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Atlanta’s day without Immigrants
Posted by: McQ on Monday, May 01, 2006

I understand that there were a number of cities in which there were fairly large pro-immigration demonstrations today, but apparently Atlanta wasn't one of them:
Thousands of immigrants in Georgia were encouraged to stay away from shops, work and school today as part of a national economic protest against crackdowns on illegal immigration. But most in metro Atlanta said they sent their kids to school, and some were too fearful to risk losing what they sought in coming to this country — jobs.

Inside Plaza Fiesta, a Hispanic mall, handwritten signs in Spanish told the few patrons why all stands were covered up and stores shuttered — "in solidarity with our people."

In southern Georgia, some farmers said they had to stop the harvest because their seasonal workers didn't come to work. But others said it was business as usual.

Many Latino advocacy groups, including organizers of large April 10th march, had warned immigrants in Georgia not to risk their jobs. A march in Athens is planned for this evening so it won't interfere with the workday.

A rally at the state Capitol that drew an estimated 4,500 protesters.

In northeast Georgia's Hall County, where more than 30 percent of almost 24,000 students are Hispanic, officials said there were 1,444 Latino absences today. But that was less than half the 3,000 absent during a similar protest on March 24th.

Immigrants say they hope their voice compels Congress to give those here illegally a path to citizenship and to fight Georgia's new law that will bar undocumented adults from receiving state benefits.
Given the fact that today's rally at the Capitol drew fewer than a Hawks game, I'd guess their "voice" won't be compelling much ... at least in Georgia.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

At the east LA high school where I work we had about 40% of the student body absent today (normally it’s around 8%). Staff absenteeism was about normal for a Monday. This, of course, translated in the LA Times to describing the campus as ’sparsely populated’ while quoting a student claiming there was ’nobody here.’

Getting home, on the other hand, took half again as long as it usually does (even though I avoided downtown) thanks to crowds of nitwits wandering the streets waving Mexican flags. Whatever sympathy I might have had for their cause is now gone.
Written By: Achillea
Achillea, I agree. I was once sympathetic. That feeling and sentiment is now gone as I get sick to my stomach listening to the leaders of this movement spew out "hate America" and "blame America" rhetoric with every word. They go on and on about how we stole their country, they have a right to be here, we are the cause of all South America’s problems. If they had any brains they would just shut up about it and try and solve this complicated problem through legal channels.
Written By: bethtopaz
URL: http://
Speaking for the NYC rally, about 30-35% were smart and waved American flags, which were dwarfed by the number of other foreign flags on display. Incidentally, there were quite the number of Che shirts, and ANSWER/Anti-War crowd were well represented as well.

Overall, they did more harm than good for their cause, which suits me fine

Written By: shark
URL: http://
Regarding their ’have a right to be here’ - I suppose they think that stems from their invasion and occupation after Columbus returned home to Isabella with the good news about his discovery.

Or do you suppose they’ve developed a Pan-Native American brotherhood that the original inhabitants never even considered?

and how far back do you have to go to be able to claim it all?
I haven’t heard the descendents (Hopi?) of the Anasazi claiming they want to participate in ’Reconquista’ and ’La Raza’, and they have more claim to segments of the Southwest than say, the descendents of the Aztecs.
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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