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Time for some fiscal leadership
Posted by: McQ on Friday, March 17, 2006

Will he or won't he show some leadership here? I'm talking about President Bush:
Congress raised the limit on the federal government's borrowing by $781 billion yesterday, and then lawmakers voted to spend well over $100 billion on the war in Iraq, hurricane relief, education, health care, transportation and heating assistance for the poor without making offsetting budget cuts.
I keep hearing from people that he really doesn't have the power to stop this. Well, you know what, we won't know unless he tries. And he, to this point, has never tried, at least with the veto pen.

If he's really a fiscal conservative, then he'll veto this and force Congress to override it. Make them show what they truly are (and it would be a perfect tactical move in an off year election cycle, wouldn't it? How many so-called RINOs would be willing to vote for raising the limit on federal borrowing if facing reelection?).

My bet? No veto, but a whole lot of "unfortunate" and "regret" in a press release.

Any takers?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Darn it! If the plan was to stifle the tax-and-spend progressives, the GOP is doing it all wrong. First you lower the borrowing limit, not increase it.

Then you gut the treasury by slashing taxes.

When there is no federal money for them to exchange for urban votes, the big-spenders will have to suck their own thumbs for nutriment. As it is, we just opened a gallon jar of Gerber strained peas for them to slurp from.
Written By: Steve
URL: http://
McQ, I don’t take sucker bets.
Written By: Dave
URL: http://
I agree. Veto that increase in the debt ceiling. Let’s shut down the government. That worked really well for the Rs the last time they did it.

BTW, the juxtaposition of this post with the one of Jon’s above it is just coincidence, right?
Written By: Steven Donegal
URL: http://
BTW, the juxtaposition of this post with the one of Jon’s above it is just coincidence, right?
I don’t get it. What’s the similarity or contrast that would make this a coincidence? In any event, there was certainly no coordination or intent on my part.
Written By: Jon Henke
My bet? No veto, but a whole lot of "unfortunate" and "regret" in a press release.

Any takers?
My bet? He praises congress for exercising fiscal responsibility.
Written By: Rosensteel
URL: http://
Is now the time to be fiscally conservative?

Your GDP is growing at very respectable rate, your debt is increasing as well but less rapidly and you are therefore ahead of the game. Being fiscally liberal is working.

The foriegn debt you incur is being purchased at rates lower than historically normal, Japan and China and the friendly oil producers extend you credit very cheaply. If you were running a business and were borrowing money at say 8% pa from your bank, but then the bank decides to offer you 4% you’d borrow more - right?

On the otherside equation you have to be sure your cutting really does help the economy. From the posts examples: military spending - maintaining an American military superiority has always served you well; hurricane releif - repairing damaged infrastructure is very needed whenever there is a disaster; education - investing in Americas human resource. If you cut these it will hurt.

Being a libertarian/conservative doesn’t just mean hollering "Stop spending my money!" and then being done. We need to show the governement and the population ways to make better government for less. Otherwise they might listen to the holler and stop spending money, being fools they are just as likely to stop spending it on something important as something wasteful and then - oh dear.
Written By: unaha-closp

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