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The Grinch’s Fitzmas
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well since Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald let the side down in Plame-gate, they've had to settle for second best: a Plame-Wilson lawsuit against Cheney and poor old Scooter Libby. Baseball Crank has a few thoughts on it over at Red State.

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Allow me to say it clearly and plainly for all:

Valerie and Joe, GO AWAY!!

Seriously, as much as I think GWB is clearly in the running for worst President ever, and as much as I think that Dick Cheney really is a danger to the future safety of our country, that is how sick I am of the Joe and Valerie sideshow. GO AWAY!!
Written By: Steven Donegal
URL: http://
I cannot wait for the discovery process to get underway. That should be fascinating.
Written By: Gary
URL: http://
Damn! The problem is I feel like both of you. I call that a contradiction. I am getting a beer and sitting back and wondering if I can possibly get caught up in this inside baseball? Damn, damn, damn!
Written By: Lance
URL: http://
I’m still searching for the "equal protection" clause that the second action of the suit claims in somewhere in the 5th amendment.

If your going to follow this, I suggest you Goggle for "Bivens" which is mentioned at the end of the second action paragraphs. From what I’ve read, this is usually applied to 1st and sometimes 4th or 6th amendment cases against individuals within the government, but a 5th amendment application seems novel (perhaps it was meant for the first action invoking 1st amendment violations).
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
On the day that Val and Joe WIlson file a suit for invasion of privacy, violating their freedom of speech and hurting their future employment prospects AND set up a legal FUND!!! They announced a book deal and still had time to attend a DNC policy conference.

Is it just me, but a "invasion of privacy, violating their freedom of speech" suit on the day you announce a book deal seems like a metaphor for an oxymoron.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
I guess leftists would be extremely tired of the wilson saga, since it is not an effective club to beat republicans over the head with... anymore.

Took them a pretty long time to get bored with it though. They must have been pretty worked up foaming at the mouth gripping the armrests with white knuckles over the idea that they could impeach Bush via plamegate up until today.
Written By: Josh
URL: http://
A civil suit? That’s it? Not waiting for the criminal indictment?
I guess that pretty much says it all.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
A story of an ambitious lower-level Clintonista, using his nepotic connections at the CIA to channel rogue elements opposed to the present Administration to let him go on a spendid adventure that he could later claim made him a WMD expert.

If anyone "made Jane Bond’s secret identity" discovery inevitable & obvious to the world, it was an unqualified partisan operative hack writing NYTImes op-eds and storming the TV talk shows to bask in the spotlight - claiming the CIA had found him and only him capable of divining the truth about Niger, and that "Bush Lied".

A collective WTF??? went through DC national security community about a Clintonista being used by the CIA to discredit the Bushies.

It was already a major story, well in the public interest to get to the bottom of, before Novak wrote.

The Bushies bungled another one in letting the spin become all about a ridiculous evil conspiracy to disclose the ID of America’s most valuable Blonde Secret Agent after that.....

But then the Left, the DNC, and the MSM played a disastrous card by nodding like idiots at Joe Wilson’s deranged victim act and insistance that the leakers who Outed America’s greatest defense against Terror be "frogmarched out of the White House" (a Langley desk jockey and housewife who’s neighors and friends knew she did CIA office work).

And the greatest damage was sweetly done by Pinch Sulzberger who blundered into a 1st Amendment destruction derby and added more damage to his other acts of vandalism, on the Family Heirloom.

Now the preening Joe Wilson, who has no shot at a future Senate confirmation after the Senate found he lied in depositions...wants a lawsuit. Great. And discovery will no doubt focus in on, among other things, how the conversations at the Times went regarding his wife’s likely exposure after his tale of CIA "unpaid special agent" employ and Niger travels was globally read....Or how zealously he thought he was keeping his wife "out of it", by the 14th or 15th TV show he did.

Written By: C. Ford
URL: http://
Oh yeah, and I neglected to say my opinion that the Wilson-Plame lawsuit is likely to resurrect the 3 original problems conveniently overlooked in the "who was the leaker" mystery hunt. Namely:

1. Plames apparant "non-covert" status at the CIA, and why after telling Novak it would best be an "inconvenience" for Plame by their public affairs officer but not raising a huge objection to publishing that Wilson was set up to launch a political firestorm - a current National and Global Controversy - through his wife’s influence, why was the decision made for criminal referral? And exactly who made that referal decision, knowing public affairs conversation with Novak and knowing of Plames "non-covert" status?
2. Whether or not Plame was part of a network of "loyal opposition" to Bush, and if her associates have done other leaks to damage the Party currently in power, which it seems a faction within the CIA has indeed embarked on a series of maneuvers to embarass and cripple programs of?
3. If there is a continuing danger of the CIA being used by politicians through friends within or nepotic connections for partisan purposes. Is Joe Wilson any different in nature than the Nixon operatives that used the FBI or CIA against political opponents?
Donegal - Seriously, as much as I think GWB is clearly in the running for worst President ever, and as much as I think that Dick Cheney really is a danger to the future safety of our country, that is how sick I am of the Joe and Valerie sideshow. GO AWAY!!

About now, I’d say Harriet Miers is cheering up her personal Sun God with news that Warren Harding and James Buchanan appear untouchable, though he is now neck and neck with Jimmy Carter. And I voted for the guy. Twice. Regretfully the 2nd time. And lament the 1st time the best the Dems could do was an insane guy, the second shot an amoral, smarmy, insincere POS hated by most of the Viet Vets he served with and by most of his fellow Senators.

And I would hate Joe Wilson if he was a stranger I met at a function. I meet lots like him in my DC travels and I hate his kind. Blow-dried, preening narcissistic blowhards. Once is bad enough being around them. It’s even worse, given he and his Blondie Tool Just-Won’t-Go-Away!!
Written By: C. Ford
URL: http://
find out the truth at
Written By: Earnets

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