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Apparently Jesse MacBeth was a SEAL too
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, May 25, 2006

Here we find young Jesse MacBeth hanging out in a, get ready for it, poetry forum. And yeah, it's him. The email address and "shadowheart" are the same here and on his MySpace page.

First the intro screen. Note the occupation.

Then a few messages. Read the last one.

Here's the whole thread. 8 months in SEAL training. Wow. And a poet to boot.

He's now a Special Forces Ranger SEAL.

Can't get any better than that.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Wow! This guy can do ANYthing!

Written By: Tunung Spork
That’s "Tuning Spork", dammit! I can’t correct it!!! Grrrrr...
Written By: Tunung Spork
I kinda like your new name Spork.

"Tunung" ... kinda rolls right off the tongue ... and onto the floor, doesn’t it?

Yeah, Jesse’s something else, apparently the king of multitasking. Yup, in Buds, Ranger school and SFQT at the same time he was serving a jail sentence and writing dark poetry.

Amazing guy.
Written By: McQ
Don’t be too hard on him, i hear he’s the only survivor (pilot) of the challenger explosion. He had a minor head injury from the free fall to earth.
Written By: Scrapiron
URL: http://
"On the internet know one knows you’re a dog."
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Posting on a low-rent forum was his first act coming out of BUD/S? I always thought that the top priority of a newly-minted SEAL was chasing skirts. Hmm. I wonder if he also has the U.S. Navy SEALS flag draped on his bedroom wall like Michael from Office Space.

Jesse Macbeth doesn’t have much of a ring to it. "No-talent a$$-clown, however....
Written By: Russ
Look, a lot of leftists still believe Jesse Macbeth. They need to believe it to prop them up through the hard times. Fake but real, is the watchword. It’s okay to make it up if it fits the paradigm.
Written By: Mammoth
URL: http://
I’ll bet he gave his chief the idea of doing poetry while he was training with Demi Moore.

"I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself. "

Yep, everyone thinks that was DH Lawrence, it was really
Jesse McBeth. Among the many other poems to his credit, to show
his soldierly like bearing, he also wrote the Charge of the Light Brigade
and the Ballad of East and West.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Ask not for whom the bell tolls.
The bell tolls for Jesse Macbeth.
Written By: Chris
URL: http://
What a twink.
Written By: Achillea
URL: http://

Nail on the head. The left, in general, seems to jump to a conclusion right out of the gate on most issues; they have their desired and politically correct conclusion. They skew and alter every scrap of research, proven statistics, and even the mouthpieces of their causes celebre to within the limits of their narrow, pre-determined criteria. Often, they simply fabricate "evidence" out of thin air (think Rather, Macbeth, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam). Be damned to intellectual honesty, they would rather stick to their information, compromised and dishonest or not, than eat crow and lose face admitting that they’re wrong. It’s an emotional approach vice a rational one.

In the current situation: They "KNOW" that our Armed forces are committing atrocities. It HAS to be TRUE! Never mind the physical evidence before them, the reduced death rate in and the trickle of positive news out of Iraq that slips past the MSM. They find a poster child. Never mind he’s well beyond flaky and spurious, he says what they want to hear. The left will back Macbeth as long as it is convenient to them. When Jesse’s story becomes more widespread, when the media can no longer ignore the elephant in the room as they have so staunchly done all week, the left will dump him as quickly and as silently as they can. He will no longer be mentioned at all in any context, an unperson to all but the far left fringies who put his Porky Pig stutter and Glamour Shots pictures* on film in the first place.

* Speaking of the which: There are two widely seen pictures of him in his "Army Man" costume. What about the rest of the film roll? Was he accessorizing with feather boas and wigs? Hmm. I may have to fire up the ol’ Photoshop and get cracking.
Written By: Russ
Altough I was but a lowly Master Helmsman during my short stint on active duty, I have a nodding aquiantance with a couple of guys who spent time in the Teams.

Following graduation from BUD/S, and a probationary period with an active Team, SEALS are awarded a warfare babge known as a Trident. It’s a big, bodacious hunk o’ brass, but it’s definately not wings.

Of course, most SEALS tend to go to Army Jump School after being assinged to a Team, and get their Jump Wings, but Mr. High-speed-Ranger-Special Forces-super killer-McFake should have been able to skip that step.

What an AssKnob!
Written By: Roachman
URL: http://
Jesse/Jessie MacBeth is a complete FAGG*T in every sense of the word.

*No offense to real Fagg*ts.
Written By: thebronze
URL: http://
I’m surprised he doesn’t have his Super Team Leader Badge with Door Gunner Identifier and his Close Lightsaber Duel Badge with Death Star Destruction Campaign Ribbon. I’m sure those are coming next week.
Written By: Combat Jump Star
URL: http://
I missed the link to his story? Could he spell? Did it make sense?
Written By: Dianna
URL: http://
I missed the link to his story? Could he spell? Did it make sense?
I never found it on that site, Dianna.
Written By: McQ
FWIW, cross training does happen. Our previous SEAL rep at the staff I’m at also had a ranger tab, which looks really strange on a navy uniform.

Asked him which school sucked more and he said they both did, but that if you made it through hell week at BUDS they lightened up on you a bit. On the other hand, ranger school was a grind until the very last day.
Written By: Kevin
Oh I know they attend the school, but depending on the service, they may not wear the tab (at least the Force Recon guys I met didn’t). Went through Ranger school with a Special Forces officer.

I also personally know a young PJ who is a Ranger School grad. I’m not sure if he’s authorized to wear the tab on his AF uniform though (never thought to ask, but I’ll have to now... curiosity and all).
Written By: McQ
I have been following this Jesse MacBeth story for quite a while now. What can one say? Does he deserve our pity? I don’t know. He seems to know the web he is weaving. How can he not. And why hasn’t his wife said anything, unless she too is being abused, and is too scared to. His sister’s post shows that his family supports are collasping, and that all he has left is his wild imagation. Surely the government will do something about this embarrassment somewhere down the line. It seems the only medals that he can wear proudly are the ones he carved out off the potatoes he peeled at Kitchen Patrol (K.P.).... which he doen’t even have anymore, because he ate them. At least he doesn’t have to scrounge around the Salvation Army’s Thrift Store looking for those medals, because he can still buy potatoes. With enough practice he will be able to carve out a rather nice looking Medal Of Honor and use Blue Cheese to color the potatoe ribbons blue.
Written By: jachinstrongcity
URL: http://
Wow. This guy has gotten more attention than he should have. I was just released from active duty three days ago, and I first witnessed this mess last night. Many former warriors have come forward to point out the obvious mistakes in this poor fools attempt to doctor his DD214 so I won’t go there. But they are correct, it is a fake. The more serious issue here is how we are all kicking this guy when we should be lifting him up. The poor guy has obviously got a clear case of low self esteem. The only reason he would do such a thing is to be accepted by others. He had big dreams of being a hero, he ended up not making it. Somebody needs to tell him that does not mean he is a zero. It’s not for everyone. But we have more than pointed out his transgression, I’m sure he gets the point. Now lets let him accept responsibility for it and offer him forgiveness. All to often we point out the speck in the other mans eye while we have a tree in our own. Let us remove our tree before we point out the mistakes of others. I’ve lied before, I’m sure we all have. Sure this goes beyond that a bit, but he really has issues with accepting who he is. We are just making that problem bigger. I will pray for you bud, but you need to fix this.
Written By: SSG Skillen
URL: http://

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