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GA: A couple of interesting primary races
Posted by: mcq on Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Georgians have made me feel a little better about them given yesterday's primary results.

First in the 4th Congressional district where "the cutest little communist in Congress", as Neal Boortz calls her, finds herself in a runoff:
With 90 percent of the vote counted, McKinney had 47 percent of the vote to Johnson’s 45 percent.
Although many are calling Hank Johnson an "unknown", that's really not true. He's fairly well known in the 4th having served as a DeKalb County Commissioner.

McKinney ran her usual campaign:
Using a strategy that has been effective before, McKinney ran a low-key campaign — even refusing to appear at major debates against her challengers. She concentrated on her base in south DeKalb, meeting with constituents in the area.
But voters, at least a good portion of them, are looking for an alternative:
Anne Dishman of Decatur, who said she voted for Johnson, reflected voter discontent with McKinney. “I don’t know a lot about him [Johnson],” Dishman said as she left her polling place at Holy Trinity Parish. “It’s most important that Cynthia is not voted back in her office.”

Lance Blair of Decatur also supported Johnson. “I preferred his tone, which would be more advantageous for the district,” Blair said. “Right or wrong, Washington has tuned McKinney out.”
This should be a fun runoff to watch.

In another primary race, voters said no to Ralph Reed:
In the other hotly contested statewide race, Casey Cagle comfortably defeated Ralph Reed, about 56 percent to 44 percent.
Not even close. Reed has been badly tainted by scandal. But the size of the defeat has to call into question the liberal canard concerning the power of the religious right and their almost robotic bloc voting. In Reed's case, someone forgot to program the robots in this, the very buckle of the Bible belt.
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Hopefully Johnson isn’t fixin’ to be another empty suit like the last successful challenger Denise Majette.
Written By: D
URL: http://
But the size of the defeat has to call into question the liberal canard concerning the power of the religious right and their almost robotic bloc voting. In Reed’s case, someone forgot to program the robots in this, the very buckle of the Bible belt.
In this vein, note also that Roy Moore and every single other candidate he supported in Alabama got smacked around pretty badly earlier this year. Not only that, but he got kicked to the curb during an election where ALs gay marriage law, the supposed guarantor that all "fundamentalist whackos" will turn out, was on the ballot.
Written By: Terry
URL: http://
Somehow, I suspect that Cynthia’s dance with Cindy Sheehan on election night is not going to go over well in the 4th district. There are limits, as the voters in the 4th have "indicated" to Cynthia in the past.
Written By: BrianOfAtlanta
URL: http://
Ralph Reed is a brilliant organizer and campaign advisor. Might have had a shot at high elective office, but he stopped to gorge at the K-Street lobbyist trough with his good friend Jake (the snake) Abramoff, and became irrepairably damaged goods...and honestly, if DeLay or others corrupted by Abramoff run, I expect them to lose as well.

Terry made a great point about voters also whacking the Religious Crusade of Judge Roy Moore. While they may agree with and want certain "values" the Religious Right advocates, they don’t appear to trust the Religious Right Fundies holding office and voting based on WWJD?? anymore than they want a Leftie who thinks and votes from a pure "homosexual perspective".
Written By: C. Ford
URL: http://
Delay? Hell, the man can’t even get OFF the ballot.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
C. FORD I kinda doubt Reed would have won even if not involved with Abrahmoff.
He was just not a very likable fellow. I remember him on countless talking head shows and he always came across to me like that "too smart" little jerk who kissed the bosses ass and always had a prepared script for any emergency.
Turns out my gut feeling about him was right.
Written By: kyle N
ALSO, I did not personally have a problem with what Roy Moore tried to do. I believe it is sophistry to say that the constitution demands that no historic symbolism be allowed if it can be linked in any way to a religion. That is extremism pure and simple. Not too dissimilar to the kind of mindset that caused the Taliban to blow up historic statues of Buddha. Religious people are not the only ones who can be fanatical.
Written By: kyle N
Abramoff didn’t even register on the political radar down here. Outside of political advertising, I didn’t hear a peep about Abramoff. Not one word. As kyle N says, Reed cam across as a big city political operative, and that’s saying a lot for a Republican here in Gwinnett county. He just never could get people to believe that he wouldn’t sell out the state in the interests of some national cause. All politics is local, at least at the Congressional level.
Written By: BrianOfAtlanta
URL: http://
Um, make that "at least at the STATE level."

I must be channeling the still disappointing (at least to me) district 102 race, which had a similar (sans the scandal) tone but less satisfactory result.
Written By: BrianOfAtlanta
URL: http://

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