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A creeping dawn in Canada
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, June 11, 2006

A few days ago I wrote about the effect of multiculturalism and political correctness has on our war against terror. In the post I cited Melanie Phillips who's made that point about Britian and Caroline Glick who applys it to Canada and the 17 recently arrested there for terroristic activities.

Apparently more and more Candians are awakening to the bankruptcy of multiculturalism and the debilitating strictures imposed by political correctness in the war against terrorists. Here's Licia Corbella of the Calgary Sun:
"Multiculturalism takes away our complete undivided loyalties to this country," explains Kanwar, a criminologist, and professor of sociology at Mount Royal College in Calgary.

"Multiculturalism has been bad for unity in Canada. It ghettoizes people, makes them believe, wrongly, that isolating themselves and not adapting to their new society is OK. It is not," says Kanwar, a devout Muslim.

"And political correctness threatens us because we can't fight something we refuse to label and understand."

Kanwar, 65, says the amount of political correctness stemming from last weekend's arrests of 17 radicalized Muslims in the Toronto area is "sickening" and "dangerous."

"Everybody was tripping over themselves not to state the obvious, that these men mostly attended the same mosque," said Kanwar, referring to the Al-Rahman Islamic Centre — a small store-front mosque in Mississauga, a suburb just west of Toronto, that twists true Islam.
Assimilation is the key to successful immigration. Immigrants adapt to the majority's culture while adding the positive aspects of their own culture to the mix. The concept of the melting pot.

Paul Stanway, writing for the Edmonton Sun points to the radical change underway among the Dutch, concerning the issue of assmiliation and immigration:
I interviewed [Dutch minister of immigration, Rita] Verdonk years ago when she was beginning to rethink her country's approach to immigration. She's gone from wondering about the potential impact of policies that would make the ethnic Dutch a minority in Holland's major cities, to actually implementing tough immigration controls and making integration into existing Dutch culture an obligation - not an option.
Multiculturalism encourages the opposite effect. Indeed it does ghettoize people as Dr. Kanwar explains. It also gives an approving nod to remaining that way.

Thus, people who haven't made the effort to become a part of the mainstream culture are marginalized. When that marginalization extends to the 2nd and 3rd generations, it may become dangerous. Unfamiliar, by choice, with the basic cultural values of the nation in which they live, and sometimes taught values in their isolation which contradict and condemn the host nation's, they come to view their nation of residence with hostility. For some, that hostitility then morphs into violent action.

Since they're the product of self-imposed cultural isolation, they are easy prey for those who would manipulate them for their own ends. Enter, in this case, the Islamic radicals.

All of that is bad enough, but now consider how political correctness further cripples the ability to deal with the problems created by multiculturalism:
Toronto police Chief Bill Blair actually boasted that "there was not one single reference made by law enforcement to Muslim or the Muslim community" at the post-arrest news conference a week ago.

"That is an absurdity. Political correctness has gone too far. Political correctness threatens our society," said the Pakistani-born Kanwar. "It is the responsibility of the minorities to adjust to the majority, not the other way around," added Kanwar.

David Harris, a Canadian security analyst and senior fellow with the Canadian Coalition for Democracies in Toronto, agrees political correctness threatens our safety.

"Political correctness is analytically and intellectually dishonest. We have to understand the doctrine and the dogma of our enemy and we can't do that if we dare not even speak the m-word or the i-word," said Harris, a former CSIS agent who is now a counter-terrorism expert with Insignis in Ottawa.
I can't say it any better. Ignoring salient facts in order not to offend a group is absolute rubbish. It makes the feelings of a group, even one clearly identified as exclusively responsible for an offense, more important than rationally and directly addressing the problem. It handcuffs and misdirects the debate and, worse, refuses to acknowledge much less allow the proper defensive course.

Instead we search 80 year-old grandmothers in wheelchairs while letting the more probable of suspects board aircraft with no inspection at all. Driven by multiculturalism and political correctness we have placed the false gods of "fairness" and "non-discrimination" above the real job of well focused security, which is one of the main jobs of government. At some point, given the absurdity of such policy, you have no choice but to intellectually conclude that those who support that policy would much rather risk an airplane exploding in mid-flight than ever be accused of being "islamaphobic".

Dr. Kanwar doesn't accept the excuses normally offered by those who adhere to the cult of the victim:
Kanwar points out that Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, the eldest of the men charged in the alleged terrorist plots that included blowing up numerous Toronto and Ottawa landmarks and beheading the prime minister, "is just an uneducated, unemployed bum."

"Why didn't these parents go with their children to this mosque to see who is influencing them?" asked Kanwar.

Kanwar also rejected the idea put forward on Thursday by members of Ontario's Muslim community who said Muslim youth are becoming radicalized because they are "marginalized" in Canadian society.

"They marginalize themselves," he said. "I came to Canada in 1966. I did not speak a word of English. I worked hard, furthered my education. No Canadian marginalized me ever. I don't see any country in the world better than Canada."
Parental responsiblity? Join the society and make something of yourself? Learn the language and make an honest effort to assmilate into the majority culture? What radical, radical concepts.
"I'm sick and tired of political correctness," said Kanwar from his Calgary home.

"When I talk to other immigrants who complain about Canada I say, 'if you hate this country, why don't you go back to hell where you came from?' I tell them, 'nobody begged you to come here and no one will stop you if you want to go. So, go to hell and get the hell out of here.'"
To someone who has done what he prescribes, there's no arguing that it can't be done. For someone who has benefited from becoming assimilated and accepted within the culture and society of his adopted nation, the excuse it can't be done is unacceptable. Dr. Kanwar expresses, in very specific and graphic terms, how we should address the problem of home-grown terrorism.

The first part of that is rejecting the premise of muliticulturalism as well as the newspeak of political correctness.

To immigrants and would-be immigrants, assimilate or stay home. To terrorists and would-be terrorists and their enablers and encouragers, home-grown or imported, expect to be identified, rooted out and jailed or deported. To the citizens of any country as a whole, don't be afraid to identify, categorize, profile and remove from society those who would do us harm, and make no apology for any of that.

It is the only intellectually honest way to approach these sorts of problems.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Multi-culturalism is kind of the de facto norm for Canada don’t you think? Canada is as much about NOT BEING THE UNITED STATES as it is being Canada. Tim Hortons and National Health Care really aren’t the things that Nationalism is made of, plus there is Quebec.

What is it to BE Canadian? And how are BC and Quebec related in any way that can be said to Canadian, in any way that won’t exacerbate Quebecois sentiment? After all much/most of Canda is Anglo, but one portion is NOT, defiantly so AND Canada’s political elite seem ready to accept this.

So I guess my question is, "Why is Canadian multi-culturalism OK in regards to Canada and Quebec, but suspect in regards to Canada and Muslims?"
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Amen to Dr. Kanwar.

In most communities, it would be considered absurd for children to go to one house of worship and their parents go to another. For the record, I am discussing children still living in the home, not adult children who live on their own. It is equally absurd for children to go to a house of worship unsupervised. This is a case of bad parenting. If your kids go to weekly religious services (whatever day they may be held on), and then come home unprepared to discuss what they are being told (assuming that the parents, for whatever reason neglected to actually attend the service with the children), then the parents need to intervene immediately. If the children mention that they are being taught hatred and rebellion, then the parents must intervene. If the parents hear that the children are being taught hatred, violence, and rebellion, and actually agree, then the whole family needs to start packing and looking for a place to live back home in the "old country."

I believe Dr. Kanwar is absolutely correct that a great deal of the radicalism being preached by Islamic "clerics" is being aimed at gullible, rebellious children and young adults. Parents must be constantly aware of and involved in their children’s spiritual development. If your children are straying from what is considered the religious norm for your family (be it Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, whatever), then it is a parent’s duty to find out why and to investigate what it is that their children are looking into.

If one looks at the bulk of the attendees at radical maddrasses and masjiks, you will find them to be young people between 14 or so and 35. Most are male, but there is certainly a growing population of females in the audience. You will find almost no middle aged people and only a very few elderly people. I think that this in itself should be a warning sign. Why are only the young attracted to this? Why can’t the message of these institutions draw moderate middle aged and elderly people?

Good parenting, as usual, is a key part of the solution to this massive problem.
Written By: The Poet Omar
URL: http://

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