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Honorverse Announcement
Posted by: Dale Franks on Thursday, February 02, 2006

Many of you are fans of David Weber and his Honor harrington Book series, and since I've mentioned my Honorverse web site, many of you are aware of it, too.

Well, a new development has occured. I am currently in negotiations with David Weber's business people at Ad Astra Games to convert the current Honorverse presentations into the canonical images for the rank insignia and decorations for the Honor Harrington universe. We have verbally agreed to make the conversion, and are nailing down the actual terms of the agreement. So, I am hoping, in the not-too-distant future, to be the artist of the canonical military insignia for the Honor Harrington universe.
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Congrats, that’s very cool. I hope it works out. I’ve looked for the Honor Harrington books at the libraries in my area, but none of them have them. Maybe I’ll try Amazon, look for a cheap used copy. Should I start with On Basilisk Station?
Written By: jinnmabe
URL: http://
Yes. All the books are in chronological order. If you start in the middle, you’ll be lost.
Written By: Dale Franks
I’m.... stunned... Lord what a lot of work! VERY impressive! I’d love to see the Uniforms displayed, too! (That’s right, we’re never satisfied... but he makes them sound so good.)

I wonder, since the Peeps have changed governments back and forth, did their rank insignia or their military decorations change as well? I can imagine Grayson and Manticore staying the same, as their governments have remained in line, but when their governments went through violent change, there were major changes made in and about the Military as well. I can imagine some awards being kept in the drawer after the changes occurred...

I don’t remember anything being mentioned about it in the books, but then I’m not as insanely dedicated to the artform as you obviously are! And I say that affectionately.

Also... do the ’cats get decorated?

Working my way through "Shadow of Saganami" I remain, Mr. Michael
Written By: Mr. Michael
URL: http://none
The Honorverse has just gotten too vast for me, sadly... haven’t bought the last mainline novel, much less any of the ancillary works. I guess the work lost me in the politics and when the "Napoleon" of the Havenites was killed. I just identified with the "bad guys" too much after that, Thiesmann isn’t that it? I mean how am I supposed to pull for this guy to lose? And is the whole war going end with happy on both sides, Haven reforms itself and becomes another Manticore?
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Joe, you’re missing so much!

Personally, I think it’s amazing that Weber has me sympathising with Thiesmann, Prichard(sp?), Harrington, Tourville, and Her Majesty Elizabeth Winston.

I can’t wait to see what comes next - I’m up to date with the main line, now I need to start on the side series-es.
Written By: Dave
URL: http://
There’s a very narrow selection of geeks who can appreciate how cool this is, but I’m one of them. Excellent!
Written By: Skorj
URL: http://
Dave, I can sympathize with Good Queen Bess, I just have trouble sympathizing with the after a while the politics, in Manticore, WITHIN the War bagan to weigh me down. I really didn’t care too much about whether the New Men or the Liberals or...the Labour Party (whatever the Leftists were called) or the Crown Party were in charge.

That’s unfair of me, because politcs and war are inter-related, I know, I mean the history of Britain in WWII can not be fully understood w/o reference to the struggles of Churchill and Atlee and the Conservatives and Labour, still in fiction it weighed me down.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
You’ll be pleased to know that "At All Costs" gets back into the battles in a heavy way, then :)
Written By: Dave
URL: http://
Personally, I LIKE the idea that we can see Theisman as a rounded and even likeable character. Enemy Nations are not full of Devils incarnate, they are full of people, some likeable, some not. Remember, not all of Manticore is made up of heroes. ;)

And maybe ’cats with thier tradition of Song wouldn’t need a Medal or Ribbon to remind every other ’cat what their History was... have to consider that. ;)
Written By: Mr. Michael
URL: http://none

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