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Updating the Rove indictment story
Posted by: McQ on Monday, May 15, 2006

Jeralyn Merritt at "Talk Left" has outlined a conversation in which "" author Jason Leopold defends his assertion that Karl Rove's indictment is imminent. Interesting read. Merritt's bottom line:
Bottom line: I believe Jason's sources told him what he reported. Were the sources accurate? Were they basically right but just mistaken on a few of the legal technicalities due to an unfamiliarity with the jargon? Time will tell. If they lied, Jason has promised to disclose their identities.

I would just caution everyone not to be impatient. Let it play out.

If the return of the Indictment is made public this week,then regardless of whether Fitz was at Luskin's office for one hour or many hours this past Friday, or whether the Indictment was voted on last week or this week, I think it proves Jason's sources, and his reporting, substantially correct.

On the other hand, should it turn out that Fitzgerald was not in D.C. at all on Friday, that he was not at Luskin's office and neither was Rove, then Jason will disclose his sources and we can discuss whether Jason was set up and why.
Still developing after a fashion.
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Jason will disclose his sources and we can discuss whether Jason was set up and why.
the rovian ubermind strikes again!!!
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Personally, I like the positioning for the "he was set up" alibi:
On the other hand, should it turn out that Fitzgerald was not in D.C. at all on Friday, that he was not at Luskin’s office and neither was Rove, then Jason will disclose his sources and we can discuss whether Jason was set up and why.
Written By: McQ
I am having a laugh at this at the moment. Seixon did a bit of rumaging around and decided that this sounds like it came from Larry Johnson. What do you know if Larry Johnson doesn’t show up and starting calling Seixon names. Pretty funny.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Considering how much the left o sphere desparately wants to believe that this is their fitzmas then perhaps they would listen to the counsel of one of thier own here and here is an earlier breathless report from said "journalist".
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
I see Karl Rove "Super-Genius" has struck again... rather than admit that one of my reporters/colleagues/friends is suffering from a bad case of BDS, I simply claim he was "set up." Yes of course, the old set-up trick, Sturmbannfuhrer Rove set up this reporter to discredit him, because Rove knows, thru his super-mind reading powers, that this reporter is about to unload the TRUTH about ole’ Karl, that Karl is in league with the evilllll Gray Aliens to enslave mankind, "It’s a cook-book....!"

Personally, I’d bet that there is at least a 30-50% chance of an indictment...It’s like the Duke case, an indictment costs NOTHING, and if you lose in court, "Oh well. I tried." Whereas NO indictment, well that could be problematic. I’m sure Karl Rove’s testimony is not perfectly consistent, so make those inconsistencies "Perjury/Obstruction of Justice" charges and let a jury decide, is all I’m saying and that is why I think an indictment(s) is possible.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Written By: nate
URL: http://
They are not going to break this story until it’s verifiable on court dockets.
If they actually followed a rule like that then it would be a first.

The lead that was broken of the internet is just that, a lead
That would assume that there were any facts other that Jason Leopold’s word which is kinda not worth that much (see my links above). When Howard Kurtz calls you a lying backstabbing, etc., ... well you get the picture.

I think that if this was anyone else but Karl Rove, under the same conditions, it would not have even been considered as a "lead".

I am really surprised that Jeralyn thinks there is a there, there. She always struck me as fair and even keeled. But I guess this is the El Dorado of leftosphere dreams, the mythic Fitzmas.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
BREAKING NEWS!! it was true, ohmagawd!!
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
If the story were true, Karl Rove is evil. If it’s false, they blame Karl Rove still. Is having crap sources and then passing the buck when they don’t pan out something they learn in college?
Written By: Meantwar
URL: http://
Note to the following commenter:

IP Address:

Don’t try spamming my comments section with your las vegas keywords. All that does is piss me off, and make me delete your comment. You want to leave a legitimate comment, then fine. But don’t do so to serve as a means of disguising your comment spamming.

Your IP address has been banned, any comment or trackback containing your domain name has been blacklisted, and your comment deleted.

So, how’d that work out for you, ass?
Written By: Dale Franks
I have bet my vice-mayor $50 to the Open Space Committee that Jason Leopold has the story, that he has beat all the other reporters like a gong, that the current attempt to trivialize, demean, and marginalize his work is exactly what happened to Greg Palast when he had the 3 million disappeared votes story in the 2004 election that got printed in the UK but couldn’t get printed in the US - for the WaPo stated reason that it wasn’t their story or their work.

I’ve been a reporter and gotten this treatment.
I expect it by now from this pack of knaves in what had once been a raffish, working class career.

I look forward to the fallout when the indictment is revealed to the mainstream.

They will spin as they can, but to me, they’re playing pool with ropes.
Written By: Martha Ture
URL: http://
Martha, Greg Palast was too obviously full of sh!t, that’s why he couldn’t get printed in the US. It’d be like CBS putting footage of them wiring the truck before the "exploding" gas tank footage.
Yours, TDP, ml, msl, & pfpp
Written By: Tom Perkins
URL: http://
Good post. In the first line, you will want to fix "has outlined a conversation *he* had" to reflect the fact that Jeralyn is a "she".

Also, Ms. Merritt has a great follow-up chat with Mark Corallo, Rove’s press guy. It really does sound like someone is making up crazy stuff. (and we infer that Mr. Leopold can do a convincing Britiah accent).

Written By: tom maguire
URL: http://
I look forward to the fallout when the indictment is revealed to the mainstream.
The beginnings of yet another conspiracy theory. Whenever I hear soeone start to talk about Rove in dark conspiratorial tones, I just can’t talk them seriously. Why has the left-o-sphere become prey to the most fevered imaginings that the far right so gullibly believed in the 90s. What next, black rovian helicopters?

A conspiracy theory is when someone bend Occam’s razor over the hood of a car and has their way with him.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Leopold says that he had five seperate sources on the story.

The way I look at it, there are a few reasons why we haven’t seen anything about it anywhere else.

1. Leopold is lying. (doubt it)
2. The newspapers haven’t had confirmation yet (then why did Leopold)
3. The sources were lying.
4. Newspapers withholding for some other reason

Am I missing anything?
Written By: LP
Turns out that Wilson has been inadvertently outed as one of the Leopold’s sources. That link from daily kos. I guess that Will Pitt (the guy behind Truthout) got upset that people on DU (off all places) were doubting him and let that one slip. What is it with Wilson and people leaking on him?

Apparently, Ray McGovern and Larry Johnson are also sources on this. Ray McGovern wrote it up in Executive Intel Review for Lyndon Larouche.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
1. Leopold is lying. (doubt it)
Why do you come to that conclusion. He has a long history of it. Read Peter Daou article about him at salon (I linked to it above). Howard Kurtz called him a few choice names.

He might be telling the truth (about the mistruth) but you wouldn’t know.
2. The newspapers haven’t had confirmation yet (then why did Leopold)
Think they would hold something like this back . A story like this on Karl Rove. Begs belief.
3. The sources were lying.
They might be or this could be an attempt as disinformation to make the Wilson clan look stupid. Or it could be an elaborate mole hunt ala Mary McCarthy.

4. Newspapers withholding for some other reason
Witholding a story about Karl Rove?? Not likely

Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Anyone who uses the term Conspiracy Theory in the dismissive tones done here is intellectually lazy.

Besides, it means EXACTLY the opposite of what people want it to mean when they use it that way.

Remember, in science there are no known "facts", only known "theories" which are tried and tested and have a uniform outcome to be even adopted as theories.

And Conspiracy is one of the largest, most lucrative parts of tort law worldwide. Hard core, hardly a fantasy.

So the term "conspiracy theory" basically validates those sought to be ridiculed.
Written By: Capt. Conspiracy
URL: http://
What ever happened to Ray Bonner?
Written By: el mozote
URL: http://

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