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Illegal immigrants enjoy the help of complicit national agencies
Posted by: McQ on Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm sure there are those who will view this story as nothing more than bureaucratic ineptness. I'm sure that has some measure of truth to it. However, there is more to it than that. This is an example of government agencies ignoring the law of the land and, in doing so, being complicit in protecting those who, in many cases, are openly flaunting the law.

Knight Ridder reports that both the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration have mountains of evidence which could be used to identify illegal immigrants and those who knowingly employ them, but won't share the information:
The two agencies don't analyze their data to root out likely immigration fraud, and they won't share their millions of records so that law enforcement agencies can do that, either.

Privacy laws, they say, prohibit them from sharing their files with anyone, except in rare criminal investigations.
I'm still puzzled why "privacy laws" can be cited as a reason to refuse to provide information which clearly points to fraud and criminal wrongdoing. Some of the examples given are so obvious that it would seem that the companies involved don't even bother to try to hide their lawbreaking:
One internal study found that a restaurant company had submitted 4,100 duplicate Social Security numbers for workers. Other firms submit inaccurate names or numbers reports for nearly all of their employees. One child's Social Security number was used 742 times by workers in 42 states.

"That's the kind of evidence we want," said Paul Charlton, the U.S. attorney in Arizona. He regularly prosecutes unauthorized workers, but says it's hard to prove employers are involved in the crime.

"Anything that suggests they had knowledge . . . is a good starting point. If you see the same Social Security number a thousand times, it's kind of hard for them to argue they didn't know."
That's simply flaunting the law, and both agencies appear complicit in aiding in that endeavor. 4,100 duplicate Social Security numbers isn't a mistake or something that was overlooked. It is an attempt to defraud.

And it seems the "privacy concerns" only work one way:
Social Security does virtually nothing to alert citizens whose Social Security numbers are being used by others.
For someone who's been a victim of identity theft, let me tell you, it's no picnic. A federal agency who has the information and the means to determine that identity theft is happening and does nothing to alert the person or persons being harmed is, at best derelict in its duty, and at worst, criminally negligent (and complicit in the crime).

All of this has come to light because Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary, has asked Congress for access to these files.

I for one say Congress should grant that access. That's if we're actually serious about being a "nation of laws".
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Why doesn’t ssa and IRS use their data to find illegal aliens?

How about their data isn’t data, its tax receipts. Social security and federal withholding taxes are taken out of these peoples checks. The tax receipts have bogus ssns and so the payer gets no credit for these contributions. In many cases no one else does either. Revenue comes in and no payout is expected.

Why would the SSA or IRS see it in their revenue maximizing missions to go after the immrigrants? Somebody needs to pay taxes in this country. Letting it be the illegal entrants and unrepresented minorites has a real political appeal that both parties must love.

Written By: cindyb
URL: http://
Letting it be the illegal entrants and unrepresented minorites has a real political appeal that both parties must love.
What the heck is an unrepresented minority? It doesn’t matter anyway since I get the gist.

McQ’s post though provides more material proof of the large amount of governmnet corruption that we are all now dealing with.
Written By: coffee
URL: http://
Why would the SSA or IRS see it in their revenue maximizing missions to go after the immrigrants?
Not their job. Their job is to turn over information to those who enforce the laws being broken.

The point is, they’re not doing that. Hence they are complicit in the defrauding of the citizens of the US.
Written By: McQ
Re "flaunting the law":
flaunting is ostentatious display
flouting is treating with contempt.
Written By: Larry Knerr
URL: http://
If illegal Immigrants are so desperate to risk so much to come to America to have a better opportunity for themselves and there family, Why don’t illegal immigrants stand up to there own countries goverment and demand a change? So that there country may one day have the same opportunities that America has.
Written By: Cheri
URL: http://
If the millons of illegal immrigrants that we seen today marching in the American streets,suddenly showed up in there own countries marching for change, there country would surely get there goverments attention!
Written By: Cheri
URL: http://

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