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Look up "Political Moron" and you’ll find Hastert’s picture beside it
Posted by: McQ on Monday, July 24, 2006

I mean, come on! Is this a good time, with Republicans approaching the '06 mid-terms with a good possibility of losing the majority in one or both houses of Congress, to be picking this particular idiotic hill to die on?
House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Sunday he may challenge a judge's order allowing FBI agents to examine documents seized at a Louisiana congressman's Capitol Hill office in a bribery probe.

Hastert said he believed Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., was "in big trouble" and that the House would not be joining in support of Jefferson himself. But he said the House separately might seek to make clear its position that the Justice Department cannot randomly and wantonly search lawmakers' offices.

"The gentleman from Louisiana is in big trouble, as far as I'm concerned. And we're not trying to protect him," said Hastert, R-Ill.

"But there has to be a procedure for the Justice Department to come in and start just searching any congressman's office," he said. "We may take a fine line depending on how the negotiations are. There is a constitutional division there that we have to protect."
And what is that Constitutional division, Mr. Hastert, as it pertains to the Congressional offices of an indicted lawbreaker? Heck, the FBI, just to calm the waters, has instituted a "filtering team" to ensure only pertinent papers, etc. are seized. Unless you demand they do the same everywhere for everyone, this attempt is going to be seen by the public as another arrogant Congressional attempt at special treatment.

We've covered the Constitutional and other arguments on QandO previously. This continued pursuit of special treatment for Congress is something which may backfire at a time when Republicans can ill afford more voters turned off with them than already are. If Hastert feels compelled to pursue this for whatever reason, isn't he bright enough to look out there gage the mood of the public for this sort of nonsense and realize that it may be politically smarter to defer any such pursuit until at least late November of this year?

Politics 101 for heaven sake!

Or is his pursuit now simply a further manifestation of the arrogance most now feel exemplifies today's Republican Congress?

UPDATE: Captain Ed is equally unimpressed and calls for Hastert to be replaced as speaker next session. With behavior like this before the upcoming election, it may end up being a moot point.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

"But there has to be a procedure for the Justice Department to come in and start just searching any congressman’s office,"
Yeah, it’s called "obtaining a search warrant" Denny.

Culture of Immunity? Culture of Idiocy?
Written By: Pablo
URL: http://
"...make clear its position that the Justice Department cannot randomly and wantonly search lawmakers’ offices."
This is a stupid as the Greenwald debates here. They din’t RANDOMLY search Jefferson’s office, they SPECIFICALLY chose his office. Wantonly, what THEY HAD A SEARCH WARRANT! If there something in the water in the Speaker’s OFfice, the last two or three seem to be pretty stoopit at times!
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Have we reached the point where brains, honesty, humility, and self-respect are liabilities in seeking political office?

I suppose Tom Coburn is a counter-example. But seeing GOP leadership, from Hastert to Blunt to Frist, and realizing that this is supposed to be the cream of that party’s Congressional delegation, just sends chills of fear down my spine. These are the people making decisions for our society. I wouldn’t trust most of them to bake a batch of biscuits without burning them.

And then we have the Democrats. I wouldn’t even trust them to turn the oven on.

Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
While I do not agree with it, Dr. Pournelle has a different opinion on this matter.
Written By: Mark A. Flacy
URL: http://

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