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Immigration: Border Governors say yes to National Guard
Posted by: McQ on Friday, June 02, 2006

Although I think it is more symbolic than useful, the governors of all the states which border Mexico directly have signed on to the White House's plan to deploy National Guard troops near the border:
Border governors from California to Texas ramped up efforts Thursday to rein in illegal immigration by bolstering security at the Mexican border.

In Arizona, Gov. Janet Napolitano signed an agreement for the federal government to pay for the deployment of hundreds of National Guard soldiers at the border. Three hundred Arizona Guard troops will take up positions along the state's southern edge by June 15, to be joined later by soldiers from other states under President Bush's federal plan to battle illegal immigration.

In California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ended a 17-day standoff with the Bush administration over whether to join the Border Patrol effort and who would pay for it. Schwarzenegger agreed to send the California Guard to the Mexican border, contributing about 1,000 Guard members as part of the president's plan.

In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry announced a plan for Texas residents and law enforcement officials to monitor video footage of some of the most isolated stretches of the Texas-Mexico border, using hundreds of surveillance cameras.

In New Mexico, Gov. Bill Richardson signed the agreement to deploy Guard soldiers along that state's border despite his frequently expressed concerns about the plan.

"Clearly, America is facing an emergency along our border with Mexico, and we must take action," he said.
It is important to note that these are both Republican and Democratic governors who are agreeing to the plan. They're also the governors who've seen their states most effected by the tide of illegal immigrants in the past few decades.

As I've pointed out before, the plan, as I understand it, isn't a very good or useful one. National Guard troops would be deployed on their annual 2 week ADT which means no more than two weeks on support. Of course that means in actual, real time on the job you're probably looking at 10 days max, what with deployment to and from the area. I'm not sure how effective someone on the job 10 days can be. In fact, I'd suggest they still wouldn't be comfortable with the job at the end of their deployment.

I would assume, or hope, that there would be some sort of permanent staff available to lend continuity to the effort, but that isn't clear at this time.

But I think that, given today's poisonous partisan atmosphere, it is remarkable that bi-partisan support for anything is possible. And seeing 4 governors, 2 Republican and 2 Democrats (at least one of which has aspirations for national office) agree on anything is amazing. It points to an issue which they view as more serious than politics. It would be nice if we could transfer some of that sense of urgency to Congress.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Supposedly Governor Schwarzenegger isn’t just deploying them for 2 weeks. He’s deploying his for 6 months to a year (per the radio as I was driving in this morning). I haven’t seen this reported on any linkable sites yet this morning though, so take it with a grain of salt.
Written By: Bill W.
URL: http://
I’ve wondered the same thing... How much can you really do on a 2-week rotation? It seems like if you set it to 6 or 8 weeks, it might be a little more useful, without completely disrupting home life for those troops...
Written By: Brad Warbiany
The 2-week rotation, only 6,000 with no enforcement authority was our idiot Presidente Jorge` Arbusto’s attempting window dressing for his real agenda, which is to bring in 60-70 million more 3rd Worders that his Ruling Elite pals demand on the next 10-20 years.

Arnold has at least gone past Presidente Jorge`s ludicrous limitations and is mulling deputizing them to aid in arrest and detention activities, something the idiot Presidente and the Open Borders crowd from the Left and Right think is "IMPOSSIBLE" under their notion that
Supremely Sacred Posse Comitatus
would be jeopardized!!

Which are just Ruling Elite lies El Presidente has sucked up and now believes as spoonfed truth. The Constitution allows Federal Troops to guard Borders. Posse Comitatus did not end that. We had Forts out West guarding American Settlers from raids coming out of Indian Territory. Active Forts and Naval Districts guarding our ship passages and harbors from foreign Navies up until the 50s. (With powers of arrest and detention). At and after the Mexican Revolution, we had Army Troops on the Border with powers of arrest and detention as well as authorization to fire warning shots then shoot illegal Mexicans attempting to cross the Border.
Posse Comitatus was not in play because it was Frigging Invading Foreigners not Americans, the Army was Stopping!!!
Those troops were stationed from 1912 to the mid-50s, and many Veterans of WWII were former Border Guards who said WWII was the 1st time they actually saw combat despite firing plenty of rounds, because almost without exception, they would send all the Mexicans they saw fleeing back to Mexico with a single pistol round or burst at their feet from a Thompson submachine gun or a WWI surplus Browning machinegun set up. The US Army was also responsible for claiming Mexicans caught within the US, marching them back across the Border, and letting them go miles into Mexico with warnings not to screw with the American Army...

Why we have 12 million illegals and 20 million recent legal immigrants here is people like Bush, Hagle, McCain,Kennedy, Feinstein, Feingold, Schumer, Kerry, DeLay all bootlicking the Ruling Elites.
Written By: C. Ford
URL: http://
Ask the Minutemen who were down on the border how effective their stints were.

I don’t know how effective they were, but they certainly had some impact where they were stationed.
Written By: Keith, Indy
URL: http://
The Bush plan is proof that the Reps DO understand the "urgency" — do something or else lose elections to those, often NON-INCUMBENTS who promise to do something else/ more.

The ONE thing both parties of electeds agree on — they don’t want to lose in re-elections. (Arnie neither.)

The purpose of this stunt is to minimize such losses.

As far as stopping the illegals, the National Guard won’t. As far as avoiding re-election losses, I suspect it will be quite effective. "No need to change now, see, we’re really doing something now! Vote pro-incumbent again..."

Bah! More anti-illegal immigrants / anti-big spending Reps should have run against incumbents in the Primaries. Watch Conner in Utah; maybe Folmer in PA state elections.
Written By: Tom Grey - Liberty Dad
I love to see Arnold coming around slowly but surely to Tom McClintock’s position in the debates during the recall campaign three years ago.

Now, go on now, Arnold, make Tom your Lt. Governor (please please please let Tom McClintock be elected Lt. Gov). And then step down in the next cycle and let a man who’s serious about policy and responsibility be Governor of the Golden State.
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
"In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry announced a plan for Texas residents and law enforcement officials to monitor video footage of some of the most isolated stretches of the Texas-Mexico border, using hundreds of surveillance cameras."

This morning, one of the local(DFW) channels was running an internet poll on this plan. The question was apx. worded: Are you in favor of using 5 million dollars for video surveillance of the Texas/Mexico border? The results, which I understand are not scientific, still give you an idea of the depth of feeling on the issue: 83% were in favor!
Written By: Karen

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