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Smither Update
Posted by: Dale Franks on Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Texas Governor Rick Perry has set November 7th as the date for the special election to replace Tom Delay in Congress for the TX-22 seat. The campaign registration deadline expired this evening, so, as the race stands now, there are two official candidates candidates: Democrat Nick Lampson, and Libertarian Bob Smither.

In addition, the Republicans have the misfortune to be running two write-in candidates:
Houston City Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs traveled to Austin to file her papers, as expected.

But unexpectedly, by the end of the day former Republican congressional candidate and Houston businessman Don Richardson did not ask the Texas Secretary of State’s office to remove his name as a write-in candidate.
As a native Houstonian, I'm very interested in this race, especially when a Libertarian candidate has an actual chance—not much of one, perhaps, but a chance—to take a seat in Congress.

The Republicans are screwed. With two names on the ballots—both of which are write-ins—and with Mr. Lampson sitting on a $3 million war chest, the Republicans are a day late and a dollar—or a few million dollars—short.

So, take a look at Bob Smither, Republicans. He's already on the ballot. He has promised to caucus with the Republicans, which for political purposes, makes him a de facto Republican. But, get this: he'll be way more reliable in voting against the enlargement of government and encroachments on personal liberty than most other Republicans. Oh, and did I mention he's already on the ballot? Write in campaigns are really an uphill battle, even at the best of times. I'm just saying. So, really, unless you want to see the seat turn "D", Smither seems like the best of the available choices, Republicans.

And we know the district is willing to elect a Libertarian, because they did it with Ron Paul before the 2000 redistricting.

But, Smither needs help. Now, I don't have anything to do with the Smither campaign. Heck, I don't even live in Texas anymore. But I'd like to see more Libertarians in Congress. If you'd also like to see a Libertarian in Congress, then if you can toss a few bucks his way, you should. And if you can't afford a few bucks, then why not give some time? If you can volunteer, even just to make some phone calls, contact John LaBeaume at LPHQ by calling 1-800-Elect-Us x232.
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Glad you are on board with the effort. I am putting this up on our page of blog coverage of the Smither campaign in the Smither campaign section at our site shortly.
Written By: Lance
I’ve got a post about Smither at Inactivist too.
Written By: ChrisB
URL: http://
But, get this: he’ll be way more reliable in voting against the enlargement of government and encroachments on personal liberty than most other Republicans.
Unfortunately, that’s probably why the Republicans will continue to shun him.
Written By: Jordan
URL: http://

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