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Administrative Note
Posted by: Dale Franks on Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sometimes, the nature of blogging, the format, and the ephemeral nature of the medium, make blogging frustrating. It can be especially frustrating to take the time to research and meticulously link a post, only to see it quickly fall down on the page as newer posts pop up at the top of the blog. For the most part, that's just the nature of blogging.

But, there are, at least, partial compensations that can be implemented. Because QandO runs on the commercial blogging application I designed, .Blog, it can be customized to a very high degree. One way of customizing .Blog is to break out the posts from each author into pages of their own.

So, please note that there are some new items in the navigation bar at the top of the page. I have broken out separate pages for Jon, McQ, and my posts, so that you can, if you wish, navigate directly to them, instead of having to scroll down through everyone else's posts. Also, because the page displays the last 30 posts of each author, it goes back farther in time than the main page does. For example, the main page only goes back to June 14th. McQ's page goes back to June 10th. Jon's Archive goes back to may 29th. Mine goes back to May 22nd.

So, I hope you find this new post breakout useful.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Huh. I always thought that listening to all of you together, and the interplay between you guys, made QandO more interesting. Was there a demand for separate blogs in addition to the main page?
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
I can see it’s advantages. What if I want to go back to review a prior post to relate it to a current post. This will surely aid in that. An archive by contributor might be even more advantageous.
They interplay between the three of you will still be there.
Thanks Dale.
Written By: tom scott
URL: http://
Huh. I always thought that listening to all of you together, and the interplay between you guys, made QandO more interesting.
Well, that’s still there. It’s right on the main page. This is just another way of accessing the content. More choice strikes me as a good idea.
Written By: Dale Franks
Extremely. Thanks, Dale.
Written By: Matt McIntosh
Yes, it’s a good idea.

Now please consider some a hot list that shows the top X posts that have the most commenting (e.g. Top 5 Posts With Most Comments In Last 24 Hours). Some of the best posts with the most discussion also get burried very quickly and the conversation dies abruptly. It would be nice to keep these front and center until they die a natural death.

Written By: Unknown
URL: http://
No. I don’t think I want to do that.
Written By: Dale Franks
Yes, the global warming war comes instantly to mind of things that wouldn’t ’go away’ if you did that.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
So out of curiosity, why not?
Written By: Unknown
URL: http://
Because it would require me to spend more time than I desire to spend to create it.
Written By: Dale Franks
Yes, the global warming war comes instantly to mind of things that wouldn’t ’go away’ if you did that.
And I care about that why, precisely?
Written By: Dale Franks
It was not intended as a critical observation of your choice, but rather, a supportive one.

One of the advantages sometimes of not keeping things on top is, well, they get replaced by other topics. The global warming topic was (I will not pun, I will not pun) a major one a while back, and got a lot of traffic. But after a while both sides have said all there is to say proof wise for any particular go round and the discussion sort of circles to no practical purpose (and sometimes gets more spirited towards the end as accumulated observations build up), so it’s just a well they roll to the bottom naturally as other topics present themselves.

Your reasoning for not doing it may be entirely different on the matter (your mileage may vary) and I apologize if my comment appears to taunt, it was meant as nothing other than a very short, and, I admit, terribly unclear version of what I have written here.
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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