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Iran: Missiles and nukes mean big trouble
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More news about Iran's nuclear program is filtering into the press:
The International Atomic Energy Agency says it has evidence that suggests links between Iran's ostensibly peaceful nuclear program and its military work on high explosives and missiles, according to a confidential agency report provided to member countries today.

The four-page report, which officials say was based at least in part on intelligence provided by the United States, refers to a secretive Iranian entity called the "Green Salt Project," which worked on uranium processing, high explosives and a missile warhead design. The combination suggests a "military-nuclear dimension," the report said, that if true would undercut Iran's claims that its nuclear program was solely aimed at producing electrical power.

The report will be debated by the 35 countries that make up the international agency's board when they meet in emergency session on Thursday to decide whether Iran should be reported to the United Nations Security Council for its nuclear activities.
If you're wondering about the name of the project:
The Green Salt Project derives its name from uranium tetrafluoride, known as Green Salt, which is an intermediate product in the conversion of uranium ore into uranium hexafluoride — a toxic gas that can undergo enrichment or purification into fuel for nuclear reactors or bombs.
Of course, Iran denies it and claims it will clarify this later.

It's not just the nuclear program itself that makes me suspicious of Iran's claim to only want to use it for power generation, but also their continuing attempts to acquire missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and then working to extend their range. I mean, connect the dots for heaven sake.

Name one other country with medium range ICBMs which has acquired them in order to put conventional explosive warheads on them? It simply doesn't pass the smell test. Iran has both the Shehab-3 and the BM 25. In the case of the BM 25s, which can reach central Europe, they don't have enough of them, should they put a conventional warheads on them, to even scare France.

But with nukes, it becomes a horse of a different color.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

It’s not just the nuclear program itself that makes me suspicious of Iran’s claim to only want to use it for power generation, but also their continuing attempts to acquire missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and then working to extend their range. I mean, connect the dots for heaven sake.
True. There’s this, too...

Any country that exports oil and LP gas at the rates Iran does, particularly while burning off excess natural gas at extrodinary rates... doesn’t seem to me to need Nuclear power for generation purposes, or anything else peaceful.
Written By: Bithead
At approx $60-70 per barrel for oil, why would a country not want to sell its oil and produce relatively cheaper nuclear energy?

Written By: symptomless
URL: http://
Iran has every right to acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. It is very hard to accept all this nonsense from people who have nuclear weapons and even threaten to use them against other countries if they insist on their rights and challenge their world dominance. Please say it for what it really is. You can not bear the fact that a developing country is acquiring advanced technology and its people are not scared of you and are not prepared to submit to your unlawful wishes and desires for keeping them weak and dependent. If you truly have doubts about the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear plans then have your inspectors there and Iran is willing to submit itself to all kinsd of scrutiny and inspection.
Written By: mehran
URL: http://
Right, mehran. Iranian officals did say that they’re wiiling to submit to all kinds of scrutiny and inspection, so it must be true. I’d also like to know what their view is on whether the moon is made of cheese.

I, however, agree with you that Iran has every right to develop nuclear energy technology. I will go one step further. They have every right to develop nuclear weapons technology despite any non-proliferation agreement. Any developing nation with external enemies (basically any nation, developing or not) not trying to develop nuclear weapons technology isn’t really interested in deterring its enemies from attack.

Iran doesn’t scare me because they have, or could get nukes. They scare me because they support terrorism. Since there’s no way to prevent them from getting nukes without starting a world war, the best we can do is brew and support internal revolution and issue the ultimate threat - any move to attack Israel or any other country, or any nuclear terrorist attack anywhere will result in the immediate destruction of Tehran.
Written By: Doug Purdie
Taking mehran’s advice here, does have the advantage, however, of providing us with a nice warm glow.

Written By: Bithead
Iran can’t have a few nukes while Israel has 5 submarines with nukes???
Written By: Yental
URL: http://

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