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Project Hero: 1LT Brian Stann, Silver Star
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, March 18, 2006

The hero we honor this week is 1LT Brian M. Stann of the US Marine Corps. As you'll see, the mission was his primary concern, but he also had another goal in mind as well.
“This award represents my guys,” the Scranton, Pa. native explained. “It’s an insight to what my men did over there. There were a lot of our guys who received awards from our group when we were out there, not just me.”

Stann was the 2nd Mobile Assault Platoon leader with Weapons Company when everything started happening during the operation. From May 8 to 14, 2005, Stann led his men into battle, where their mission was to seize a bridge near Karabilah, Iraq. Three different times, he negotiated four kilometers to maintain their position from enemy attacks. However, on the third time through, the enemy had set up an ambush for the Marines.

Although ambushed, Stann called in close air support and direct fire from tanks while taking on over 30 rocket-propelled grenade attacks, multiple machine guns firing, and improvised explosive devices detonating.

“When we began, it was a big fight, but as the days went on, we began to use more of our assets,” Stann explained. “We called in close air support and used tanks and dealt a big blow to the enemy.”

Stann was in a 360-degree fight and was setting up casualty evacuation points after they were hit by suicide IEDs. All of this would not have been possible if it were not for the hard work of his men in the sheer face of danger, explained Stann.

“He [Stann] has great strength of character and endurance, which was shown when everything happened over a week and he kept on going,” explained Maj. Gen Richard Huck, 2nd Marine Division’s commanding general, after he presented Stann his award. “It doesn’t even capture all that happened.”

Stann is a Naval Academy graduate and a former linebacker for their football team. There he learned what it took to complete a mission with a team, a lesson that would come in handy in the Corps.

He was only with his men for a few months before they deployed to Iraq. Stann’s main goal was to bring his entire group of Marines home from Iraq.

“You can forget all the other medals; I just wanted the award that said 42 out of 42 men came home safely,” Stann explained. “And we all came home, so mission accomplished.”
42 of 42. And they did what they had to do as well. Certainly a heoric effort and, more importantly, one from which 1LT Stann and his platoon returned safely. Platoons are where leaders are made and prepared for higher command. It is men like 1LT Stann who are forged in the crucible of platoon level combat and emerge with the steel necesary to lead companies and battalions in future combat.

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PROJECT HERO is an ongoing attempt to highlight the valor of our military as they fight in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We constantly hear the negative and far to little of the positive and inspiring stories coming out of those countries. This is one small attempt to rectify that. If you know of a story of valor you'd like to see highlighted here (published on Saturday), please contact us. And we'd appreciate your link so we can spread the word.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Thnx for your continued effort to give these warriors just a little of the recognition they deserve.Keep it up.
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://
I keep sending these articles to my daughter. She wants to go into the military after college. I’m very proud of that, but I think it best she know exactly what military service can mean.

Thank you for recognizing our heros. Too few are doing that nowadays.
Written By: Marie
URL: http://
BRIAN STANN IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON EVER! He is great strength of character and is simply an inspiring role model.
Written By: Kayleigh
URL: http://
That is my husband and i couldn’t more proud.
Written By: Teressa
URL: http://
That is my husband and i couldn’t more proud.

Nor could we, Mrs. Stann.
Written By: McQ

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