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Immigration bill unlikely before November mid-terms
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I hate to say I told you so, but I did:
Hopes for a quick compromise on immigration were dealt a blow Tuesday after House Speaker Dennis Hastert said he wanted to take a "long look" at a Senate bill offering possible citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants.

Hastert said hearings on the Senate bill should be held before appointing anyone to a House-Senate committee to negotiate a compromise immigration bill. Later, he said he was unsure what the House's next move would be.

"We're going to take a long look at it," Hastert said late Tuesday.


Sending a bill that has already passed the Senate to hearings would be a highly unusual move and make completing a final bill before Congress goes on its summer recess in August far less likely. Disagreement on procedural issue has kept negotiations from starting, but there were hopes that could be resolved this week.
Frankly, for Republicans, this is a gamble. While it will probably play well in solidly red districts who prefer the hard-line House approach, the more purple ones may be a problem. And it is the purple districts where Republican House members stand to lose.

It also hands the Democrats a free weapon which they can use without much damage to them. Life just got easier for them on this issue. They simply blame the holdup on House leadership and Republicans without having to be specific on their particular thoughts concerning immigration or the legislation.

With political enemies like that, who needs friends?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I don’t see this hurting the GOP. Campaigning against a ’do-nothing’ Congress only works if the voters care about the issue(s) that Congress is allegedly ignoring... and not too many purple types are hot over Congress not passing an immigration bill.

If, however, challengers were to attack Congress for not making gas prices come down.... or, in the suburban districts, for not doing something to ease traffic congestion... or, for not doing more to lower the costs of health insurance... in other words, to paraphrase Eli Wallach in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly... "if you’re going to complain about something, complain about something that people care about".
Written By: steve
URL: http://
The hottest national political issue today, beside the war in Iraq, is immigration. You may be right in general terms concerning a "do nothing" Congress, but that may not apply to doing nothing on a specific issue.
Written By: McQ
I think Steve is right. Most of the people I know would rather see no bill than one that comes close to the Senate Bill. The way we see it, congressional action doesn’t need to be taken in order for the President to secure the borders. No bill will not remove the National Guard from our borders. I think the media has grossly miscalculated the wrath of the conservative base by suggesting that if Congress can’t reach a compromise they will lose seats.

Bush does not have enough pull in the conservative base right now to push this bill through. I don’t think I have written more letters in my life than I have over the last few months with regards to immigration.

The only way the House will lose seats is by passing a bill like the Senate bill.

The media seems to think that 100,000 immigrants, legal and illegal, in the streets will turn the tide in there favor, when all they are really doing is angering most Americans who are too busy to protest. What they fail to realize though is that we do have enought time at our desks to write a quick note to our Senator, or Congressman. That the sight of 10,000 Mexican flags will most certainly remind me to vote in every election in which immigration is on the table.
Written By: J
URL: http://
Meanwhile, I am certain that this administration will continue to enforce existing immigration law with its usual zeal, and continue the expeditious processing of visa & immigration paperwork for the benefit of immigrants and our economy.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
"Meanwhile, I am certain that this administration will continue to enforce existing immigration law with its usual zeal, and continue the expeditious processing of visa & immigration paperwork for the benefit of immigrants and our economy."

After I read the statement above I could not stop laughing!!!! "Enforce existing laws" - come on man... are there really laws to be enforced? You have to be kidding!!!! What kind of laws are you talking about – the once that allow 12 or more mil illegals in this country???? Then "expeditious processing for immigrants that benefit our economy" - well let me tell you about that: my mother was granted permanent residency status under the provision of outstanding professor or researcher. This puts her in the most favorable preference group according to the immigration laws of US. She had to wait 6 years until she got her green card from the moment she applied to the moment she got it in the mail. So the immigration service is everything else but "expeditions". And lets not talk about all the backlogs that INS has where some people have to wait 20 or more years until they get their card. So please do your research before you post funny statements like the one above cuz obviously you have never had to deal with the US Immigration and Nationalization Service.
Written By: boyan
URL: http://
The only people who want the Senate bill to pass are those corrupt businesses that profit from illegal immigration, racial power groups like NCLR, and a small segment of "liberals".

If it passes, in a few years everyone will be living with the effects. If you think people are angry about this now, wait until everyone sees all the millions of new legal immigrants, all the former illegal aliens who’ve cut in line ahead of those waiting in foreign countries, and all the untold millions of new illegal aliens.

About the only positive in that case would be that all those who did not oppose the Senate bill will be completely discredited.

(Remove the "BANNED" from my name for more; I’m on this site’s watchlist or I’d provide a direct link).
Written By:
"After I read the statement above I could not stop laughing!!!!"

Thank you. It’s nice to know my efforts are appreciated.

"What kind of laws are you talking about"

Uh, the ones against illegal immigration, employing illegal immigrants, and the various visa requirements? Sorry, I thought it was obvious. I am rarely accused of being overly subtle.

" So please do your research before you post funny statements like the one above cuz obviously you have never had to deal with the US Immigration and Nationalization Service."

Why do I need to do any research if my statement is funny? That was the point, and I think that more research would not make it any funnier.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

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