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Immigration: "It’s crunch time"
Posted by: McQ on Friday, May 12, 2006

Monday night, May 15th, President Bush has requested time on the networks to address the nation about immigration.
"This is crunch time," Tony Snow, the new White House press secretary said Friday at his first off-camera, or informal, briefing. The address will begin at 8 p.m. EDT and is expected to last about 20 minutes.

The White House said this is the first time it has requested network time for a presidential address on a specific domestic issue.
So this is a bit unprecedented.


It's about time a certain someone began taking this issue seriously. But, as stated, the most serious of the issues that make up "immigration reform" remains border security. Because make no no mistake about it, "immigration reform" is a euphemism for "illegal immigration". And illegal immigration cannot be stopped until we control our borders.

Gateway Pundit reports that Sen. Bill Frist, Senate Majority Leader, finally appears to 'get it'. He quotes a Frist interview from the "O'Reilly Factor":.
Senator Frist: I tell you though, I'm going back. I'm going to take the immigration border security first and foremost back to the floor of the Senate on Monday. I know there is a lot of discussion about 12 million people here illegally, temporary worker program, but I am absolutely committed to making sure that at least coming off the Senate floor we have strong border security legislation.

I agree that you can't focus on the the 10-12 million people first. It's got to be on the border...
And President Bush? Well to this point, he's been mostly pushing a "guest worker" program while attending to the emotional side of the debate, i.e. claiming that our laws shouldn't be enforced against good, hard working people who simply want to improve their lives.

Uh, yeah. Funny how those good, hard-working people have been demonstrating demanding rights and respect, but the respect thing seems to only work one way, especially when it comes to our laws and sovereignty.

So, is Bush getting ready to change horses? Well, possibly, if the claims made in these stories have any validity:
The Pentagon is looking at ways the military can help provide more security along the U.S. southern border, defense officials said Thursday, once again drawing the nation's armed forces into a politically sensitive domestic role.

Paul McHale, the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense, asked officials this week to come up with options for the use of military resources and troops particularly the National Guard along the border with Mexico, according to defense officials familiar with the discussions. The officials, who requested anonymity because the matter has not been made public, said there are no details yet on a defense strategy.

The request comes as some Southern lawmakers met this week with White House strategist Karl Rove for a discussion that included making greater use of National Guard troops to shore up border control. The Senate is poised to pass legislation this month that would call for additional border security, a new guest worker program and provisions opening the way to eventual citizenship for many of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country.
Look at the key words in those three paragraphs: Pentagon, National Guard, border, Rove. Obviously the possiblity exists. And with Frist's newfound awareness that border security must take precedence over (and be accomplished before) other aspects of the immigration issue, there's some hope that we might finally be reassured that leviathan has picked up the scent of what people (that would be citizens, not illegals) want and is willing to act upon it.

Then again I could be all wrong and we'll get a mealy mouthed emotional 20 minutes worth of excuses, diversion and blame shifting.

UPDATE: Lastango at Daily Pundit is of the opinion that we may see a fence mentioned instead of deploying troops. His advice though is to beware of "vapor" fences. You know, like the "vapor" immigration reform legislation we got in '84.

More on the National Guard rumors here.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

This is utter nonsense we have had numerous, so
called "immigration reforms." and all they have done is make things worse. We have had dozens upon dozens of small and large reforms and all it has done is to allow more and more illegal immigration.

In 65’ we amnestied 2 million with the promise that we were going to crackdown, no such thing happened the problem only got worse. In 86’ we amnestied 5 million with the promise that we would get serious about illegal immigration, no such thing occurred. In 96’ we had another round of immigration reform, we normalized a few million more, with you guessed it, a promise that we were going to honest injun, crack down. And here we are in 06’ talking about normalizing between 11-20 million illegals, does anyone see a pattern here. Every so called reform only makes the problem worse every ten years or so. Also to those who are in favor of a guest worker program, you should have to answer the following questions.

1) What agency or agencies will be administering the guest worker program?
I assume it will be INS but INS is currently doing a horrific job enforcing
current laws and regulations. So it will need an enormous infusion of
funds or the creation of a new bureaucracy.

2) Is the guest worker program open for illegals already in country or for
new wokers not currently in country? Is this guest worker plan open to
every country in the world or is this strictly limited to south american

3) How will illegal immigrants take part in the guest worker program?
Will they be able to apply in-country or will they have to go to their
home country and apply?

4) Who will be able to apply, single men, men and woman, married
couples with children? What happens if the guest worker gets
pregnant and has a child or a guest worker fathers a child in-country?

5) What industries will be able to use guest workers?

6) How will employers place orders for guest workers?

7) I have heard proposals for up-to 1.5 million guest workers, once the
number has been set, will it be hard or soft cap?

8) What sort of non-forgeable documentation will be given to the guest worker?
Will the documentation list their country of origin, place of residence, and guest
worker occupation?
If a guest worker is fired or his job eliminated, will he have to leave the country
or will he be able to pursue a new guest worker occupation?

9) How will we keep track of the guest workers and make sure employers use
authorized guest workers only?

10) How long will a guest worker be allowed to participate in the program
before he must return to his home country?

11) Will they be allowed to pursue permanent status in-country or will they
have to return to their home country and apply?

12) What sort of boarder enforcement will be implemented?
We can’t have a guest worker program and still have hundreds
of thousands of illegals streaming across the boarder.

Please feel free to add to the question list.

We are at a tipping point in our society. Our sovreignty is being challenged by a third world country. The Mexican government is for all-intents-and-purposes controlling our immigration policy. When I hear these politicians they seem to be more concerned with the rights of the illegals than the rights and wishes of the American people, and it disgusts me.
Written By: Radical Centrist
URL: http://
Here is the full link from my above post.
Written By: Radical Centrist
URL: http://
Then again I could be all wrong and we’ll get a mealy mouthed emotional 20 minutes worth of excuses, diversion and blame shifting.
I’m going to be cynical here but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a "tough" Bush on this one, and that will be 100% direct effort to rally the base which he has royally cheesed off.

If he goes on the air with 20 minutes of doubletalk, the GOP is toast in the midterms.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
And President Bush? Well to this point, he’s been mostly pushing a "guest worker" program while attending to the emotional side of the debate, i.e. claiming that our laws shouldn’t be enforced against good, hard working people who simply want to improve their lives.
I was wondering if maybe they’d like to stop enforcing the laws on my paying the IRS any income tax. I’m a good hard working person who just wants to improve my life, and I’ll bet most of you are too.

Seriously though - if Congress does manage to put some teeth into bills dealing with the problem he’d better not threaten to veto the dang thing(s).
I’ve seen my tax money go to Willy Nagin and the Chocolate City on the Gulf, I’d much rather see it go to places like Maricopa County.

Round em up, send em back....(queue Whipcrack) Yeeeeee-haaaaaa.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Here’s hoping el Presidente (sarcasm people) has some tough words quickly followed by tough actions.

I was listening to Boortz yesterday and he mentioned that John Linder was lookng at submitting a bill to the floor for a vote. That bill is to be an english translation of the Mexican laws regarding people found in Mexico illegally. Apparently the Mexicans treat foriegn nationals in their space without permission quite harshly. I would like to see how Vincente FOx responds to that.
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
This is the final Push against the Public.

There will be a lot of fuss about Troops or a Fence. This will be hotly debated and focused on. Ultimately we’ll get a bait and switch and end up with amnesty with a facade of border security or a temporary effort.

Trading illegal entry for legal entry at about the same rate probably. A wand will have been waved and the illegal immigrants will be technically legal. Poof. Problem solved. Same people with the same attitudes in the same numbers will still come here, if not more. But they will be legally coming here.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
There will be a lot of fuss about Troops or a Fence. This will be hotly debated and focused on. Ultimately we’ll get a bait and switch and end up with amnesty with a facade of border security or a temporary effort.
Unfortunately, I suspect this is what will really happen. I’m sure the debate will last until the mid-terms and then we’ll get the bait-and-switch.
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
Preview of Monday speech? El Presidente (illustrated) speaks as "Our First Mexican President."
Written By: gringoman
Imagine, without notice, waking up one morning to find millions of people from another country marching in the streets of major cities across the nation. They are carrying a foreign flag, signs with racial slurs directed at our country’s founding fathers, accusing those who live here legally that they are the ones who are illegal and they are re-taking land which is rightfully theirs. Sound like an invasion? Yes, this is exactly what has happened. Unfortunately the invaders are pals of our government officials so it’s OK. Not to worry, in the words of our President, "these are nice, hard working people. Now if the same senario were to happen and these people were from China, or Iran, or even somewhere as close as Canada, do you think our weak government officials would consider legislation to accomodate them? Of course not. The national guard and military in general would have been out in force to gather the invaders and send them packing or worse

How dare a foreign government try to overthrow the American people and the laws of our country.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it seems we have a traitor at the wheel of this country. The implication is that Bush and Fox have made a deal on immigration to the US. Rather than even as much as advise the American people, border controls were apparently intetntionally less than adquate thus allowing millions of illegal people into this country with forged documents. This is no news to our government, they just implemented the "don’t ask don’t say" policy. The invaders, were quickly organized by their party leaders as soon as any real legislation was proposed that would threaten the good life as illegals they have come to enjoy. Their children go to our colleges while the children of citizens look elsewhere for the promise of a good life as an adult, my own personal heath care policy which only covers catastrophic hospital stay is $468.00 per month (I have no conditons or have ever benn in a hospital except to give birth to my daugher 43 years ago) while the illegals have health care taken care of with my tax dollars. P r e t t y good deal wouldn’t you say?

Now Bush on Monday night may just present some more good old boy gushings that these are just nice people who want a better life but I for one am not buying into it. In some instances that may very well be true, however, it does not provide adequate reasoning for allowing people to break the law, rob Americans of jobs badly needed since Bush and the boys agreed to help other nations by allowing our American based companies to float their boat overseas. Nor does it make classrooms smaller and allow for a one language presentation of badly needing information for our youth. Nor does it take into account the theives, murderers, rapist, smugglers and drug runners that are undoubtedly mixed within the "nice people."

If the US wants to remain the US and not Americo or just an annex of Mexico, eventually to become another third world country, these people must leave and come back in the front door legally. There can be no compromise for the mere fact that compromises in the past have been rewarded with more illegal immigration. We are seen as a weak country, one who bows to mob mentality, one with activist on every corner waving a law degree that tells them "not to worry, the law is subect to change if the mob is big enough."

With the billions upon billions of dollars spent in the US to accomodate education, bi-lingual translations, health care, housing and a host of other social services for these people, we could sure do a lot of good for them in their own country. I would far prefer to help these "nice" people survive in Mexico than to further damage our country with yet another special interest group who will never be satisfied with anything given to them. They are organized now, they have their lawyers, they know the value of mob mentality and they have told us, just in case no one was listening, they do not intend to leave, "send me back and I will just come again," "America the stuipid" I belive we were referred to implying in whatever dream world they live in that it was "payback" time. They have said, no let me rephase that, demanded their rights to the American life, social system, educational programs and health and retirement system. We woke up to a new government who has only one special interest group on their agenda.

What no one has asked the new government in town is hey, what if we don’t give you want you want? If the situation heightens to new levels I wonder if President Bush will yet again come to the American people and say, you know you just really ticked off some really "nice" people."

Let me get this straight for undoubtedly I am not seeing something. If we legalize 12 million people wouldn’t they then want the same pay as the other legal citizens who are now out of work because of illegals accepting slave wages? If so, then I guess yet another layer of illegals will be needed to accomodate the big business enterprise that feeds them. A revolving door is what this is.

I have often wondered what the benefits of getting older were and now I know. I hope not to live to see this beautiful country trashed by a layer of disrespectful, law breaking, self serving people who have enjoyed the fruits of our labor far too long.

Written By: Marjorie Robinson`
URL: http://
Barbed wire fences, guard towers, and armed thugs checking to see whether or not your papers are in order are hardly consistent with free markets or free people.
Written By: Manny Davis
URL: http://
Barbed wire fences, guard towers, and armed thugs checking to see whether or not your papers are in order are hardly consistent with free markets or free people.
Yeah, neither are people who openly break the law.
Written By: McQ
You know, I agree, barbed wire fences, guard towers and armed miliatry personnel (not thugs) are hardly conistent with free markets or free people, however nothing else has worked to keep our country safe from illegal activity such as human smuggling, gang activity, murder, drugs and those that would come to this country just to have children and purposely create the split status family. I did not do that, these are decisions made by people who have their own country woes to conquer. This has no business being played out here in the US. This is a Mexico issue, not a US issue.

When you depend on people to respect the law and they don’t, you have to enforce the law and sometimes barbed wire fences, guard towers and armed miliary people are what is needed based on the behavior of law breakers (note the environment of other people who break the law who find themselves in prison.) We did not make the call, they did by their chosen illegal actions.
Besides these people are not asking to stay to be a part of this country. They have made it quite clear they are here to reclaim territory that was once theirs and somehow now feel because they are here title should reverse back to them. This is not about citizenship, free enterprise, a free people, they are not unfree in their own country for pity sakes, I have several native born friends who live in Mexico, this is about occupation, invasion, the demand that we change our laws to suit their bidding. What is it about this that you don’t see?

Maybe your children are in state funded colleges at my expense, maybe your children were born at no expense in hospitials that will not admit citizens without insurance, maybe you are on welfare, drawing social security that I have paid into for 50 years and may never see a dime of, maybe my grandchildren are not doing well in school because the class rooms are overcrowded and teachers are split between catering to non-English speaking children and non-Spanish speaking children. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting open borders I do not share your rose colored glass perspective. I have had my identity stolen, my daughter has had both family cars stolen (the free enterprise you spoke of?) an elderly neighbor has had her car stolen, the police tell us to lock our doors, don’t leave mail or packages on the doorstep and to "get a big dog." We now have prostitution running rampet. Why? When did our little quiet neighborhood change? When a large construction project began two blocks away and each morning trucks roll up and dump day laborers into our neighborhood. Sorry, as I said, we did not create this situation, we are only reacting to it.
I cannot exchange the safety of my family and the value of my life long work for property to look the other way for 12 million (and I assure you that number is just a fraction of those who are actually here illegally) people to call me "Gringo" and tell me to go back to Europe, or that I’m illegal in my own country. You just ask too much.
Written By: Marjorie Robinson`
URL: http://
"Barbed wire fences, guard towers, and armed thugs checking to see whether or not your papers are in order are hardly consistent with free markets or free people"

I don’t agree with the "thugs" definition, but apart from that, why are they not consistent with free markets, etc? How else are we to keep, for example, rapists and murderers from preying on the rest of us? Sentence them to go stand in a corner until they see the error of their ways? Your statement is nonsense. They may be inconsistent with anarchy, but not with an ordered, free society.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

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