few reporters, if any at this time, are considering Political Corruption as a possible motive behind SNOOPING. But of course, why should we even consider that our Administration (Clinton’s involved also!) HAVE BEEN or currently ARE actively involved in anything that even smells of criminal intent? THIS IS THE PROBLEM! We absolutely need to look at every possible motive for why “strange” and “insane” excuses are surfacing for what is considered unlawful behavior! They must think we’re Stupid!

There’s something everyone needs to know about me. I was in a family for more than 26 years who joined Organized Crime. However, this isn’t any ordinary Organized Crime System! It’s considered the Worlds Largest Criminal System in World History! Sounds strange huh? But maybe you need to know the details, so you can determine this for yourself!

How is it that I can be married into a family who’s involved in this and be deep in the belly of a Criminal Corruption Laundromat somewhere around Chicago AND know ALL about important and undecided issues being considered at the top most part of our Political System? It doesn’t stop there because I personally know that the communication link extends from where I was to beyond our shores as well! This is how well connected they are.

So why is Snooping so important? Of course the only way to SELL us on the NEED for snooping is because it’s for our OWN protection, but is that ENTIRELY true? I will tell you that it isn’t. I will also tell you that SNOOPING is a required activity to help them MANAGE and SECURE their CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. Like it not, look for your self at ALL the different news reports floating around involving FRAUD! What you haven’t pieced together yet, is how they are doing it! But parts of it are there.

Why is it that MY life’s experience in this family also crosses more than a few times with the “Abramoff and Gus Boulis” story? It starts way before Gus was murdered, even BEFORE and AFTER when he bought his Casino Boats! Why is it that I have friends who also have life’s experiences that involve other more serious and horrible criminal activities with these people? It’s not only me folks! There’s a whole criminal system involved in this and also other very serious and extreme criminal activities too.

The bottom line is, if you consider Wiretapping SHOCKING, just wait till the other high crime levels surface! You’ll think wiretapping is nothing in comparison to what’s on the horizon.

I know well that there is more than enough news floating around to give anyone the most remote consideration that something really fishy exists. So there’s NO excuse what so ever for anything to play games with not noticing this. Also, I know there has been news articles published targeting suspicious groups that I know as HUGE LAUNDROMATS that almost immediately were BLOCKED on the Internet. One was published by the Tribune for an example! This particular Laundromat is supported by our tax dollars but we aren’t the owners! It’s time to wake up!

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL
Written By: Marty Didier
URL: http://
If nothing else, it’s certainly bad editing. From the quote given here (not only the "Prime Minister" bit but also the "bucket of warm spit" metaphor), I assumed what I would find at the other end of the link was a "reporter’s notebook" sort of article, halfway between news and opinion. But it seems like mostly a straight piece, except for a few passages here and there (and also the "Palace Revolt" heading, although I guess that’s not usually the writer’s responsibility).

Not to excuse Newsweek, but I’ve often found that articles in online editions of most print establishments seem to display significantly less evidence of editorial attention than the hardcopy versions. Do the senior editors pay any attention at all to the online-only stuff, or is it handled by a different team?

Of course, if this appears as-is in the magazine itself, then ignore my second paragraph.
Written By: kenB
URL: http://
Heh, yeah McQ I feel your pain on the haughtiness of the big league media. But this just flat out isn’t effective bias, so I don’t see why it would be insinuated into the piece by the reporter for any kind of nefarious reason.
Written By: matt
URL: http://
This article complements the article by McQ. There is even an example of how individual comments, uh, may not be helpful.

"But this just flat out isn’t effective bias, so I don’t see why it would be insinuated into the piece by the reporter for any kind of nefarious reason."

Does bias have to be effective(which definition?) in order to be out of line? And why must it be nefarious? The very fact of its presence after several shots at editing indicates a certain opinion, accepted as truth, shared by the staff. Either that or an astounding level of incompetence.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

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