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Meanwhile at Duke, 2nd DNA tests show no link
Posted by: McQ on Friday, May 12, 2006

This case just gets screwier and screwier:
A second round of DNA testing in the Duke University lacrosse rape case came back with the same result as the first — no conclusive match to any member of the team, defense attorneys said Friday.

Attorney Joseph Cheshire, who represents a team captain who has not been charged, said the tests showed genetic material from a "single male source" was found on a vaginal swab taken from the accuser, but that material did not match any of the players.

"In other words, it appears this woman had sex with a male," said Cheshire, who spoke at a news conference with other defense attorneys in the case. "It also appears with certainty it wasn't a Duke lacrosse player."
So when do the "Release the Duke 2" protests begin?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

They used a piece of wood on her you dolts! They’re upper-class white guys, they’re guilty, don’t release them....Man you guys just sill NOT learn.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Nobody will protest for their release...they’re white. Whitey is ALWAYS guilty in certain people’s eyes
Written By: shark
URL: http://
They used a piece of wood on her you dolts!
Really? Are you sure about that? My understanding of the accusation is as follows:
The accuser’s version of events is laid out in court documents: She and the other stripper, Kim Roberts, had been hired by a lacrosse team captain and were each paid $400. The accuser arrived at 11:30 p.m., joining Roberts at a house rented by three lacrosse co-captains. They began to dance — Roberts said in interviews that they began their routine around midnight — but the men became "excited and aggressive," and one threatened to sexually assault them with a broomstick. The women were frightened and decided to leave, but when they arrived at their car, one of the men apologized and persuaded them to go back in.

Moments later, the accuser said, she was separated from Roberts and two men pulled her into a bathroom. The door closed. "Sweetheart, you can’t leave," one of them reportedly said.

The accuser said three men then hit, kicked and strangled her while she was raped and sodomized for 30 minutes. She fought back, losing a few redpolished fingernails in the struggle, she said. She also said the $400 in $20 bills she was paid for the dance was taken from her purse.
There’s no mention of forcible rape with an object in the Warrant Affidavit, nor is there in the Grand Jury Indictment.

It seems to me like you’ve either misunderstood or been misinformed. Too much so to be calling other people dolts, when the only doltish comment seems to have been submitted by, well, you.
They’re upper-class white guys, they’re guilty...
No doubt you’re as sure about this as you were there, and will be presenting your eyewitness testimony at trial.

Oh, wait, you weren’t there? Ah. I see. So, really, you don’t know dick.
Written By: Dale Franks
Dale, Dale, DALE it was a FRICK’N JOKE, but if you HAD been paying attention to current events, rather than merely snarking at the world, you would have heard that the Father of the women claimed that they used a broom handle on her and THAT explained the lack of DNA.

I admit I ought to have used an "emoticon" at the end of it...The Internet without the human facial and tonal qualities of face-to-face interaction leads to errors of your sort. Still-and-all, my usual gambit when confronted by a statement of this nature is to ask, "Are you serious or is this some lame attempt at humour." I’d have gladly said the latter.... Further free advice, if someone has P*ssed in your Cheerio’s that day, take it out on them rather than the schlubs who come here and help create the "Free Ice Cream" that is QandO, or at least save the flames to a subject you have some knowldege of, either about the reference or the point of the comment. In this case you lacked either.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
And Dale I’ll just take your silence as your apology for having mis-spoken yourself....
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
But there wasn’t a lack of DNA, because there’d be nothing to test if that were true. I mean, what are they trying to "match"?

Oh, and Dale:
Ah. I see. So, really, you don’t know dick.
A very unfortunate choice of words.

OK. Now I’ll go have another beer.
Written By: McQ
And Dale I’ll just take your silence as your apology for having mis-spoken yourself....
You’d be wrong. I just didn’t get around to reading your comments until tonight.
Further free advice...
You know what you can do with your free advice?

Oh, and if you don’t like my snark, then stop reading the blog.
Written By: Dale Franks
Uh Dale you mean if I stop reading and you drive other customers off your BlogAd revenue will fall? Dale your buisiness model/manner needs a little thought, here. SouthWest Airlines is noted for saying the customer is NOT always right, but there is a limit to the number of customers you can ask to leave and not come back...Is your goal at QandO to have ONLY folks in agreement with you or just not many folks turning up? I almost NEVER read your postings NOW, because of your attitude, if you want you can drive me off McQ’s and Jon’s posting, too, but is that really your goal for the blog? We new libertarians are just as cussed as the OTHER libertarians, just in a different manner?

Your problem is you snark first, think later, if then so it seems. I keep saying, less snark, more thought, equals a better experience for all.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Heh ... Joe, you just need to quit taking Dale’s snark so seriously. He does it to get a rise out of you, and it appears he succeeded.

Dale’s a snarkster. That’s his deal. He’s only saying if it bothers you that badly (and I’m sure it doesn’t), then do yourself a favor and don’t read his snarky stuff.

As for me and Jon, you’d better not quit reading our stuff. ;)
Written By: McQ

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