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Plumbing the depths of frivolous subjects
Posted by: McQ on Friday, July 14, 2006

Yes its frivolous. Yes it is one man's opinion. But let's face it, it is perfect blog fodder because it gives everyone a chance to give their opinion (or condemn another's) or tell us all how irrelevant this is or not. And sometimes you need a break from all the seriousness out there.

Anyway, with the world in flames, I give you Jessie Bonner of The Lufkin Daily News' "10 Most Hated Americans" list:

10. Pat Robertson
9. Tom Cruise
8. Ann Coulter
7. Hillary Clinton
6. The Dixie Chicks
5. George W. Bush
4. Ted Kennedy
3. Karl Rove
2. Cindy Sheehan
1. Dick Cheney

My first thought? Is Pat Robertson disliked enough to even rate making the list? Where's Michael Moore? In fact I had lots of thoughts - The Dixie Chicks? Tom Cruise? Cruise is a whack job but I don't "hate" him. What, no Britney Spears?

Bonner gives his reasoning in the article. And let's settle the "hated" bit right away so we're not arguing endlessly about whether it is appropriate or moral to "hate" someone. Let's change it to "most disliked". Anyone you'd prefer to see on the list? Off the list? Don't care?
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Radiocarbon dating would not place me in the dim and distant past any more thoroughly than this, but I nominate:

Jane Fonda
Mark David Chapman
Lt. John Kerry
Ramsey Clark
Leonard Peltier
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Terry Nichols
Theodore Kaczynski
Henry Kissenger
Lyndon LaRouche
Written By: pouncer
URL: http://
I’m doing my dead-level best online.

I was too young to make Nixon’s enemies list, but there is still time to make a big-time that he never saw coming.

Written By: Billy Beck
URL: http://www.two—
So, Dick Cheney is the "most-hated" man in America?

In the late ’80’s, before becoming Bush I’s Sec of Def, he was everyone’s favorite senator from Wyoming! Now, in 2006, he’s the most Hated?

Bonner needs to stop drinking the spiked cool-aid, and take a cold shower.

(Pouncer, can you fit Jimma Cawwta in your list somewhere?)
Written By: steve
URL: http://

Noam Chomsky
Amatai Etizoni
Nancy Pelosi
Dick Durbin
The entire cast of "Code Pink"

Per "steve", I’d add Jimmy Peanut, but like so many above, he’s just a deranged old geezer.

Written By: Sharpshooter
URL: http://
I agree McQ, Cruise is just weird, the Chicks are just stupid...
Seems like lots of names were left off - to name a few more

Rush Limbaugh
Michael Savage
Tom Tancredo
Al Franken
Cynthia McKinney
Louis Farrakan

Written By: bains
URL: http://
Heck, I know several people who harbour a great and irrational hate for Barry Bonds...
Written By: bains
URL: http://
Karl Rove being on the list is a stretch, IMO. Sure, the leftist fever swamps on the Internet hate his guts. But if I polled my (not very politically involved) siblings and their children, I bet not a single one would even know who he is. There are daytime soap opera "villians" who would rate than Karl Rove higher on the "dislike" meter with regular Americans.

Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
What about Dale Franks? Surely anyone who gets paid to play in the surf is deserving of our contempt.

I’d also add Jon Stewart, and the entire cast and crew of the Craig Kilborne-less The Daily Show.
Written By: rammage
Yeah, the Dixie Chicks can be stupid, but I love the Dixie chicks. Politics ain’t everythin’.
Written By: Lance
URL: http://
I much prefer pre-Natalie Chicks - and it has nothing to do with politics. I draw a huge line between bluegrass, where their roots are, and country, especially pop-country, where they are at now.
Written By: bains
URL: http://
Let’s not forget Paris Hilton... She tops my list of hated "celebrities".

I agree, Robertson isn’t really enough of a force to be hated. Especially now that we have Fred Phelps, who all sides of the political spectrum can hate.
Written By: Brad Warbiany
Man, Bill Clinton really has fallen on hard times.
Written By: Crank
Nancy Pelosi
John Kerry
Hillary Clinton
Al "Digital Brownshirts" Gore
Amini-nutjob, president of Iran
Noam Chompsky aka Noam Chumpsky
Michael Moore aka Michael Moron

May think of more later.
Written By: David R. Block
URL: http://
Put me in the "don’t care" column.
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://
Amini-nutjob, president of Iran
Nope ... not allowed. To review: "10 Most Hated Americans" list.
Written By: McQ
Put me in the "don’t care" column.
Ah but you do or you wouldn’t have put yourself in that column.
Written By: McQ
How did they miss OJ Simpson?

Other candidates: Pauly Shore, Michael Jackson, Bernie Ebbers, Bill Gates, Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, Marilyn Manson, all the members of Good Charlotte...

OK, I have a life to live, so I’ll just have to cut it short here at an arbitrary point.
Written By: Mitch
All the PETArds and the ACLUsers.
Written By: Mac
URL: http://
My one pick would have to be, um, Jon Henke.
Written By: Jamie
URL: http://
I have a life to live, so I’ll just have to cut it short here at an arbitrary point
Written By: shurn
I know several people who harbour a great and irrational hate for Barry Bonds..
Written By: penis enlargement

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