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Right Wingnuttery
Posted by: Dale Franks on Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well, here's a fellow that needs to do a little research before ramping up his irate little screeds.

He is incensed—incensed, I tell you!—that the liberal media and the Democrats are saying nothing at all about the horrific murders of three Sherrif's deputies in San Diego. Who were beheaded! Did you hear? These brave San Diego policemen were beheaded!

Is this the work of Islamic extremists that is being covered up? Are the liberals working hand in hand with their lap dogs in the mainstream media to hide this threat to America?
In the meantime the main stream media failed to report the beheading of three law enforcement officers. Where is the outrage by the Senators Boxer, Reid, McCain, Feingold, and Kennedy. Why the silence? Why the cover-up? To make matters worse the video recording of the hearing was buried by CSPAN. No press, and the President said nothing. It is easier to secure a video of Private Tuckers ordeal than find the video regarding the beheading of deputies in San Diego county.

Who were these brave officers and where are their families? This type of cover up deserves the attention of voters all across America. It is time to weed out Congress and send the moderate Republicans' and leftist Democrats home, or better yet turn them and their families into border guards.
Come to think of it, where's the outrage from Senators Frist or Santorum? I don't recall them jumping out front on this issue, either!


You know, when you hear about three police officers being beheaded, and it hasn't made it into the news, then maybe you should, you know, try and google it. Or go to CNN. If you do, you might learn exactly who these officers were.

(They were, by the way, police officers Ismael Arellano Torres, 36; Jesus Hernandez Ballesteros, 42; and Benjamén Fabian Ventura, 35, and their names do deserve to be remembered, and honored for their sacrifice.)

Maybe then you'd know that the reason we haven't heard about it is that it didn't happen in San Diego. The three dead officers weren't San Diego Sherrif's deputies. And I live in San Diego. You'd've thought that someone on the local news would've said something about it, at least. Maybe a few lines on KUSI, before they turned the program over to their oddly screeching, unwatchable weatherman.

In case the names of the slain officers haven't given it away yet, this was something that happened last month in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. And, frankly, if US politicians and media outlets were required to concentrate on horrific drug-related murders in Mexico, there'd hardly be any time for any other news:
The Rosarito killings are the latest in a series of attacks on law enforcement officials by suspected drug traffickers, who have formed large squads of heavily armed assailants.

Last month, three men armed with AK-47s burst into the Mexican federal attorney general's office in Tijuana and shot two agents, killing one.

In April, nearly two dozen heavily armed men tried to assassinate Baja California's top-ranking public safety official on a Mexicali street.

In December, gunmen attacked the Tijuana home of a state police commander and killed two of his bodyguards.

And in October, gunmen fired more than 50 bullets at the car of Tijuana's homicide chief in an unsuccessful assassination attempt.
And that's just two border towns in California.

Senator Reid doesn't, I think, have any responsibility to make public statements about crime reports—even horrific ones—that come from other countries. The fact that he doesn't make such comments is hardly a reason to vote him out of office. I'm sure there are plenty of other, better reasons, in fact.

Something about the story did catch my eye, though.
A witness told police that about 100 men, some wearing uniforms resembling those of Mexico's Federal Agency of Investigation, or AFI, were at the scene of the alleged kidnapping when the officers showed up, said a spokesman with the attorney general's office in the state of Baja California, where Rosarito is located. The person asked not to be identified because he is not allowed to publicly discuss the investigation.

The federal attorney general's office in Baja California said in a press release that no officers were involved in the disappearance of the four men.
Oh, of course not. Perish the thought. What with the reputation for probity that Mexico's police officials have painstakingly crafted over the years, I'm surprised that anyone would even suggest otherwise.


Oh, by the way, apparently Bithead isn't a whiz with that whole internet search engine thing either.
To be honest, I'm not sure what to make out of all this.

Certainly it would appear that something one under reported. Equally certain is the idea that nobody seems to be talking about just who wasn't performed this act on these three officers. The whole thing is being sold as if it's drug related, but the criminal acts here are far more serious than the average drug ring. That alone suggest that we're dealing with something more serious. Or, at least equally serious to what we see going on in the Middle East just now.

So the question then becomes, why the lack of coverage from the press?
That's the type of keen research skill that really jumps out at you, isn't it?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I posted what I had at the time... and mentioned at the time I was a little less than convinced of all the points made in the story.

But it does seem clear that something got under-reported...

Written By: Bithead
International news is usually under-reported in this country...
Written By: Keith, Indy
URL: http://
Keith - true enough.
As underreported as it is this smacks of invention or accomodation to suit his perceptual set.

Wouldn’t your smell check have gone off it someone had told you three of your local cops were beheaded and it was being hushed up?
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Yeah but this is a heinous crime. I mean if a panda is born in China we sure report that!

Scewed up priorties of the media.
Written By: x2master
URL: http://
dale said
Senator Reid doesn’t, I think, have any responsibility to make public statements about crime reports—even horrific ones—that come from other countries.
and yet, he does
The Senate measure, which was introduced by Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) and Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), calls on Hezbollah and Hamas to release immediately the Israeli soldiers being held in Lebanon and urged President Bush to continue his support of Israel and impose sanctions on Syria and Iran.
(remember, the war on terror is prosecuted as a criminal endevour, & thusly so shall this latest ME proxy war)
Written By: window licker
URL: http://
Let me get this straight…

One blogger and some other journalist/author (who I’ve never heard of) jumped to some radical conclusions - albeit somewhat granted considering the heinous acts – and Dale deems it necessary to post about it?

Is this somehow stifling the current events in the world or did you just want to flex your uber leet researching skills?
Written By: derek
URL: http://

I thought it was funny. I don’t really need any more justification than that.
Written By: Dale Franks

*Double shrug*

I think the title of your post is pure crap - Right Wing Nuttery. Haven’t we learned in the blogosphere (yet!) to avoid generalizations? One blogger falls for a story and complains about the NY Times and you use the occasion to stereotype the entire right wing (at least the title of your post does).

Annoying. Sloppy. Wrong.

What does ’right wing’ have to do with the ’humor’ you see here? That’s rhetorical—it doesn’t. You would not have posted anything like this if it was a left wing website.

You would?

Well then, how about a post about Greenwald and his Brazilian friends - Here’s a headline:

Left Wing Blogger Liars Share Computer to Post Boilerplate Comments Defending Douchebag!

Now that’s funny.
Written By: SunBeltJerry
URL: http://
I read about the three Mexican police officers several days ago in the Wash. Times. It was not underreported there. The problem seems to have been "assuming facts not in evidence" as the lawyers say.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

Greg over at Outside The Beltway just posted something on those ’Your Wife Emily’ billboards and weblog. He fell for it hook, line & sinker. Maybe you can go over there and teach him how to use a search engine and berate him for his wingnuttery.

Just saying.
Written By: Fersboo

I get how you’re trying to make these cases equivalent. Dale refers to "public statements about crime reports... that come from other countries" and you counter with a Senate statement regarding one country rocketing another because the second country (willingly or not) is infested by a group seeking the destruction of the first country.

You then sanctimoniously stir our vegetating memories with "the war on terror is prosecuted as a criminal endevour [sic; Spellcheck is your friend]," and we can only laugh. See... we do remember... before 9/11/2001, when acts of terrorism WERE treated as criminal acts. We also remember when Dubya changed the game.

Unless you meant Bush&Co are criminals for getting us into the war on terror, in which case words escape me.

Hoping against hope this post doesn’t come too late for you to see it.
Written By: BornRed
URL: http://
Thanks for bringing this up and catching that post. For people that are working on border issues on a regular basis (not to mention 3 million people living in Baja California), the story was clearly not under-reported — the majority of the reporting was done in Spanish, however, and in Mexican papers (where it got plenty of coverage as a slightly-unusual-but-not-unheard-of type of narco killing). It was also covered by the SD Union Tribune for what it was - drug related.

The reality that the Congressional grandstanding/hearing failed to bring up (because it doesn’t serve their purpose) is that more terror-related groups and individuals are both being tracked in Canada, and have been caught trying to enter the US through our ports of entry along the Northern Border. Yet, very little legislation or public statements are made by such groups about "the threat of terrorism from Canada". No...Canadians are just nice people that look and sound like us....

While there is the potential for middle eastern terroristic influences in Mexico, there’s probably more already growing within the US in sleeper cells than exists in Mexico.

Okay, off of my soap box.

By the way, for those that care, similar crimes have happened in Acapulco recently and long before there was the Taliban, there were the Aztec and Mayans (that used beheadings in some of their rituals).

Context and understanding (as well as speaking a foreign language) come in handy sometimes.
Written By: CrossborderKenn
URL: http://

Your point about international news not getting much exposure here is right enough, and your point is well taken. But I’m not sure how ’international’ this can be taken as, given the proximity to the American border.. one currently being discussed as a major security leak. Seems to be given the current geopolitical situation, that this story would have a great deal of importance to U.S. residents. Consider in contrast the response of the US media, were four headless bodies to turn up say, 5 miles north, particularly in light of the GWOT. Something seems a bit amiss here.


Well, there are those who might like you to think that I jumped to conclusions.

However, if you read my original post linked by Dale, you’ll notice that I say clearly that I question, as a matter of course, the second of the two websites I quoted, and in this case, I mentioned how the site took the "incredible story" and took it one step farther. Even the headline on my original post had a question mark on it suggesting I wasn’t buying it. Sound to you like I’m jumping to conclusions, or that I have strong reservations?

The point of the piece, in my case, was questioning the lack of reporting on the matter. That point was one reason for my mistrust. Implication: Certainly, if the story were so serious, one would think the nets would be all over it. That they had NOT been would seem to suggest something else at work... as I suggested to Keith. Certainly, If the report were accurate, I’d have been able to come up with more than the small few I did find, even in the quick and dirty search mode.

Notice also, my mention of there being little if any mention of who was responsible for the crime. That also raised a suspicion or two, for no reason I could think of at the time I posted my bit last night. (Late night)

On the other hand, I had spent about an hour last night, following another thread; That of the idea that a goodly amount of the finaces of Islamic Radicals is currently coming from the Opium trade. Importing such through Mexico seems a lead pipe cinch... and, minus evidence to the contrary, it all seemed a good fit, one that counter balanced my suspicions about the content of the two links.
Still, as Kenn points out;
While there is the potential for middle eastern terroristic influences in Mexico, there’s probably more already growing within the US in sleeper cells than exists in Mexico.
Just so... And I consider that... It would have been eye opening if the Islamic morons had become that established down there, (It may be anyway for all I know now) but not unbelievably so. ... On the other hand that was counterbalanced with the idea that a beaheading was a little unusual for mere drug lords.

Guesswork, back and forth back and forth... and thus my comment "I don’t know what to make of all this". Based on what I had at the time there was little in the way of conclusions to be drawn, past what I’d posted. And so, my anger at the lack of reporting.

Added information from the mainstream press on this certainly would have been a help, but in researching it I only came up with two live links... both of which I posted.

Could this bit I posted have been worded better? Certainly. Such is blogging, I suppose. Kicking out a little under 6000 posts in three years, 2 and a half years of it alone, plus all the activity I engage in on other blogs and usenet as well, means you’re going to do some shooting from the hip occasionally, as every blogger knows.

Could it have been better researched? Possibly, though I don’t know as that would have made much of a difference to the point of the post... the level of reporting.... or more correctly, the lack of it.

However, even with all that being said, I can only conclude someone was "jumping to conclusions" about what I meant in writing it because the conclusions I see here had LITTLE to do with what I intended, as you see. Why, seems another guesswork matter. And at the moment, I’m not inclined to bother.

And by the way, credit where it’s due to Dale, for allowing a reply. Strictly speaking, it’s not something he had to do, and I would be remiss for not publicly recognizing that fact.
Written By: Bithead
"Added information from the mainstream press on this certainly would have been a help, but in researching it I only came up with two live links"

The internet is not the only source of information.

This is, I think, a good example of how rumors propagate. I predict that months from now someone will state as fact, on this very website, that 3 American policemen were decapitated. The details may vary, but the words "three", "Americans", and "decapitated" will all be present.[

Written By: timactual
URL: http://
The internet is not the only source of information.
Your pointing to examples of where this story was being covered in the mainstream press, as of whan I posted the note would be of use, Tim. I say that because a little mental exercise on your part will reveal that the largest asset both you and I have for investigating historical articles a month are so old and perhaps up to a year, is the net. Too soon for books, too far away for most newspapers even if it is a domestic event. And broadcast? Forget about it. They have.


Written By: Bithead

To be honest, I hadn’t read your original post until recently. However, the jist of my post was in your defense - conclusion jumping or not. I just don’t see why Dale deemed this post necessary considering all the radical justifications and sloppy research coming from the Left.

I mean, if you’re gonna be anal about poor research/googling you might as well start with the big boys instead of nipping at the heels of bloggers.

Anyhoo, it’s all good my friend. Keep up the good fight.
Written By: derek
URL: http://

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