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A View From Lebanon
Posted by: Dale Franks on Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fouad Siniora, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, is mightily vexed by Israel.
A military solution to Israel's savage war on Lebanon and the Lebanese people is both morally unacceptable and totally unrealistic. We in Lebanon call upon the international community and citizens everywhere to support my country's sovereignty and end this folly now. We also insist that Israel be made to respect international humanitarian law, including the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, which it has repeatedly and willfully violated.

As the world watches, Israel has besieged and ravaged our country, created a humanitarian and environmental disaster, and shattered our infrastructure and economy, putting an intolerable strain on our social and economic systems. Fuel, food and medical equipment are in short supply; homes, factories and warehouses have been destroyed; roads severed, bridges smashed and airports disabled.
Yes. Those bad Israelis. To hear Mr. Siniora tell it, for no apparent reason whatsoever, they just began attacking Lebanon. Here were the peaceful people of southern Lebanon, raising a few goats, sipping strong black coffee in the souk, and slapping the women around a bit when they got too disrespectful, and, all of the sudden, Israeli airplanes were bombing them, without warning.

Nowhere does Mr. Siniora mention the hundreds of rockets aimed at Israeli civilians by Hezbollah in Beirut. Which is odd, because I'm pretty sure I read about it.

But the best part of this op/ed is right here:
Enough destruction, dispossession, desperation, displacement and death! Lebanon must be allowed to reclaim its position in this troubled region as a beacon of freedom and democracy where justice and the rule of law prevail, and as a refuge for the oppressed where moderation, tolerance and enlightenment triumph.
The last time that description may have fitted Lebanon was when the place was run from the Quay d'Orsay. So, I can only assume that this passage is a veiled plea for Lebanon's return to French Colonial rule.

I have to hand it to Mr. Siniora, though. It takes brass nads the size of zeppelins to write that last sentence with a straight face. I bet he has to store those puppies in a specially built hangar adjacent to the prime minister's palace.

"Lebanon: Where the Enlightenment Triumphs!" Man. That's a hell of a tourism slogan.
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Lebanon must be allowed to reclaim its position in this troubled region as a beacon of freedom and democracy where justice and the rule of law prevail, and as a refuge for the oppressed where moderation, tolerance and enlightenment triumph
No no no, Mr. Siniora. Traditionally that is Israel. Traditionally Lebanon is a dumpy backwater that’s been manipulated and turned into a puppet vassal by regional arab powers, either unable or more likely unwilling to accept any level of control or responsibility for their borders or citizenry.

I appreciated the laugh though.
Written By: Shark
URL: http://
Nads is right. Sheesh. Let us pray that the ’global community’ continues to believe that Israel cannot win (thanks to the fauxtography of Al Reuters) and stays out of the way. Then Israel can accomplish something that should have been done years ago.

Written By: Stephen
URL: http://

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