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Porter Goss resigns
Posted by: McQ on Friday, May 05, 2006

From the Washington Post:
CIA Director Porter Goss has resigned, President Bush said Friday.

Bush called Goss' tenure one of transition.

"He has led ably," Bush said from the Oval Office. "He has a five-year plan to increase the analysts and operatives."

Bush said that Goss, a former member of Congress, has "helped make this country a safer place."

"We've got to win the war on terror," Bush said.

Said Goss: "I would like to report to you that the agency (CIA) is back on a very even keel and sailing well."
The question is, can he, in reality, make that report and really mean it?

More here.

UPDATE: Michael Hayden nominated for CIA director:
President Bush has settled on Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden as his choice for CIA director, and an announcement is planned for Monday, senior administration officials told CNN late Friday.

Hayden, 61, is the principal deputy to National Intelligence Director John Negroponte.
And a little "inside baseball:"
Intelligence sources told CNN that Goss' resignation was triggered by differences with Negroponte over plans to move staff, including analysts from the CIA's counterterrorism center, to other intelligence agencies.

Goss was worried about too many people being taken out of key roles, the sources said.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

The lemmings are starting to run off the cliff.
Written By: cindyb
URL: http://
If Bush really wants to re-energize his presidency and make a bold’s a golden opportunity.
Written By: Jim Rose
The lemmings are starting to run off the cliff.

Written By: looker
URL: http://
Guess I’ll remain skeptical about that even keel thing. Especially with the investigations on leaks going on. I’m going to guess that there is going to be more rocking the boat in their future.
Written By: Nylarthotep
Maybe we’ll even get a new President (of the Senate)!
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
I’m still waiting to hear how ’firing a leaker’ is nearly as useful as ’prosecuting the leaker’.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Wade and Wilkes. Hookers too? Goss says no. But why believe him?

Goss is in some serious trouble. The last thing Bush wants (or the GOP for tha matter) is confirmation hearings for a new CIA Director in the run up to the midterms.
Written By: mkultra
URL: http://
But why believe him?
Why believe you (and the site you got that from)?
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
This is the scariest bit of news I’ve heard in years. Maybe there is some pedestrian explanation - I hope so.

The talk about "coup" from within the CIA has some credibility with me. The recent heckling of Rumsfeld by a former CIA guy in public is another clue. There is very bad blood here and at least some of the people inside CIA still know how to off people and have few qualms in doing so.

Goss supposedly personally lead the investigation and uncovery of Mary McCarthy. She might be facing prosecution by Justice. Others within the CIA were also hinted at as leakers and subjects of investigations.

Did the CIA win this first head on a platter? Is this the start of real hardball in our government?
Written By: Whitehall
URL: http://
He resigned because he found out....

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
As the former leader of a Repbulican House of Representatives Committee famous for making Mc-Carthy-esque, slanted attacks on the CIA, Porter Goss was a prime hatchet man for the Bush Administration. His mission: punish everyone who tried to deliver independent and honest intelligence analysis when this analysis runs contrary to premeditated, fact-indifferent policy outcomes desired by the Administration. And it’s considered an important mission. It’s important enough to threaten, people who "leak" information about secret prisons in Europe established in violation of the U.S. Constitution, international treaties, and U.S. statutes
with imprisonment. He was a big guy, with a big mission. And now he’s quite obviously resigned out of the blue, upstaging a minor scandal involving a drug-addled Democratic Congressman’s car accident and opening a large window of attention for the press to poke around at his failed tenure.

This is a serious shot to the groin for the Administration. Why on earth would he do it, lacking any obvious force positioned to stop him?

Yes, I suppose it could be because rogue members of the CIA were planning to assassinate him, but the sane among us will look for real answers to a puzzling "question.

I suggest as a good place to start looking for answers, involving Republican Congressmen currently going to jail for being bribed to award shady and incompetent defense contractors lucrative contracts. The bribes were greased with prostitutes, and the next guy who’s going to go down is a good friend of Porter Goss, named Dusty Foggo.

Goss has probably lost a political struggle from the inside to silence to DoJ investigation and is resigning before the bombshells begin to drop, rather than after.

His hatchet job to turn the CIA into a nest of Saddamn-Hussein’s-Iraq-level yes-men and supplicants has failed, probably for good. It never really stood a chance. It’s not easy being appointed the head of an agency you publicly hate. You could ask John Bolton, if Condolezza Rice would let him talk to anyone.

It also never stood a chance because the target list of the wrathful authoritarians has grown too large. Between the CIA, the State Department, the "cowardly ex-generals", whatever’s left of the EPA & Dept. of Labor, the "lefist media", the entire population of our nation’s academic tenured positions, Democrats who are not Joe Lieberman, and before I forget the "activist judges",
the Patriotic Right has painted itself into a very small corner. They’ve defined 98% of the world as being disloyal and naive, and now they’re wondering why they can’t win a popularity contest.
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://
Uhhhh, you mean the same CIA that told Clinton that Saddam had WMD’s?

You mean the same CIA that was led by Tenet, a Clinton appointee for years after 9/11?

I just cannot buy the story that in 1998 the CIA really thought Saddam had WMD’s but in 2002-2003 they really thought he didn’t and couldn’t find a single way to leak this to the press BEFORE the war started.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
glas, it isn’t the talking point memo site where the hooker story showed up, but rather the tpm mucker racker site which is associated with TPM much as the National Enquirer can be considered to be associated with the Boston Globe as both being media.

But nice conspiracy theory, so when do we see the cigarette smoking man appear? Will Mulder and Scully finally be able to "Speak Truth to Power"(TM) or will they make good coin on Olbermann helping crazy Ray McGovern sound coherent.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Now if the REST of the CIA resigns with Goss, we’ll have some real progress here...
Written By: shark
URL: http://
PS- State can exit stage left as well...
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Goss found out how deep it got and left.

Does no one find it strange that Jay Rockefeller, upon hearing of Goss leaving and Hayden becoming a replacement, came out from under his rock?

He can’t wait to hammer him on wiretapping... but we have too much info on him that we haven’t used yet... and lots of spooks to boot. Get your popcorn kiddies.
Written By: Ali
URL: http://
shark, don’t forget the corrupt liberal media and their biased reporting, the pansy-waisted judges that refuse to sentence all these traitors at the CIA and State, the disloyal ex-generals, the guys at NSF tired of pretending climate change doesn’t exist, the swarm of ex-soldiers running as Democrats this year -

The only effective guy non-soldier in all of Iraq from a field of 50,000 DoD cronies, malcontents and incompetents has been our American ambassador - from the State Dept. But hey, can the whole place right now. It’s such a pain in the ass to judge objectively, instead of judging people on how well they *obey*.

As to my conspiracy theories, time will tell if Mr. Foggo, appointed by Mr. Goss as #3 man, is indicted. That would kinda seem to make my point.
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://
Nost, Actually I was referring to your conspiracy theory that the CIA was staffed with competent people.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://

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