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Go Big Green
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, May 21, 2006

Who says the military doesn't benefit us in any way? As most know, most of our advances in trauma medicine come by way of treating combat casualties. And there are many more conveniences we now enjoy which were initially developed for the military. Heh ... OK, I won't go as far as to point to the Hummer. But I will point to the Aggressor, an "alternative mobility vehicle":
The 66-inch wide, 13.5 horsepower Aggressor Alternative Mobility Vehicle goes from 0 to 40 mph in four seconds, and tops out at 80 mph, according to its makers, Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide.

But speed isn't really the selling point of the Aggressor. Stealth is. The vehicle has a "virtually silent operating mode with reduced thermal signature," making it harder for evil-doers to spot the car.

The Quantum Aggressor runs on compressed hydrogen utilizing... carbon fiber storage tanks. A 10 kW fuel cell is coupled with an energy storage module in a parallel hybrid configuration, which provides power on demand to a high-torque electric motor driving the rear-wheels...The Quantum Aggressor can be driven to the intended destination and then be used as a silent power generator to produce high quality electricity for telecommunications, surveillance, targeting, and other battlefield equipment.
But not to worry, greenies. Quantum says that the Aggressor is eco-friendly, too — no matter what the operating mode, "the vehicle does not produce any emissions."
Imagine the ability to field an entire army with this engine. No emissions ... well except those projectile thingies which blow up on the other end of their flight. But other than that, entirely environmentally friendly.
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No Oil for War?
Written By: Unaha-closp
URL: http://
No Oil for War?
Or war for oil!
Written By: McQ

I mean we might be in a real war some day. In real wars supply lines get cut. Gasoline is a universal item around the world. Also the ability to actually matainance vehicles in the field would be nice.

And hydrogen is much different than gasoline. Gas is more of an inciderary than an explosive, despite the media depiction of exploding gas station. When gas cars catch fire, you get a burned out hulk. When hydrogen fuel tanks blow, they leave craters.

Nice that we can use the military for politically correct experiments like this, its not like they are a serious element we may need to rely on.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
jpm100 don’t be so certain or dismissive. Fuel-cells are efficient, if expensive, now. I think it’s a promising technology, but then I really don’t know technology so is that a recommendation?

But consider this fuel-cells don’t require as much refueling SO fewer tanker vehicles lumbering about in the rear slowing up the advance. Further electric drives may be lower in maintenance per kilometre travelled than ICE engines. If so that means fewer maintanence folks in the battalion/brigade area to feed, fuel, clothe and support. Currently it’s about1 vehicle tech’s per tank, counting turret mechanics, ordnance personnel and engine transmission tech’s, and about 1 per 4 tech’s for other tracked vwhicles. Less maintance means fewer troops in the "tail."
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
"When hydrogen fuel tanks blow, they leave craters." That’s not true. Hydrogen tanks do not explode. Hydrogen is flammable like other fuels, but only explosive in certain concentrations of air and H2 which are hard to create due to the extreme bouyancy of hydrogen. All tanks are designed with many, many safety features including durable carbon-fiber wraps, pressure and tempurature relief devices and fail-safe modes. There has never been a hydrogen tank explosion to my knowledge.
Written By: Russell
"Gasoline is a universal item around the world"

hydrogen is a universal element around the world. Just like gasoline, it just needs a process to make it usable.
Written By: Aaron
URL: http://

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