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Short and sweet
Posted by: McQ on Friday, August 25, 2006

Concerning Plan B:
Women can buy the morning-after pill without a prescription, the government declared Thursday, a major step that nevertheless failed to quell the politically charged debate over access to emergency contraception.
As to the first point, that's as it should be (it enhances liberty). As to the latter point, what's new? Thankfully, however, the debate is mostly moot?

And if anyone thinks that 17 and younger are going to be kept from using this pill by "prescription" requirements, I have some land east of FL in which you might be interested.
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Now the libs can stop complaining about hospitals and pharmacists that refuse to prescribe the morning-after pill. Then they can start complaining that they have to pay for it themselves since it’s OTC.
Written By: Jeff
My biggest complaint about this is that they’re going to be pulling a lot of allergy/cold medicines into prescription-only very soon thanks to the crystal meth "epidemic", but you can get the morning-after pill OTC now. I’d think lots and lots more people suffer from allergies and colds (which you can’t help) than are going to need an emergency fix for lack of personal responsibility (which you certainly can).
Written By: Bill W.
URL: http://
Bill, it’s going to be right next to the Sudafed now. Behind the counter. It won’t be off the shelf, but it won’t be perscription. It isn’t a binary system.
Written By: ozymandias
URL: http://
BTW Jeff, how much will it be? I was kind of under the impression that it was the type of purchase that wouldn’t be covered under most copays anyhow, but I could be wrong.
Written By: ozymandias
URL: http://
I wanted to shoot the radio when this lady came on protesting that she was upset at the decision because it didn’t go far enough and offer Plan B over-the-counter to minors. She complained that there’s no compelling medical reason to restrict it this way, and she’s right. My concern about making Plan B available OTC to minors is that their parents will be held accountable for it if they use it inadvisedly.

While there exist some minors who are capable of making good decisions and some "majors" who are not, our society has decided that 18 years of age is the "bright line" between the two, and like it or not, most of the kids below that line are characterized by a severe lack of good judgement. I can just see some teenage whore using an OTC Plan B pill every day after having sex and smoking (a contraindication for birth control pills) under the bleachers the night before, while her parents bear all the legal system’s full disapprobation when negative medical consequences ensue. If she were not a minor, she’d be held responsible for the consequences of her own behavior, but it’s because she’s legally a minor that her parents will be deemed "bad parents" by the state for "allowing" unsafe use of an OTC contraceptive like Plan B.

You can’t give a responsible choice to a person who isn’t legally responsible.

(By the way, I am also against minors having sex with anyone, including each other. If you think people should be having sex earlier than 18, then change the age of full majority.)
Written By: Wacky Hermit
OK, so the RU people have gotten their way, thats great so now, can we stop giving government funds to Planned Parenthood for running their abortion mills?
Written By: kyle N
And if anyone thinks that 17 and younger are going to be kept from using this pill by "prescription" requirements, I have some land east of FL in which you might be interested.
The next step of course, will be the pressure to have this available for distribution in public schools.

If you can’t see that lawsuit against some urban Board of Ed. coming down the pike, you need a pair of thick glasses.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
OK, so the RU people have gotten their way ...
What "RU"? This isn’t what is commonly called the abortion pill.
Written By: McQ
The next step of course, will be the pressure to have this available for distribution in public schools.
Nah. It’ll be like beer is now. Someone with an ID will buy it for you if you’re underage.
Written By: McQ
It does put another well-deserved round into the Right To Life people that still have a religious belief that since life starts with conc*ption....all measures to stop a fertilized egg from becoming human are murder since the egg is legally indistinguishable from a person (in their very fortunately in the minority position).

Shhh! Don’t tell them "murder in a pill" is now retail!
They’re busy out cheering the fact that new advances mean that the 100,000 bl*stocysts thrown in the trash annually in the world will just be thrown out and less likely to be "murdered" for stem cell research. On the other hand, Bush finally found something Congress did in the last 6 years that was worth vetoing.
Written By: C. Ford
URL: http://
Testing the Auto-censor.

Written By: C. Ford
URL: http://
I found c*sino was a bad word (place that Mafia, Trump, and Indians get based on heritage and use to extract money from people dumber than they).

Now I know c*nception is a naughty word those darn nuns back in parochial school taught me!
Written By: C. Ford
URL: http://

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