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Why outing Jesse Macbeth was important
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This isn't so much about Jesse Macbeth as it is about the importance of outing people like Jesse Macbeth.

We just observed Memorial Day, where we say thanks to those who've sacrified their lives in military service to their country. And we say thank you on Veteran's Day, to those living veterans who've served their country. Another thing we do as thanks for their service is provide benefits for service connected illnesses and disability (along with other promised benefits). As you can imagine, there aren't unlimited funds for these benefits so the care is prioritized and given to those in the most need. Unfortunately, it is also a target of fraud.

Jesse Macbeth is one of those fake veterans who allegedly tried to defraud the VA system. His story is told by Steve Oatney, State Service Director for AMVETS since Nov. 2005 in the Tacoma area. Steve relates the following in an email:
On Sept 19 2005 Mr. Macbeth filed a claim for compensation in our office. I hate to say it but he successfully passed that bogus DD214 off to an experienced NSO. (I took his place in November).

Fast forward to February. I received a call from a VA employee at the American Lake hospital. He had asked me to "verify" the 214. Now this is the first time I had any knowledge of Mr. MacBeth. I pulled his hard file out and reviewed it. As soon as I saw the DD214 (the fake one) I informed the VA employee that Mr. Macbeth had a fraudulent 214. I proceeded to contact our National Service officer in Seattle, Sharon V***l, and Senior Investigator M**** S****s of the VAOIG (Veterans Administration Inspector General).

Mr. MacBeth visited my office on February 27. Law enforcement personnel were notified but at the time they were not really interested in picking him up.

He once more visited my office on the 9th of March with his "whine" fest. At that time I told him the "gig was up" and he should leave my office and never come back. I also sent a fax to agent S****s with MacBeths current info on it.

The whole time I never realized this guy was making videos, belonging to IVATW, Veterans for peace or anybody else.

Well now Pierce County WA has a Felony Assault warrant out for him as of 23 May. He beat up a girl. Now he has left town, believed to be in San Francisco with the group "Swords to Plowshares"!!!

And yes, the VA will soon have a Federal Warrant on him and yep, they will prosecute him for fraud.
That last sentence is directly attributable to blogs raising Macbeth's visibility.

Swords to Plowshares, mentioned in the email, is a veterans organization who's stated mission is as follows:
Our mission is to heal the wounds, to restore dignity, hope and self-sufficiency to all veterans in need, and to significantly reduce homelessness and poverty among veterans.
A perfect target for a fake vet. To those involved with Swords to Plowshares - be aware.

The bottom line: the exposure of Macbeth as a fraud by blogs has also caused records to be checked and appropriate legal proceedings to be initiated. It also serves to warn veterans organizations, such as Swords to Plowshares, of potential fraud which may be headed their way. The visibility this case gathered is remarkable. But Macbeth is only the tip of the iceberg concerning veteran's fraud, and not a very sophisticated example. I'll be covering this in some detail later, but if this is a concern to you, there is a bill making the rounds for cosponsors which you may be interested in supporting. In the House:
HR 3352, The Stolen Valor Act, was introduced by Colorado Congressman John T. Salazar on July 19, 2005. The Senate version (S 1998), Sponsored by North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad, was introduced jointly by the Senator and Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss on November 10, 2005. The intent of the legislation is NOT to impede the sale of military awards, as erroneously reported in the early press, but simply to close loopholes in Title 18 (U.S.C.) that have allowed individuals who have purchased medals (rather than legitimately earned them) to fraudulently claim to be recipients of some of our military's highest honors. Both bills have been referred to their respective Judiciary Committees.
The Senate version is S 1998. There are currently 101 sponsors in the House and 22 in the Senate. You can read more about the effort and the reason for the effort here. It is legislation I can actually support without feeling guilty as a libertarian.

The whole point of the legislation is to make it harder and more costly for these frauds to besmirch the honor and valor of real recipients of our nations highest military awards. That in turn will cut down the number of them attempting to defraud the VA system with false claims and documentation. And in both rolls, blogs can play a valuable role.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

So now in Pierce County WA., Macbeth has a Felony Assault warrant out for him for beating up a girl?!?

I don’t condone violence on others, but he is not going to win any sympathy if I ever see him.

This guy deserves everything coming to him for all he has done.

If I was on the west coast I’d consider visiting him myself to haul his miserable carcass to Fort Lewis or Irwin where some of my friends can meet him.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll show up near Fort Stewart?

Honestly, I hope they lock him up soon and throw away the key before he seriously gets hurt.
Written By: RickyB
URL: http://
I am very happy to see this. I , like many others, was and still are, very angry at this piece of sh*t, and my first thought and hope, was that someone would track this moron down, and give him whats what. (I have to admit, the human ’animal’ in me still wants to see that) I know that, physically harming him, while for the moment would be satisfying, to see him rot in prison for many, many years, would be so much more satisfying.
It would also hopefully make other ’loonies’, think twice before trying something like this again. Besides, what do you think would happen to him in jail? I am sure there are many, many prisoners, whom have family members serving in the US military, and would love to ’talk’ to him. Good luck, loser!
Written By: Steven
URL: http://
Steven, I felt the same way but he is getting what he got. He tried to disgrace the military and he got disgraced in return. I only hope that he gets prosecuted in a very PUBLIC trial. If there is any kind of a silver lining, the LLL m0ob@t fringe is on notice about trying to pass a poser off on the world. It only took a few days to dissect this frog and expose him, too bad we can’t have a gander at JF Kerrys’ records.
Written By: Cyber Sarge
URL: http://
In a cruel twist of fate, since he filed a claim with the VA, it is likely his personal information was on that laptop that was stolen recently from a VA employee. Supposedly, it contained the information on any vet that had filed a VA claim in the last 30 years.

Looks like he picked a bad time to defraud the government
Written By: Steve L.
URL: http://
Well, yeah, except on the one side, as noted in the email, they have a "hard file" as well. And on the other side, you aren’t going to get much in the way of a ’stolen identity’ if you use his.
Written By: McQ
So glad to know that the blogosphere is all over this guy. I’d hate to see what would have happened if it wasn’t for folks like the milbloggers and Michelle Malkin who have shown this idiot as a complete poser.
If it were up to the major media, he’d be shown as a hero....
Oh, and if you do some research on the guy, and find some of his posts on Indymedia, you’ll find that he posts his phone number with a challenge for someone to contact him if they think he’s a fake...turns out, this number isn’t his. Like we woulda thought he’d actually tell the truth about something.

Semper Fi y’all.
Written By: BigJohnson
If the pictures of this chicken-necked dweeb are any indication, a girl is about all he is capable of beating up.
Written By: David Gillies
I’m in SF, and I’ve had a little contact with Swords to Plowshares. I’ll see if I can talk to, or e-mail, one of their people. They don’t need this, they actually do pretty good work with anyone who really does need help.
Written By: Dianna
URL: http://
That would be helpful, Dianna. They don’t need to be scammed as well.
Written By: McQ
The girl must of been asleep in her wheelchair after having chemo therapy that allowed him to sneak up behind. Maybe she was deaf and blind, too?
Written By: R. Kelly
URL: http://
Thank you, McQ.

Your post was exceptional, and important.

People like this are the lowest of the low. They impugn the brave and belittle those heros they impersonate. This is why the Winter Soldier business in the early 70’s incensed me so.

Publicity like yours is exactly the kind of disinfectant that will help to eradicate these virulent bacteria.

Written By: vnjagvet
This little pencil-neck, Jesse MacBeth, is the tip of the iceberg concerning war fakers.

We are engulfed in a national scandal. Unknown to most Americans, there is a virtual epidemic of impostors in this country – countless thousands of men (and a few women) who, since the Vietnam War, have been either inventing a non-existent military service, or inflating their war records. Veterans’ benefits amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars are being stolen. Military decorations are being falsely claimed, and often worn, by men never authorized to receive them — the kind earned the hard way by genuine war heroes. Unless something is done about these “Fake Warriors,” their shameless, self-aggrandizing, and costly conduct will not only continue unabated; it will grow. Anyone who thinks such conduct is merely offensive and relatively harmless is misinformed.” - Henry Hank Holzer author of FAKE WARRIORS.

I am a Vietnam-veteran author who has the US National Archive records that refutes the war record of Operation Homecoming Branson, MO. 2006 CEO/president Gary Linderer who was an author. I caught him infringing on my copyright. He immediately set out to make money off his fake war record in his yearly Branson, MO Welcome Home.

BELLEVUE, WA — Don C. Hall, a disabled Vietnam War veteran and author of the Vietnam War memoir, "I Served," and Executive Producer of the documentary, "Silent Victory," investigated the background of Gary Linderer, organizer and president of Operation Homecoming Branson, MO 2006. The information he uncovered was disturbing.

Operation Homecoming Branson MO. 2006 is a welcome-home event being held for Vietnam veterans in June 2006. Hall discovered that much of what Linderer claims about his military background is false. There are also questions about Linderer’s part in the cover-up of the attempted murder of his unit’s C.O. in Vietnam and in the ambushing and killing by Linderer’s team of a group of unarmed villagers. Earlier this month, Hall contacted Linderer and requested that he resign from the Operation Homecoming USA organization. Linderer refused to do so. Because of that refusal, Hall and his wife Annette, who co-authored his book, and produced the documentary, contacted the Operation Homecoming USA board of directors, entertainers and celebrities, and other participants in the welcome-home event and reported what they knew about Gary Linderer.

To assure accuracy in "I Served" and "Silent Victory," Hall spent years studying the thousands of pages of U.S. Army records he obtained from the National Archives. These records supplemented his first-hand experiences serving as a combat team leader in Vietnam with F/51st Long Range Patrol (Airborne) Infantry. The majority of the records pertained to Hall’s unit and to the unit’s for which F/51st operated, but some of the records concerned Gary Linderer’s LRP unit, which was part of the 101st Airborne Division. These records completely refute what Mr. Linderer writes and claims about his experiences in Vietnam and some 25 other nonfiction books by Random House.

Says Hall, "Because of what we have learned about Mr. Linderer, in our opinion he does not represent good and decent Vietnam veterans who served their country honorably. And, he should not be putting himself before the public as a representative or spokesperson for them. His position as a book author published by a mainstream publishing company does not automatically mean he is legitimate. Just as the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth provided documentation to the public that refuted John Kerry’s claims about his service in Vietnam and his record as an anti-war protestor, we are doing the same thing regarding Gary Linderer’s record. Neither man deserves to profit from his lies or enjoy an undeserved reputation as a heroic and honorable Vietnam veteran."

During the 2004 presidential campaign, the Halls posted on the web the records and other documentation they had acquired about Gary Linderer after they learned that he was involved in publicly protesting John Kerry’s fitness for the position of Commander in Chief. Though not Kerry supporters, the Halls believed that Linderer did not have the right to protest against Kerry because Linderer had been dishonest about his own record. The documentation about Linderer is available at

Says Hall, "We wanted to resolve the Linderer situation within the veteran community because we did not want this ugly story to cast a cloud over all Vietnam veterans. As often happens with whistle-blowers, when I tried to present our evidence to the 75th Ranger Regiment Association and to the Special Forces Association, I was attacked and vilified by individuals in those organizations because they had ties to Gary Linderer. Other veterans organizations dismissed our claims because Gary Linderer’s influence reaches far and wide. He has a large number of supporters throughout the Ranger/Special Forces Vietnam-veteran community. Linderer has prevailed in fooling people so successfully and for so long that he has now become the head of Operation Homecoming USA, a nationally recognized Vietnam-veteran-related organization that will be handling approximately $15,000,000 worth of funds, and which gives him even more national exposure than he enjoyed before. He has finally reached a point where his influence is so great that we are forced to go public to expose him."

Source: Don C. Hall

Don C. Hall
Long Range Productions
15600 NE 8th St., Suite B1, #241
Bellevue, WA 98008

Written By: Don Hall
he could be in san fransisco?

darn..I thout he was here in arizona.I might be a couple years too late
Written By: me
URL: http://

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