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Karl Rove goes down in flames tomorrow! Maybe
Posted by: Dale Franks on Thursday, May 18, 2006

According to a report from Wayne Madsen, whom I have never before in my life heard of, Karl Rove's indictment is coming tomorrow.
WMR can report tonight on more details concerning the confusing reports regarding Karl Rove and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald from last Friday. WMR can confirm that the appearance of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before the Grand Jury at the US Federal Courthouse in Washington (in the new annex next to the old building) was a formality in which the jury informed the Attorney General of their decision to indict Karl Rove. That proceeding lasted for less than 30 minutes and took place shortly after noon. Gonzales's personal security detachment was present in the courthouse during the Grand Jury briefing. From the courthouse, Gonzales's motorcade proceeded directly down Constitution Avenue to the Department of Justice.

According to sources within the Patton and Boggs law firm, Karl Rove was present at the law firm's building on M Street. WMR was told by a credible source that a Patton and Boggs attorney confirmed that Fitzgerald paid a visit to the law firm to inform Rove attorney Robert Luskin and Rove that an indictment would be returned by the Grand Jury against Rove. Contrary to other reports, some of which may have emanated from the Rove camp in order to create diversions and smokescreens, the meetings at Patton and Boggs did not last 15 hours nor was a 24-hour notice of intent to indict delivered to Rove. In the Scooter Libby case last October, after the Grand Jury decided to indict Libby on [CORRECTION: Wednesday October 19] and the Attorney General personally heard the decision the same day at a meeting with the jury, the actual indictment was issued Friday, October 28. Several sources have told WMR that an announcement concerning the indictment of Rove will be made on Friday, May 19 generally following the same scenario from October 28, 2005 — the posting of the indictment on the Special Prosecutor's web site followed by a press conference at Main Justice.
OK, stop the presses! News is coming! And this time it's true!

Or not.
First, a Justice Department source, speaking on background, says that Alberto Gonzales did not go to the courthouse on Friday, May 12.

Second, Gonzales, like his predecessor John Ashcroft, has recused himself from the CIA leak investigation. Gonzales, as White House counsel, had taken part in the White House's response to the Justice Department in the early days of the probe. When he became attorney general, there was no doubt that he would have to recuse himself from the matter.

...[I]t simply defies common sense to think that Fitzgerald and the grand jury would give the attorney general a preview of an indictment in the CIA leak matter. "Gonzales would not be given that kind of information," says one insider. "The reason one is recused from the case is so that one cannot make decisions that would affect the case — like he might tell the White House."

And one more note. Madsen also reported that Fitzgerald told Rove lawyer Robert Luskin that he, Luskin, is now a "subject" in the probe because Fitzgerald is investigating whether Luskin "may have violated laws on obstruction of justice." I asked Rove spokesman Mark Corallo whether Fitzgerald has informed Luskin that he, Luskin, is a subject of the investigation. "No," was Corallo's answer.
What the f*ck? I mean, what the f*cking f*ck? Where are these stories coming from? Is this simply a case of crazed lefties projecting their own desires on the investigation? Is there some Lefty lawyer who's willing to risk disbarment by passing along secret Grand Jury deliberations?

This is just "all nonsensical" as the Gogol Bordello guys would say. Of course, they would also say that "in the old time, it was not a crime. Drop the charges!"

If, of course, there are any charges to drop in the first place.

This is just wierd.
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best quote of the week

After reportly taking his cat to the vet around the time that Jason Leopold claims this hard-boiled session with Fitz was taking place.

The cat’s fine, thanks. Her stool sample shows no evidence of harmful parasites, which is one of the big differences between my cat’s stools and this case.

Bob Luskin
Written By: Neo
URL: http://

Oh, I remember this episode.
This is where Rove/RedJack,
the diabolical creature thats feeds on post-911 fear,realizes he’s going to be arrested,
then he leaps out of his assumed physical
body and inhabits the Pentagon computer
system. As a last resort, a 15-year old
genius hacker from Norway is recruited
to exorcise Rove/RedJack from the
computer, after which the entity is trapped and
Good stuff.
Written By: Yizmo Gizmo
URL: http://
Wayne Madsen is an "interesting" character.

He removes credibility to a story whenever he writes on it.

I wrote about a few of his interesting "theories" here.

But what do they say about a broken clock? Maybe Fitzmas will finally come? Maybe Kos will stop making really creepy silly political ads.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Madsen could be right, as the previous commenter said, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

But he is so unreliable that the left-wing crazies site DemocraticUnderground actually has a policy forbidding links to Madsen.

When the moonbats won’t even use you as a source, you are really in trouble.

BTW, the other big Madsen story for the week is that Venezuela and Cuba both knew about 9/11 before hand, and actually Warned Us.

Forget whether they knew anything — who would believe that Castro would warn us about a terrorist attack?
Written By: charles
Yeah, Madsen’s been throwing out conspiracy stuff for a while, and was one of the more active conspirazoids concerning the Ohio presidential election. If his current stuff is as nutty as his stuff then, there’s no reason for anybody to take it seriously.

I’m beginning to think these guys are like the "psychics" we used to see in National Enquirer, et. al. Those folks were always touted as having predicted some random plane crash or earthquake. There was no mention of the umpteen predictions that were wildly wrong. In that game, you just keep predicting stuff, hoping your gullible fans will forget what you get wrong, and that you’ll eventually get lucky and become famous.

Think about it. If by chance Karl Rove is indicted tomorrow, even if all that Gonzales stuff is total fiction and Madsen didn’t really have a clue, Madsen will still be remembered as the guy who predicted it. He’ll have a career in sensationalist media the rest of his life. All just for taking a chance that he might guess the timing of some unlikely event.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
Dude, even the left blogs don’t believe these guys. Hit ignore.
Written By: abebn
URL: http://
Wayne Madsen (AM)

Investigative journalist and syndicated columnist, a former communications security analyst with NSA and a former intelligence officer in the USMC and a Senior Fellow of the Electronic Privacy Information Center
That is WHO Wayne Madsen is.

I can’t imagine why you would slander this guy who is doing journalism that is needed in this highly critical time for our great country ,not to mention the world.

You try to make him sound like he is like you...just a bunch of bloggers with a purpose that is shortsighted and that strikes me to be very uninformed about history.This is not the time to NOT be up on History.
Written By: Freedomlost2000
URL: http://
Yeah, I know who Madsen is. Here is an example of the "investigative" journalism he provides:

September 27, 2005 — Rather says CBS wouldn’t allow him to do a follow-up story on Bush’s Texas Air National Guard (TANG) files. Speaking at the National Press Club on September 26, former CBS News anchor Dan Rather responded to a question posed by moderator Marvin Kalb concerning the controversial TANG files of George W. Bush. Kalb asked Rather why he did not return to the story and investigate those who created the guard files, passed them off to a former TANG officer and hence to CBS’s 60 Minutes, and tipped off right-wing bloggers before the airing of the pre-2004 election exposé by 60 Minutes. Rather responded, "You’ll have to ask CBS that question."

Rather stated it was his desire to continue to delve into the story and the set-up. According to CBS insiders, the original TANG files were scanned by GOP dirty tricks operatives using a sophisticated text scanner that changed the original IBM typewriter Courier font to a Times Roman font, automatically created a "th" superscript for date numbers, and created margins and pagination. An independent panel commissioned by CBS and headed by former GOP Attorney General Richard Thornburgh never concluded the documents were bogus.
And this one:
Before Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania, NSA operations personnel clearly heard on the intercom system monitoring military and civilian communications that the "fighters are engaged" with the doomed United aircraft. NSOC personnel were then quickly dismissed from the tactical area of the NSOC where the intercom system was located leaving only a few senior personnel in place. NSA personnel are well aware that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld did not "misspeak" when, addressing U.S. troops in Baghdad during Christmas last year, said, "the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania." They believe the White House concocted the "passengers-bring-down-plane" story for propaganda value.
Yep, grand marshall of the tinfoil hat parade.

Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
"whom I’ve never before in my life heard of" ???? You’ve sure got a way with words Dale. Fine use of profanity. A real future star.
Written By: tom hungerford
URL: http://
Reminds me of the dirty trick we played on our office mate who was snooping to find out when her "surprise" birthday party was, so she could dress up for it. We left a fake invitation on the desk with a single strand of hair on it, and then the whole office went to lunch. Only thing was, the invitation deliberately had the wrong date on it. We got back from lunch, the hair was moved, and our friend looked like the cat who just ate the canary.

Next day, we captured in a photo her look of sheer panic when she discovered she’d walked into the surprise party —in blue jeans — on the ’wrong’ date - well, I think you get the picture.

If you leak a variety of information to "inside sources" you suspect of leaking, and see where it shows up in the press, you can kind of figure out who’s doing the leaking, can’t you?
Written By: greenworks
URL: http://
Will Pitt (who runs truthout) spilled the beans on a DU thread and confirmed Wilson was one of the sources. Other sources to Leopold were definitely Ray McGovern and Larry Johnson and other members of VIPS (that is likely to be as true as any statement by Leopold).

Anyway for those interested in how Wilson, Mark Grossman and the VIPS crew fit in this story check out Seixon who has an interesting change of stuff.

24 hours. Are we there yet?
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
It’s lefties getting punked. Makes me nervous because it’s the only indication Rove might escape indictment.
Written By: Maezeppa
URL: http://
I’m just stunned that I’m not the only person in the world who knows Gogol Bordello!
Written By: Jeff Medcalf
OK, it’s TOMORROW... where’s the indctment?
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Not only is it Tomorrow, but they would have to be putting in overtime to make this work.
Written By: anomdebus
URL: http://
Ok it’s even MORE tomorrow.. where’s my indictment!? OK Leopold et al. have doubled down and then doubled down again... it’s better to spin it out than to admit you were talking out your a@rse I guess.

So to sum up: NO crunchie indictment Goodness, No Fitzmas in May....
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
You forgot the < sarcasm > tag there, FL2000. That or you’ve further illustrated the pressing need for developing a Turing Test for lefties.
Written By: Achillea

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