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Venezuela: Some will actually be shocked by this
Posted by: McQ on Monday, February 20, 2006

Seriously. Among the rest of us who've been watching Mr. Hugo "Don't mess with me, girl" Chavez with a jaundiced eye, this seems to be par for the course:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday he may seek to lift constitutionally mandated presidential term limits if opposition parties boycott the upcoming December presidential elections.

"I might sign a decree calling for a popular referendum — do you agree that Chavez should run for a third term in 2013?" Chavez said during his weekly Sunday broadcast. "It's not a firm decision, it's something I'm thinking about."
Obviously if the opposition again boycotts any election or referendum, the result is preordained - Chavez for life - which is precisely his desired result.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

They have to find somebody in the Latin American realm to replace Castro when his proletariat days on earth are numbered. I supect Chavez might wish to buy the Cuban army for mischief against capitalist USA. Time will tell.
Written By: Theway2k
I "see" Chavez, I "hear" Idi-Amin Dada.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
This might be a mindgame that will force the opposition to take part in the elections. If they don’t they might just be simply digging their own graves. Serves them right for not treating the majority of Venezuelans better when the ruled the country for 30+ years.
Written By: Gizmo
URL: http://
A reasonable reminder the last princes weren’t exactly princes either.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Just leave Venezuela alone. What is the point of bothering us. You have to understand that Venezuela is less developed than USA and the same rules to get development do not apply. Guys, I assure you that you do not have to worry, let the guy do what he thinks he can do. Venezuelans are not stupid and he will go down if he tries to impose a dictatorship, I assure you. Remember what happened with Carlos Andres Perez?
Written By: Venezuelan
URL: http://
It makes no difference because Chavez controls the electoral board and however the people vote he will win. This happened in the last two votes.
Written By: hermm
URL: http://
Do you have a source for the most recent information? I believe its that, I would just like to read the source myself as it highly peaks my interest. please let me know
Written By: David
URL: http://
David: It’s linked in the story (at the word "this" in the first sentence).
Written By: McQ
In reference to the post by Venezuelan:
I was born and raised in Venezuela. Es mi hogar. The States is not bothering Venezuela, its keeping an eye on us. Remarks against the US government seem to bubble out of our dear presidents mouth every other minute. Yes, Venezuelans are not stupid. Yes, we got rid of Perez. This is a totally different ball game. Hugo Chavez has instilled a web of influence more complex than Perez. After all, we tried kicking him out with a month long oil strike. I didnt have school for a month because we had no gas to get to school. If we failed then, when our drive was stronger than ever, when will we succeed?
Written By: David
URL: http://
I have a question to Venezuelan and David: What should we do about Chavez and/or Venezuela?

Venezuelan, we cannot just leave Venezuela alone. We buy a lot of oil from there. You know as well as I do that if Chavez cuts off the oil, U.S. Marines will be hitting the beaches there within a month.
Written By: EdMcGon
In respose to David and EdMcGon,

I understand you worries, especially for EdMcGon who I am guessing is from USA. Look, the problem here is not the American people, the problem is the American Government. The fact that Bush supported and financed the coup against Chavez and several other errors are widespreading "anti-americanism" in several countries, meaning that people is against the US government, not you the people of America.

You guys have reached a development that sincerely is eviable (I have lived in up state New York, NYC and DC). Basically, the problem in Venezuela is a general structural problem which raised poverty really high in just 15 years aproximately (long history!). We have a long way to develop and sincerely the opposition is not giving any sign of an alternative to Chavez. Chavez has a plan, and the opposition just cries and complain like babies instead of providing people with an alternative. So, as I said before people is not stupid, we need a plan and the opposition does not have one.

US and Venezuela have a long and profound collaboration diplomatic relationship for many years and sincerely even with Clinton we had good relationships, or do you remember any conflict US-Venezuela during Clinton’s presidency?

That complain about the electoral power in Venezuela is quite old and everybody knows it is not true, if you do not believe me, I invite you to Venezuela and do a survey for yourself, it is OBVIOUS that Chavez will win in almost any election we do today (point of time). However, if the opposition had a plan Chavez would loose credibility since we would have another alternative.

David, "succeed" is not taking out Chavez, because our goal is Venezuela, so, it is out of context, we are not militia or anything.

What would USA do? Help the opposition to launch an alternative plan (would be cheaper than a war and you have the knowledge and technology to do it) and ease the un-diplomatic discussion. Regarding, oil, CITGO (our Venezuelan company) is providing poor US people with cheap oil, also CITGO did not have the biggest profits of any company in the world (all that from the pockets of the US people). Another action would be support democracy, by helping electoral power to do the most fair elections in the world (although, I am telling you, Chavez still wins).

It is just kind of silly that all this conflict raised rapidly thanks to the punctual-time-fact of George W. Bush in the presidency. Think about was it like that before? Is kind of curious that the problems in Venezuela started after 9/11 when Bush said "your with us or against us". Guys, please think about it.

Also, I would recommed the webpage of which is the National Insitute of Statistics (in spanish though). Chavez has improved many (if not all) the aspects of the country. Why should a person in a barrio without enough money to go to a private hospital (Intensive Care or Therapy is 1500 US$ a day! Not even in USA!) would vote for other candidate that is providing them with so many benefits? Put yourself on the shoes of a poor person or visit poor sectors in Venezuela and think about it...And then you will find the answer to Chavez popularity...Although he talks too much jejejeje...Too many jokes...and does not behave like a president...but that is part of Venezuela.

PS: We do not want war, please do not invade. However, I have nothing to do with military, but I am willing to die for my country if it is invaded, we the latin americans are crazy about our countries and I believe most of the people around the globe will be willing to die for his mother land, just as US people is willing to. But...are you guys willing to kill people for oil? Tear apart a country, families, kids and everything just for oil? I just know something, I am as proud of my country as you are. However, if Venezuela attacks militarily USA, I would highly support a military intervention in Venezuela. Because we are not war people.
Written By: Venezuelan
URL: http://

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