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More MacBeth
Posted by: McQ on Friday, May 26, 2006

Seems, per HotAir that Jesse has produced a DD214 on his MySpace site.

If you're not familiar with it a DD214 is a military discharge form which all services use. It lists your record of service, your awards and decorations, your primary specialty and your military education.

The DD214 MacBeth has on the site seems legitmate ... to a point. Until you get into his "decorations, badges ... etc" portion (block 13). There you see "Purple Heart//shot during Active Service". Not the way that is done. It would simply be listed as "PH". If you had two Purple Hearts it would say PH 1olc which is Purple Heart, 1 oak leaf cluster (at least thats the way second awards of various medals show up on my 35 year old DD214).

No "I was alive in '65" medal (Ok that just showed my age) aka National Defense Service Medal, a medal everyone gets who isn't given a trainee discharge, etc. That would be listed as "NDSM". Lack of one means he was never in long enough to be credited with it. That again points to a trainee discharge.

Also look at military education. No Ranger School. No Special Forces Qualification Tng.

Yet up in Primary Specialty he has "Ranger qualifyed (sic)" and some numerical designations out to the side. No way.

Also, 11B is the way the infantry MOS is written, not 11 Bravo.

Look at block 8a "last duty assignment or major command".

It's a basic training company: "BCTB" is "Basic Combat Training Brigade". And 2nd Bn 47th Infantry is the unit I identified in this message.

The guy took his DD214 which shows him washing out of basic training and modified it to show Ranger qualification (spelling and all) and a Purple Heart.

No CIBs, no COBs, no Bronze Star, no Ranger Tab, no Airborne wings, not even the Good Conduct Medal he was claiming on

But it does show he was in the Army ... at least for a few weeks. Just long enough to hear "battle buddies" which is what trainees in basic call their buddy and to know the 3rd Ranger Battalion was at Ft. Benning.

There's a lot more to be said, and I may update this, but hey I actually do have a life.

UPDATE: OK, so I don't have a life.

Smash catches his discharge code in block 26, which is "JGA". That means "Entry level status performance and conduct or entry level status performance - pregnancy". That's an "either or" code. It means the person discharged was discharged because of "entry level status performance and conduct" OR "entry level status performance - pregnant". Obviously MacBeth was the former.

Retired military, one of our commenters, says:
Block 14 Military Education

This would list all schools attened. For this discharge it would list MOS courses and length of school

IE 11B infantry course – 12 weeks.
Ranger course – 14 weeks

Etc, etc
He also notes the lack of airborne school, any mention of a parachutist badge, and on and on.

MacBeth responds!

UPDATE III: Dales at Red State quotes Army Regs concerning block 24 on the form which is "Character of Service":
Character of service for administrative separation

A determination reflecting a soldier’s military behavior and performance of duty during a specific period of service. The three characters are: Honorable, General (Under Honorable Conditions); and under Other Than Honorable. This service of soldiers in entry level status is normally described as uncharacterized.
Block 24 on MacBeth's 214 rates him as "Uncharacterized". More proof of a training washout.

UPDATE IV: Go here for a look at Macbeth's real and unaltered DD214.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Comparing my DD214 to his. I retired in 1978

Block 11

11B is the infantry MOS. (military occupational specialty)
However ranger is a specialty. Only thing is it would have an identified code and just listed as RANGER..

In addition mine has my MOS and the title. So this one should read

Mine also lists the skill level IE 10 is E4 and below 20 is E5 30 is E6

So if he was say a SGT then his MOS should read

11B20 - Infantry

In addition, MOST rangers are airborne qualified. There are some “Leg rangers” but they are rare.

Also BRAVO should not be spelled out. It should be as above.

Block 13 – Decorations

Anyone in the Army for more than 6 months should have Army service ribbon at least. In addition, it would list any other ribbons IE Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, etc. His lists none of these.

Block 14 Military Education

This would list all schools attened. For this discharge it would list MOS courses and length of school

IE 11B infantry course – 12 weeks.
Ranger course – 14 weeks

Etc, etc

Block 6

If someone is in the military less than 8 years than this block should not be zeroed out. Service obligation is 8 years for anyone entering the military. That is both active and inactive time. So if someone was in the military for say 3 years this would list 5 years as an “obligation period”. If they are bonced out then I am not sure that this would list any additional time but I am fairly certain it would.

Block 8b

My DD214 lists the zip +4 . This one does not. I don’t know if mine is standard or not.

Block 9

Mine lists the command which I out processed the army from when I retirement. This one lists none.

Block 12

This lists entry date (block a) separation date (block b) and time of service (block c). I cant quite make out the day of the month in Block A. If it is a 1 then the amount of service time is correct. If it is a 9 when I believe it is than it is incorrect.

Written By: retired military
URL: http://
Block 9

Mine lists the command which I out processed the army from when I retirement. This one lists none.
His is found in block 8a and that command is the D 2/47 BCTB. That’s his basic training unit.
Written By: McQ
I made a mistake in the length of time for reserve obligation. It is 6 years and not 8 years. Sorry it has been awhile.

In addition, even though his basic training company is listed in 8a I still believe that there should be a listing in block 9. I could be wrong on this score.

Also if he got bounced out from basic training then he would have never gone to ranger school. But that would explain why he doesnt even have Army Service ribbon listed in awards and no education listed in the appropriate block.

Written By: retired military
URL: http://
Bah. I retired in 1998 not 1978. Sorry

Written By: retired military
URL: http://
In addition, MOST rangers are airborne qualified. There are some “Leg rangers” but they are rare.
I went through Ranger school with a whole platoon of legs. They were going to Abn School after Ranger school. Yeow. Of course they got "helitrucked" everywhere during the course. Heh...
Written By: McQ
I made a mistake in the length of time for reserve obligation. It is 6 years and not 8 years. Sorry it has been awhile.
Tell me about it ... heh.
Written By: McQ
I also noted in the other post that the "characterization of service" tab is remarked as "uncharacterized". Should at least say "honorable" or "dishonerable" or something if he spent ANY time in the service. Mine says "honorable", and if he’s the super hero Ranger with the Bronze Star, you’d think his would say the same.
Written By: rokbassist
URL: http://

That link is the official Ft Benning Ranger school site.

Ranger school is 8 weeks 5.0 days long. Again this would be listed under schools.

Maybe Macbeth should have done some more homework before he falsified his DD 214.

Written By: retired military
URL: http://
Its also worth noting that in block 14 his training is listed as none/nothing follows. My DD 214 has 91A - Combat Medical Specialist listed in that block. So he had no MOS at all. Consistent with being kicked from boot camp.
Written By: PSycotte
URL: http://
I have contacted Army JAG. I wonder if since he was in the military, even for a short time, there is some way he can be recalled to active duty to face a court martial. I don’t know if he still has a MSO due to his release and his reserve obligation time is all zeros.

I pray that he can be. I would give my eye teeth to be on that General Court Martial board.
Written By: combat infantryman
URL: http://
After reading his comment on the last update I can partially see why he didnt make it through basic training. Army class material is generally written at 6th grade level. I would rank his English skills at 3rd grade at best.

Written By: retired military
URL: http://
At this point, it’d be easier to knock down Jesse MacBeth than a straw man. At least the straw man sits still for its beatings instead of bouncing right back into the path of your fist.

He just. Keeps. Digging.

It’s not even sporting anymore. Let’s move on to something, y’know, substantial.

I actually feel sorry for him, even though at the same time I hate his message and his fraud. He must be sick, as in "get this guy a psychiatrist" sick, to have taken this so far. I don’t want to believe that plain stupidity and hurt feelings from rejection can carry someone this far.
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
If he was discharged from basic training without having 180 days of service, his service would be listed as "uncharacterized." Basically, he was chaptered out under Ch 11 of AR 635-200.

The only other way to rec’v an uncharacterized service is if his enlistment was void.
Written By: Army Lawyer
My obligated service was six years, after I got out in ’81 it was changed to eight years. When was it changed back?
Written By: Mike H.
URL: http://

I was glancing at AR 600-200 earlier (right before I posted my correction) and saw 6 years. I confess that I really didnt read it that close but I am fairly certain that it was changed to 6 years. Like I said I retired in ’98 so it has been a long time for me (longer for you though. :) .
Written By: retired military
URL: http://
It’s 8 years, unless they changed it back to 6 after 2004. That’s when I got out, and after 4 years active, I still had 4 years in the IRR.
Written By: Combat Jump Star
URL: http://
Just a note about the NDSM - it’s not "automatic" unless there’s a war. I joined in 1997, and didn’t get authorized the NDSM until 2002 (after 9/11, and the appropriate delay for Washington paperwork).
Written By: Daniel
I think people are saying the National Defense Service Medal when they really mean the Army Service Ribbon, aka the "Thanks for coming out" ribbon, because everyone that completes basic gets it, and honestly you have to be a real slug to not be able to get through basic(McBeth being a good case in point). Since his phony paperwork lists neither, I guess it really doesn’t matter.
Written By: Combat Jump Star
URL: http://
This man obviously has severe mental problems this does not mean that he does not know right from wrong because he tries to cover his lies but still he is a mental case.
Written By: John Hamilton
URL: http://
No one believes this guy, please read the dKos coverage.
Written By: Ben
URL: http://
On the National Defense Service Medal: the last eligibility period before 2001 was the Persian Gulf War era, which officially ran from 1990 to 1995 (you can probably Google the exact dates). During that period it was automatic - if you were on active duty (other than reserve components solely for training) you got it. Mine showed up in my file about two weeks into BCT in 1992.

When they reauthorized it after September 11th, I believe they changed the criteria to require completion of some period of service. Hence it does not show up on Macbeth’s DD214.

Oh , ’retired military’ - on the MOS, the second digit of the skill level is replaced by an SQI if you have one. Ranger Parachutist is "V", so the MOS for a tabbed E-5 in Batt would be 11B2V. "G" is just Ranger, but as others have noted there aren’t many soldiers who are Ranger-qualified but still legs.
Written By: Dave in NYC
URL: http://
The real tragedy here is some trainee’s or trainer’s valuable time was wasted confiscating this wonder boy’s bootlaces before escorting him to the "hotel." At least we know that the weeding process is at least somewhat effective.
Written By: Cylinder
URL: http://

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