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CU Chancellor announces intent to fire Ward Churchill
Posted by: McQ on Monday, June 26, 2006

And I say, "Bravo"!
The interim chancellor of the University of Colorado at Boulder announced today that CU wants to fire ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill.

"Today I issued to Professor Churchill a notice of intent to dismiss him from his faculty position here at the University of Colorado," said Phil DiStefano at a press conference.

Churchill has 10 days to appeal.

"A university is a marketplace of ideas, a place where controversy is no stranger...indeed one of our most cherished principals is academic freedom, the right to pursue and disseminate knowledge without threat of sanction," said DiStefano. "But with freedom comes responsibility."
And consequences for failing to live up to the responsibility. In a seemingly no-consequence world, it's nice to see some integrity still exists.

The reason for the dismissal is not because of the controversial things he has said, although it is those things which brought him under scrutiny. Instead it was academic misconduct:
In a 20-page report, the committee agreed with a May investigative committee report that Churchill intentionally falsified his research, plagiarized other people's work and ghostwrote articles and then cited them to buttress his work.
Of course Churchill is trying to change the subject and don the victim's mantle:
"Do not challenge orthodoxy," Churchill wrote in his response to the committee. "If you do, expect to be targeted for elimination and understand that the university will not be constrained by its own rules - or the Constitution - in its attempts to silence you."
Someone please tell this yahoo, it's not what he said, but what he did that counts. And challenging orthodoxy has nothing to do with plagerizing others works and falsifying and inventing research to back unfounded and baised premises. Can "the white man made me do it" be far behind?

I hear there's an opening in the ethnic studies department at Pyong Yang U. They're not real fond of America either ... might be a match made in heaven. And wouldn't Churchill and Dear Leader hit it off?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Of course the white man made him do it. He is a white man.
Written By: Charles Martin
URL: http://
Sure CU SAYS it’s because of Academic Integrity issues, but the REALITY is Chimpy McHitler had him fired...Dissent CRUSHED! What is this "integrity" but a tool of Dead White European Males? All narratives have an equal validity. The "truth" is a social construct reflecting the power relationships and structure within the context narratives advanced. Da Man is merely "Delegitimizing" Churchill’s narrative. This merely the represents the Neo-Fascist Running Dog Lackeys of Monopoly Finance Capital Crushing Yet ANOTHER Victim of all These Little Eichmanns, the same knout that Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, the Trans-Gendered, Women, the Poor, and People of Colour feel EVERY Day! Thankfully Churchill can afford a good lawyer and any way they’ll take the case on contigency...
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
The Ward Churchill obsession is interesting. It embodies several right wing themes, many involving victimhood: The elitist intellectual; the lazy government employee; the politically correct nazi; the problem with longer than average hair; the radical; the guy who wears sandals to work (with apologies to Merle Haggrd).

Because it can’t be the other themes that keep him in the news. Lying, corrupt government employee? He’s smaller than small potatoes, given the current scandals.

There is something about Ward Churchill that really pi**es wingers off. And it is not just about good government, and lying and corruption, or even the ability to influence the youth. Something else.

(BTW: If you think the "youth" at CU are being influenced unduly by Ward, my oh my do you have a lot to learn. Have you ever been to Boulder? Lived there for a year? Spent some time on campus? Let me put it this way: school is #7 on the priority list.)

Written By: mkultra
URL: http://
It seems to me it’s the left that has the obsession. It was originally brought up that WC compared the people of the WTC to Eichmann. The left immediately rose to his defense without bothering to find out who they were defending. The hue and cry arose that we "wingers" (as you so disparagingly call us) were out to get him as "un-American", or because he was a minority (American Indian), or as you so lamely put it "because had had long hair and sandals" (with apologies to Jesus Christ).

This hue and cry amused us "wingers" so we dug a little deeper and found many falsities about Mr. Churchill and every time a new one was exposed the left cried even louder. This was becoming one of the "wingers" favorite games, akin to poking the left in their "sore spot". It also exposed the left for what it was, blind believers of anyone that blames America first.

Written By: DCB
URL: http://
"And challenging orthodoxy has nothing to do with plagerizing [sic] others works and falsifying and inventing research to back unfounded and baised [sic] premises..."
Sure it does Bruce - that orthodoxy being academic integrity and intellectual honesty, of which Churchill has none, and therefore naturally ticked that he’d be held to a standard.

And MK, it is the arrogance that ticks wingers off. An arrogance that says "I am above reproach" not of rigor of thought but due solely to arrived at conclusions - the new vanguard. Yes Churchill is a proxy, but what Churchill embodies, and much of today’s left seemingly embraces, wingers find repugnant. Namely the indoctrination of students by substandard but oh-so-politically-correct “credentialed” instructors.

By the way, one of my degrees was from just down the road at Colorado School of Mines, a degree earned, in part, from several courses taken 28 miles north – in Boulder – at CU.
Written By: bains
URL: http://
Read CU’s report MK. The man was not only a charlatan, but an out and out fraud. Over the years Churchill has variously claimed to be : an Vietnam vet who grew bitter about his squadmates calling him "Chief" because he was of American Indian descent [Churchill has never produced a DD 214 or any other proof that he has ever served in the military to my knowledge, despite requests for such], an American Indian [official board standards (or "poodle papers" as Churchill himself refers to them) have not been met and the tribe he claims to belong to have been very vocal in claiming that he used less than honest claims to gain membership], an artist [although somewhat harder to dispute, his field is (unsurprisingly at this point) American Indian art, credentialled American Indian artists have challenged his work], and a talented researcher and scholar [in which he has been shown to be not only a plagiarizer, but also a fraud in that his few "great revelations" about American Indian history have been shown by other scholars to be false].

Although as pointed out, the attention on Churchill was certainly a result of his post-9/11 statements, the evidence was always there. CU just never bothered to look at it.
Written By: The Poet Omar
URL: http://
Yeah MK Ward Churchill enrages us, because he represents what is wrong with the Academy. It seems that the Liberal Arts have become a haven for PoMo Poseurs who betray evrything that a university OUGHT to be. He is a glorious example of the Progressives in America, self-righteous, hypocritical, narrow-minded and bigoted... all the things they accuse their opponents of. Only this time the little poseur gets his comeuppance.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
MK -
Man, for a forward thinking, liberal, open minded type of guy you have a lot of stodgy, preconceived notions about people though. Must be your social set.
Your post has a couple of priceless indications of stereotyping even while you’re railing about wingers stereotyping.

Question - do flip-flops count as sandals with you?

And Ward Churchill? it’s probably about stereotypical statements the man made about the all WTC victims being ’Little Eichmanns’ that started it, but you go on looking for other reasons to soothe your psyche.
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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