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A Little Bit of Music
Posted by: Dale Franks on Friday, April 07, 2006

Ah, I love iTunes. I did an iTunes recommendation post recently, and I usually wait about a month between them, but, I pulled down some stuff this evening, since The Lovely Christine and I are feeling a bit under the weather and stayed home this evening. I actually downloaded several songs, but most of them were older stuff from the 90's I wanted to fill out my music library a little bit. I did grab a few new songs though.

Oh, by the way, last time I did one of these a reader asked tyhat I consolidate all my iTunes recommendation posts into a category. So, if you look on the left-hand sidebar, waaaaay down near the bottom, where the categories are listed, there's a category for Music, which is where you can find all of the past iTunes reccomendation posts. Or, you can simply click on the link I just made in the previous sentence.

As always, the links in the songs below go to brief MP3 clips of the song.


Song Title: Louise
Artist: Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders
Album: Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders
Comments: Even though he's still the drummer for the Foo Fighters (one of my favorite groups), he's just released this first single from his solo project. As you might expect, there are a lot of drums in this song.

Song Title: The Press Corpse
Artist: Anti-Flag
Album: For Blood and Empire
Comments: Another new single, this is a rocking, modern punk tune. This also reminds me of something a commenter wrote on the last iTunes post, where I chose a new release from the Decemberists. He seemed amazed that I would listen to The Decemberists. With this song, I think we can safely say that a group named Anti-Flag, producing an album called For Blood and Empire, has a point of view. It's also safe to say that point of view varies wildly from mine on a few things. Well, if you're gonna pick your music on the basis of political viewpoints of the artists, then you might as well just scrap pretty much everything released since 1965. Admittedly, you'll probably never find me posting a reccommendation for a song from Rage Against the Machine, but that's because I think their music is just pointless caterwauling, not because they're commie bastards.

Song Title: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Artist: Bloodhound Gang
Album: Hefty Fine
Comments:I really like this song, but I feel like Graham Chapman's "Colonel" character from Monty Python just writing about this song. I imagine if he heard it, he would say something like, "This song is just silly. The title is amusing enough, with these young chaps spelling an extremely naughty word with the phonetic alphabet. But the lyrics are just right out! It's extremely silly, and I demand you stop singing it at once!" And, he'd have a point. The lyrics are silly.
Vulcanize the whoopee stick
In the ham wallet

Cattle prod the oyster ditch
With the lap rocket

Batter dip the cranny ax
In the gut locker

Retrofit the pudding hatch
Ooh la la
With the boink swatter
See what I mean? "It's all nonsensical!" as the Gogol Bordello guys would say. These lyrics are just...oh...wait a minute. I get it. Nevermind.

Song Title: Car Underwater
Artist: Armor for Sleep
Album: What To Do When You Are Dead
Comments:I like this song, too, but geez, what's the creepy fascination with death for these guys? I'm always amused by these talented young guys with loads of money and 18 year-old groupies begging to have endless sex with them, moaning about how cool death is. Almost as amused as I am knowing that the guys from Rage Against the Machine shed hot tears of shame every time they deposit those huge royalty checks in the bank.


There you go. Listen and enjoy.
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I have mixed emotions about Anti Flag. Their music is awesome, but their politics are lame. So I buy all their CD’s used.
Written By: Tom
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Written By: Dale Franks

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