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Oliver Stone’s "World Trade Center"
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, July 27, 2006

Regular commenter Keith Mitchell (Keith, Indy) gives us his take on the new Oliver Stone movie, "World Trade Center".


Tonight I had the privilege of seeing a preview for the new Oliver Stone movie “World Trade Center.” I have to say, I was surprised, and grateful for the treatment of this subject from the often-controversial director. I didn’t know what to expect, but this is perhaps Oliver Stones most dramatic, riveting, and emotional film. Fiction holds no candle to reality when presented with honest emotion.

The two protagonists are Port Authority policemen Will Jimeno, and John McLoughlin, who, having entered the World Trade Center to start evacuation, are trapped beneath rubble as the towers collapse. Against amazing odds they survive. Although they did not get a chance to rescue any of the buildings occupants, they saved each other. This is the story of these two men, their families, and everyone involved in saving them.

This is a movie well worth seeing. Be forewarned that it is a graphic reminder of all that happened that day. The one thing that was brought home to me was that this was not just a national tragedy. It was also a very personal tragedy for each of the thousands, who lost their loved ones that day.

The movie should serve as a reminder to everyone. Not only of the terrible events of that day, but also of the best side of humanity. It reminds us of those who ran into the buildings to help save people. It reminds us of those that came from all over the country to help save people. It reminds us of those that lost someone that day. And it reminds us of those who were saved.

It is a reminder that even the most ordinary of us, can be a hero, by doing our best to save others.


Thanks again Keith. Sounds like a movie worth seeing if only to remember what happened that day. I'm particularly gratified that you were satisfied with Oliver Stone's treatment of the subject. That's endorsement enough for me to go see the movie.
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McQ, thank you for posting this. I wanted to make sure I got my impressions down before I had to much time to analyse them.

As one who sat glued to the tv for most of that day, it would have been easy to spot anything that was fictionalized about the main events of the day. As far as I can tell, Oliver Stone presented the facts as we knew them at the time, and as events unfolded. Meaning, he presents some of the rumors, false reports, and later corrections that went out over the tv and radio. He did a good job of not focusing on the attacks or the collapses themselves, but of how it impacted the lives of the two policemen and their families.

It would have been easy for Stone to take cheap political shots at the President, but, he did not. In fact, except for 2 scenes showing people watching the news, one featuring the President in his first speech of the day at an Air Force base, and the other featuring Guilliani, politics and politicians played no part of the movie.

I really do believe this will be one of the most important movies of the year, and one of the most significant films about that day.
Written By: Keith, Indy
URL: http://
Oliver Stone is an f****** pimp. How dare he profit on the 9/11 horror. He says that he doesn’t want the world to forget.

That is bullsh*t. Have you forgotten the Alamo? (over 100 years ago.) Have you forgotten Pearl Harbor? (60 years ago) The JFK killing?

No one has forgoten 9/11. We are all still crying. He is a horror profiting pig, as bad as our governemnt. And all the stars who agreed to be in the movie are just as bad.

Forget 9/11?! What bullsh*t! I would like to meet him just so everyone in nyc along with myself can bash head in.
Written By: stuart w
URL: http://

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