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Border Security? This is why ....
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Three Iraqis in their 20s claiming to be Iraqi Christians and traveling on Greek passports were caught trying to enter the US illegally from Mexico. From Harlingen, Texas's Channel 5:
We’re told the men are each in their early 20s. They were caught near the Los Indios International Bridge near Harlingen on Saturday. FBI agents say the men claim to be Christians who are afraid they will face persecution if they are returned to Iraq.

Before they were caught at the border, the men were arrested in Mexico carrying Greek passports. They were held almost a month for entering Mexico illegally. But we’re told the Mexican government released them and told them to “go north”.

We’re told they are still in the Valley and are being questioned about why and how they got here.

Since October, 11 Iraqis have been caught entering the U.S. illegally.
Of course our pals in Mexico held them for a month, released them and told them to "go North". And the last little blurb from the TV report: 11 Iraqis have been caught trying to enter illegally since October? Really? Who knew?

How many would like to bet they're really Iraqi Christians (3 guys in their 20s? Yeah, that fits) worried about persecution? And the Greek passports? Any guesses there?

We've caught 11 others since October. Anyone wondering what part of the whole the 11 who've been caught really represent? And were they Christians too?

Maybe a nice Christian ham dinner would settle the whole question.

Heh ...

If you're interested, there's a bit of video with the story as well.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I am surprised that we caught them at all. Do you think the Mexican authorities made a phone call to the US authorities right after telling these "illegals" to go North? Not out of any love for the US. Perhaps, the Mexican authorities didn’t want them in their country....knew where they really wanted to go....but were also concerned about being unfavorably associated with what they might do once they crossed our border?
Written By: RAZ
URL: http://
Actually Detroit has a very large population of Chaldeans. Who escaped Iraq for the same reason we are fighting the war on terror. So their story doesn’t seem all to unlikely to me. A good vetting should bring out their intentions, If they check out welcome to the melting pot.
Written By: coaster
URL: http://
And if we caught eleven, how many have we missed? Where are they now?
Written By: the wolf
I live with an Iraqi refugee of the most recent war. He can’t go back because people want to kill him. He got into this country legally with a visa, but I can’t imagine he would have cared if he was an illegal alien or not. Who knows about the Iraqis who crossed in Mexico. It’s good to be suspicious, and indeed the border should be secured. But most Iraqis are not terrorists. If you’re talking percentages... it’s not likely that those particular Iraqis are terrorists. But you never know I guess.
Written By: Richmond Independent
The greek passports are for????
Yeah, sure. Overlook that.

and NO, not welcome to the melting pot - go home (or if seeking political asylum, our embassy), fill out the papers, and come back legally.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Richmond Centrist,

I don’t think the point is that these people should automatically be considered terrorists. I think the point is that if "good" Iraqis are trying to get across, it’s not a huge stretch to assume "bad" Iraqis are trying to get across.
Written By: Sean
I don’t think the point is that these people should automatically be considered terrorists.
3 Iraqi males in their 20s, with Greek passports trying to sneak in and when caught use "we’re persecuted Christains" (cover story?) as their excuse?

They may very well not be terrorists, but they might have tried a little harder not to set off every alarm bell indicating they are.
Written By: McQ
and since they would not be persecuted in Greece or Iraq anymore, they should be sent back.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Maybe ham sandwichs are in order for lunch while they discuss it.
While they’re waiting for sandwiches they could be given pads of paper and be asked to doodle little pictures of the prophet Mohammed.
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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