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...And a Rain of Frogs, and Flaming Hail Mixed With Blood
Posted by: Dale Franks on Saturday, August 19, 2006

I guess Hugh Hewitt isn't willing to sign on to the idea of splitting the government between the GOP and the Dems yet.
Expect a major retreat in the war on Islamic fascism across many fronts if the Dems frenzy their way to a majority in either body, and hearings upon hearings. the Church Committee will look like child's play compared to a John Conyers or patrick Leahy-led assault on the conduct of the war, a conduct that has prevented attacks on the homeland from abroad since 9/11.

Thus it is simply true: Any vote for any Democrat is a vote against victory and a vote for vulnerability.
All righty, then.

At least we know the big campaign theme for the upcoming election on the Republican side will be.

So, if we vote for Democrats, it's a vote for defeat, and more dead Americans. And, based on the post below, if we vote for Republicans, it's a vote for unending streams of new jihadists, and more dead Americans.

It's nice to know that both parties will be taking the high road.
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The high road...

Is that the one paved by good intentions, and upon which other nations willingly travel just because we are "nice?" As in the road the French gave every indication to be taking re Lebonan, before their feet turned to stone?
Written By: bains
URL: http://
I suppose the discussion about how to handle the Jihadists to be the most important of our time.

More than anything else, this is a war of ideas... between the Islamo-facists, and those who would have us eventually bowing to them, and those who would lay everything on the line to fight them.... and you have correctly identified the stakes involved; run away from the situation and Heidi and the feet with the whole of the world under the weight of Islam, with large numbers of people dying as a result, (to say nothing of our way of life) or else fighting them and having large numbers of people die as a result of that fight.

It has been clearly demonstrated over the years that negotiation doesn’t accomplish holding back this monster. Thereby are we left with just those two choices are just enumerated.

How SHOULD such matters be addressed? With the truth, as each sees it.
To label having that discussion as the ’low road’ seems to me at least counter-productive.

No.... Bring on that discussion. I’ve no doubt the truth of the matter will out eventually as a result of it. And, then, with the heads of half the population removed from their backsides, we can get on, finally, with laying eveything on the line to fight these animals, with a full resolve. Nothing less than that full resolve in that fight, I fear, will do.

Written By: Bithead
2002 - elect us or else... Saddam will reign fire and brimestone on the Middle East and us.

2004 - elect us or else... the Democrats will run and hide, and terrorists will reign fire and brimesont on the ME and us.

2006 - elect us or else...

Some would call it a winning strategy.
Written By: Keith, Indy
URL: http://
The truth generally is.
Written By: Bithead

I tried to send a trackback to this post, but to no effect.

So here’s a manual one
Written By: Steven Taylor
2006 - elect us or else...

Some would call it a winning strategy.

The truth generally is.

The judges award this an Unintentional Humor and Irony score, scaled between 1 and 10, of forty-three. Thank you for playing.
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://

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