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Saint Jimmy Speaks
Posted by: Dale Franks on Monday, February 20, 2006

Former president Jimmy Carter, who, in the last decade, has been miraculously transformed from a failed laughingstock of a president, who we drove out of the White House at the first available opportunity, into a some sort of secular saint, delivers another of his oracular pronouncements. This time, he's upset that that both the US and Israel seem reluctant to work with the newly elected Hamas government in "Palestine".
Israel moved yesterday to withhold funds (about $50 million per month) that the Palestinians earn from customs and tax revenue. Perhaps a greater aggravation by the Israelis is their decision to hinder movement of elected Hamas Palestinian Legislative Council members through any of more than a hundred Israeli checkpoints around and throughout the Palestinian territories. This will present significant obstacles to a government's functioning effectively. Abbas informed me after the election that the Palestinian Authority was $900 million in debt and that he would be unable to meet payrolls during February. Knowing that Hamas would inherit a bankrupt government, U.S. officials have announced that all funding for the new government will be withheld, including what is needed to pay salaries for schoolteachers, nurses, social workers, police and maintenance personnel. So far they have not agreed to bypass the Hamas-led government and let humanitarian funds be channeled to Palestinians through United Nations agencies responsible for refugees, health and other human services.

This common commitment to eviscerate the government of elected Hamas officials by punishing private citizens may accomplish this narrow purpose, but the likely results will be to alienate the already oppressed and innocent Palestinians, to incite violence, and to increase the domestic influence and international esteem of Hamas. It will certainly not be an inducement to Hamas or other militants to moderate their policies.
Well, with all due respect to the former president, whose blinding foreign policy successes are so well known, who else should we punish, if not the Palestinian people. They were, after all, the people who, in a mostly free and fair election, elected a Hamas-dominated government. As such, it seems to me that they are precisely the people who bear the responsibility, and, hence the consequences.

And what's all this about inducing Hamas to moderate their policies? Since the signing of the Oslo Agreement, more Israeli citizens have been killed by violence than in the rest of Israel's history combined. One of the prime movers of this violence has been Hamas. The result has been an amazing political success. Considering that their current success is based entirely upon their violent extremism, what possible inducement does Mr. Carter imagine we can offer them to "moderate" their positions?

Mr. Carter's keen grasp of foreign affair clearly hasn't changed in the past quarter century. Who can forget his gentle chidings about our "inordinate fear of communism". only to go slack-jawed with stupefaction at Soviet tank rolling into Kabul in 1980, just as they did in Czechoslovakia in 1968, Hungary in 1956, and East Berlin in 1948? How can we ever forget his goggle-eyed astonishment after Anastasio Somoza was overthrown in Nicaragua, and he learned that the Sandinistas were actually—gasp—communists?

What's really amazing is that Mr. Carter is given a respectful hearing when he opines on foreign affairs, despite his record of nearly unbroken failure in that arena.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

You forgot to mention Jimmy’s astounding record on Iran and Khomeini, a foreign policy failure that may be more responsible than any other event for the mess that the Middle East is in today!
Written By: RAZ
URL: http://
The only reason Palestinians exist is because their fellow Arabs would not allow them to assimilate into neighboring Arab nations after they told the so-called Palestinians to run while they ravished the new Israeli State in 1948. (

Oops that didn’t work. So then the Arab leaders decided to create refugees so that they would have a continuous opportunity to attack Israel, which they have done ever since 1948.
Written By: Theway2k
We’re going to what? "Increase the domestic influence of Hamas" by withholding the funds? What the hell does he think happened when we were NOT withholding the funds?
Does he really understand what an election means? And what it indicates when Hamas pretty much WON the election?

That’s like saying not giving bank robbers money will only encourage them to rob banks....
Written By: looker
URL: http://
::::tsk::: Dale..Dale...why you be hatin’ so much on Mr. Carter? Ever met the man? Ever talk to him one on one? Really great guy.

Lets review quickly our choices for the White House in 1976.

Were you old enought to vote for Ford? Did you? Yes yes...Gerald Ford, arbiter of the Warren Commission coverup and hand picked crony of the Nixon Gang.

Great alternative to evil JC. So dag nab evil....

Oh yes, I do remember my first vote for president was for JC.

Remember, WWJD?

And now you slam a pretty gool old fellow for...trying? At least Mr Carter is trying. May not do much good in your eye, but he is involved with our world as ALL ex presidents, good (Eisenhower) or mediocre (Ford) should.

When was the last time Mr. Ford got involved with problems? I mean.. in this century? What is his legacy? Oh yeah, he helped launch Chevy Chase’s comedic career.

And while we are at it, what you doing that is better, to promote world peace.

Besides sitting in the ole computer chair, Dale, King of Blog?

Besides sounding like a grumpy old Ford supporter?
Written By: Rick D.
URL: http://
PS: Its over. You can quit the Reagan machine inspired hate mongering of Carter.

It is over, all so "twentieth centry". So....Eightyish...Got any fresh mack today?

America lost. Get over it.
Written By: Rick D.
URL: http://
Yes yes...Gerald Ford, arbiter of the Warren Commission coverup and hand picked crony of the Nixon Gang.
When’s the last time you heard Ford pontificating on ethics the way Carter does on foreign policy?
Written By: McQ
You can quit the Reagan machine inspired hate mongering of Carter.
Oh, I roundly disliked President Carter long before I knew anything about Mr. Reagan.

It’s also kind of sad to see that you haven’t gotten any smarter over 30 years.
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
Carter’s mental driveling gets a lot of play for several reasons:

1. Former president

2. Two-time Nobel Peace Prize winner

3. He still commands, if not respect, then at least good feelings in many circles because of his charitable work and morally upright life

And now the REAL reasons the media pays attention to him:

4. He hates George Bush

5. He hates George Bush

6. He has no problem bashing America and George Bush, anytime, anywhere, in front of any audience

7. He hates George Bush

8. He is critical of the WoT and the war in Iraq... and he hates George Bush

9. He’s a liberal... and he hates George Bush

10. And, most important of all:

Written By: docjim505
URL: http://
Considering that their current success is based entirely upon their violent extremism, what possible inducement does Mr. Carter imagine we can offer them to "moderate" their positions?
It’s curious, but if the idea is that witholding funds will induce a desired outcome, why haven’t we done the same thing to Israel? For instance, Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank, in violation of international humanitarian law, UN resolutions, and the road map itself. Why the double standard? After all, slowly but inexorably annexing Palestinian territory is equivalent to attempting to elimininate any future Palestinian state. I guess I fail to see the difference between a political party that is calling for the destruction of its enemy, and a government that is actually doing it.

If we withhold from Hamas, we should withold from Israel. If both sides fail to live up to their obligations, both sides should suffer.

And no - Hamas’s success is not based entirely on their violent extremism. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that their success sprung from many factors, e.g., they were less corrupt than Fatah, Fatah fielded too many candidates, Hamas had stronger party discipline, they were more efficient providers of social services, and so on.

But I know, I know - this does viewpoint does not fit the cartoon version - Israel good, Palesinians bad. Hamas all evil. Likud angels. Sorry about that.
When’s the last time you heard Ford pontificating on ethics the way Carter does on foreign policy?
When was the last time you heard Carter say that the Soviets did not dominate Eastern Europe in the 1970’s?

Written By: mkultra
URL: http://
Jimmy Carter - the highest ranking useful idiot in American history.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
Just because your involved doesn’t mean you know what your talking about. That goes for both Rick D and The Great JC. How reasonless can you be to come rushing to the defense of Jimmy Carter.

Lines for gas
7’ 6" ceilings
Biggest bible thumpin president to date.
Attacked by rabbits
Taken out by his own party
General apathy
La ooh zer
All before Reagan even came on the scene.

Unfortunately, I bet the left is already planning the most tacky funeral ever for him. 3 rings and lots of clowns.
Written By: Coaster
URL: http://
Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank
MK, do you have a source for this? The CS Monitor seems to think Israel is tearing some of them down rather than building new ones.

Now, if you really meant to say that Israel doesn’t intend to lose most of the West Bank settlements in any future deal regarding a Palestinian state, then say it. But don’t make crap up.

Written By: JWG
URL: http://
And now you slam a pretty gool old fellow for...trying? At least Mr Carter is trying.
And Bush is trying in Iraq. So I guess you won’t be making any criticisms about that issue?
Written By: JWG
URL: http://
"After all, slowly but inexorably annexing Palestinian territory is equivalent to attempting to elimininate any future Palestinian state."

That explains the Gaza pull-out.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Sure, I’d let Jimmy Carter baby sit my grandkids, and walk my dog. On a personal level, he’s probably not a bad guy.

But he’s not an effective president, then, or now, and the more he talks TODAY, the more I understand why he was such a nincompoop as president 30 years ago.
Had I known about him then what I know now, I would NOT have slept well AT ALL.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Luckily, I was born when Reagan was already in the Oval Office, so I never had to deal with Jimmy "the Fox" Carter up until he started blabbing about how terrible the sitting PotUS is... in a time of war... on foreign soil. Repeatedly.

Instead, I get to see the biggest navel-gazing session in history, replayed in a hockey movie. That’s Jimmy’s legacy. Telling America that they need to get their act together because all this pessimism is really, like, bringing us down. Hell, he even managed to rip off a quote from Bill Clinton in that speech (Slick Willie was one of many people invited to talk to Jimmy while he tried to figure out just why everything sucked so much while he was Prez).

The guy would be eminently forgettable if

a) he hadn’t presided over the Iran disaster, and
b) he shut up once in a while.
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
Who is a respected critic of the administration? They are hard to find. I have asked that question three times now and I have had only one person mentioned who was experienced in foreign affairs and defense matters. Everyone else was a blogger. What say you here?
Written By: Dale
URL: http://
I’m sorry, is that... an appeal to authority? At a blog?
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
Please excuse my indiscretion.
Written By: Dale
URL: http://
Closeted Republican canned response #3: attack and belittle.

Lines for gas

yes, saw gas lines last August here in Atlanta. Well,Carter inhereted that one from Mr. Ford. Most vote for repubs because they thought them homies with the arabs, quality source of addictive substances like oil. Carter was meddling with stuff like peace, instead of business-as-usual. Don’t you just hate it when things like peace get in the way of things like your desire for unlimited gasoline?


I believe that mess was a Tar Baby issue both during Carters time, and Reagans, as well as Eisenhowers and Wilsons...whats the point; that if he was a great POTUS he would have, um, fixed Iran? Put another puppet in like Eisenhower’s Shah or JFK’s Saddam? Ignore the behind-the-scenes manipulations of the timing of the release of the hostages by Republican operatives? Please. This mack is weak.

7’ 6" ceilings

being 6’ 8", the only time this is an issue is directly under a low ceiling fan. I can live with attempts to conserve energy. Did he invent 7’ 6" ceilings? Are you starting to reach a bit, here, to find stones to throw?

Biggest bible thumpin president to date.

Who understood totally the concept that religion and government should be forever walled from each other. If all christians were like him, I might re-join the club.

Attacked by rabbits

Well, at least he can eat a pretzel. And ride a bicycle. And drive a tractor. And run a farm. And hold his booze. And..and..

Taken out by his own party

amazing the power of the Illumiti, bwahahaha...

General apathy

You contradicted yourself. I have never met an apathetic bible thumper. That is an oxymoron.

La ooh zer

not in Se ven ty Six er! Ah, so in Conservativeland all one term POTUS are losers? hmm...sometimes..that is true.

All before Reagan even came on the scene.

Oh yes, lets ignore the Republican machine working overtime in the background to get back on plan, after Honest Dick sc*ewed the pooch on installing the New Order. Again, as in 1980 all I see here are empty personal attacks, 80’s jingoism regurgitated.

Nice try. This all you got? Carter was NOT part of the status quo, therefore had to be eliminated one way or the other. At least he had more sanity on the issue of cannabis regulation that any other POT-POTUS has. for that, conservatives must give him a nod, albeit slight.

Although I could give a wet sock for any Demo or republican overall and consider the transaction a loss.
Written By: Rick D.
URL: http://
At least he had more sanity on the issue of cannabis regulation
And Rick once again reveals his only real issue with which to judge all politicians.
Written By: JWG
URL: http://
I’m a libertarian, so what I’m doing for world peace is promoting the idea of world with a minimum of coercion. What are you doing for world peace, Rick D.? Promoting statism? Yeah, that’ll bring peace. Nothing is more peaceful than an all-powerful State,
Written By: Bilwick
URL: http://
Forgot to add: what convinced me JC was a dimwit was his remark, in an interview, about " these people we call ’dictators’." As if the idea of someone actually being a dictator, in today’s world, was so far out that no enlightened person would ever actually use the term ’dictator.’" Reading this, I thought of George Costanza on SEINFELD: "Are you HERE? Are you in THIS world?" One can imagine Carter as a lawyer for Capone and Nitti, pleading mercy for "these people we call ’gangsters’."
Written By: Bilwick
URL: http://
Interesting hypocrisy here. I recall in the 1980’s that the wing of the Democratic Party that Carter led then and, apparently, still leads, was all for shutting off all sorts of aid, business, etc. with South Africa because of their policies and behavior (i.e. racism, government sponsored terrorism, ethnic segregation). When Republicans made a claim that it would hurt the very people they wanted to help, an airy wave of the hand was made and the explanation that it would be better in the long run tossed about (please note, I happen to agree with that approach, but I’m pointing out what someone else says/thinks/does). So, now another government is put in place that sponsors terrorism based on race and religion, that openly and actively promotes racism and that practices ethnic/religious segregation and we are told that cutting off their money is bad because it will hurt the people we are trying to help. By the same people who told us that the long term good was more important than the short term bad for a similar situation in the past.

Hmmmmmm, consistency of principle apparently revolves around "they are my political enemies so I will consistently oppose everything they advocate or do". Thanks for clarifying that for me Mr. Carter.

Oh, Rick, I was alive in the 70’s, I remember Carter, Ford, Reagan, etc. I voted in some of those elections. As much of a lame duck as Ford was, Carter was worse. Stop trying to change history.
Written By: Eric
As much of a lame duck as Ford was, Carter was worse.
Yep. Ford was mediocre. Carter is a strong contender for worst president of the 20th century. Big difference.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
"Had I known about him then what I know now, I would NOT have slept well AT ALL."

If the Soviets had known then what we know about him now, the Warsaw Pact’s still existing western border would have been Greenland.

Yours, TDP, ml, msl, & pfpp
Written By: Tom Perkins
URL: http://

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