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A book deal to articulate the obvious
Posted by: McQ on Monday, May 22, 2006

Maybe this is news to Chuck Schumer and his publisher ...
Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, who is heading the national Democratic effort to capture the United States Senate this year, has signed a book deal, the senator's office announced on Sunday.

Mr. Schumer said he was writing about what he contends is the failure by both Republicans and Democrats to articulate a vision of government that addresses contemporary concerns.
... but anyone who reads blogs regularly has known this to be true for some time.

His critique?
He argued that both parties, for starters, should free themselves from outmoded political approaches, Democrats from a New Deal belief in government and Republicans from the Reaganite distrust of it.

Mr. Schumer said that he was going beyond calling for what President Bill Clinton once called "the third way," the path exploiting the center between New Deal liberalism and Reagan conservatism.

"What Bill Clinton did was modify Reagan Republicanism and put a Democratic face on it," Mr. Schumer said. "That's not going to work. You need a whole new paradigm."
His "new and improved" approach?
Mr. Schumer offered 15 goals intended to help middle-class Americans, including cutting property taxes by 50 percent and increasing college attendance by 50 percent.
Want to help the middle class, Mr. Schumer? Then do it a favor and get government out of the way for starters. And by the way, "property taxes" are not within the purview of the federal government ... but there are a whole raft of taxes which effect the middle class which are. Why aren't they on the "50% cut" list?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

The reason that he specifys property taxes while ignoring the taxes that are the slop in his trough, is that if you cut the most local of taxes, you weaken local governments (which generally are more responsive, because the constituents can brace their local representatives in a restaurant), and leave a hole you can drive the federales into.
Written By: Richard
Right on, Richard! Another reason might be that it’s a hand-out to his NY real-estate and mortgage-writing buddies.

If, instead, he’d called for drastically cutting income taxes, or lobbied NY State’s legislature to enact his "third-way" vision at home in NY first, then I’d take him more seriously.

And, ah-hem (clears throat), this is Chuck Schumer, the slick-as-axle-grease politician from NY, that we’re talking about, right?

Leopards and spot-changing, ya know...they just don’t do it too well.
Written By: grass
URL: http://

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