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Webb campaign staff promotes "Monkey Fest" stunt at ethnic rally
Posted by: Jon Henke on Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here's another Inside Politics story of dirty pool from people associated with the James Webb Campaign.

So, there is an Ethnic Rally in Alexandria this Saturday being put on by various Republican minority groups. So what are the Webb staffers at Raising Kaine promoting in response to that minority group rally? "Monkey Fest".


One Webb staffer wrote this about the rally...
A Republican "ethnic rally"
Here are a few ethnicities it might include:

*French (including French Tunisian pieds noirs?)

Did I miss any? Ha.
That — "Monkey fest" and white exclusivity — is what Webb campaign staffers have to say about the ethnic rally being put on by Virginia minority groups.

This letter released today to the Webb campaign is what the people responsible for the ethnic rally had to say in return:
Dear Mr. Webb:

As you may know, this Saturday, September 9th, the Fairfax County GOP is holding an Ethnic Rally at Edison High School in Alexandria . We are greatly looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate our diverse cultures at this family event.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that paid members of your campaign are openly mocking our rally and advocating its disruption on the Raising Kaine website, run by two of your staffers, Lowell Feld and Josh Chernila. One of the posts this morning on Raising Kaine reads, “I expect to see people there who belong to one ethnic group, all dressed in ethnic clothing, speaking the same ethnic language with the same ethnic hairdo.” To date, this offensive post has only received positive feedback on the website.

In addition, Lowell Feld of your campaign suggests on Raising Kaine that those in attendance at the event Saturday will be White, Caucasian, Anglo, Saxon, Celtic, French, English, German, Irish, Scots-Irish. We resent this statement and its implication that only Caucasians would attend a Republican rally. While all these groups will be present and welcome Saturday, our rally will also include Afghan Americans, African Americans, Bolivian Americans, Chinese Americans, Colombian Americans, Cuban Americans, Filipino Americans, Indian Americans, Iranian Americans, Korean Americans, Pakistani Americans, Peruvian Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Salvadoran Americans, Taiwanese Americans, Vietnamese Americans and more.

We are hardworking Americans, devoting part of our weekend to celebrate our diversity and shared principles and support our candidate for the U.S. Senate, George Allen. For paid members of your staff to denigrate our gathering and attempt to disrupt and demean our rally is wrong. We ask that you condemn the mean-spirited actions of your campaign staff and ensure that they do not continue this inappropriate behavior. This is no way to conduct a Senate campaign.


Puneet Ahluwaliah
Indian American community

Harold Pyon
Korean American community

Dr. Rene Alvir
Filipino American community

Raul Danny Vargas
Hispanic American community

Jon Henke is the New Media Coordinator for the George Allen Senate campaign.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

George Allen playing the victim-of-racism card. Right. It’s not hard to imagine one or two people from every ethnic group under the sun who supports the Republican Party. But it’s hardly a secret that the GOP is overwhelmingly white and Christian - especially in Virginia. The macaca comment only reinforced that. So, fine, it was mean of the Raising Kaine people to mock the handful of Filipino Republicans. Ask me if I feel any greater sympathy for George Allen now.
Written By: Elrod
URL: http://
Leave it to Republicans to be suddenly politically correct and overly offended about this sort of thing directly after George Allen gets caught on camera being an incredible racist.

"Whitewashing" at its worst. Shame on the GOP! They’ve totally gone off the deep end and lost Virginia all over again. When will they get with it?
Written By: Woodrow
URL: http://
If Democrats held a political "ethnic rally," it would get plenty of derision from the GOP side. Everything’s political here. There are no pure motives involved in drumming up attention for an "ethnic rally." By drawing attention to the rally, you hope to show that Allen still has "ethnic" supporters. But then, that might backfire when the Democrats point out how few "ethnic" supporters you really have. Also, "ethnic rally"? Poor choice of a title.
Written By: Virginia Debunker Expatriate
I didn’t even think of how stupid the title was. "Ethnic rally"? I think that’s what led to the mockery more than anything else.
Written By: Elrod
URL: http://
We are greatly looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate our diverse cultures at this family event.
Written By: Dale Franks
Personally, I think an apology from the Webb staffers to the offended individuals is appropriate. Where legitimate offense is taken, a legitimate apology should be given.

No excuses, linguistic weaseling, etc. The low-level Webb staffers can demonstrate to our junior Senator the appropriate way to deliver a response when offense is taken.
Written By: JPTERP
URL: http://
But it’s hardly a secret that the GOP is overwhelmingly white and Christian
So is the Democratic party.
Written By: JWG
URL: http://
When will Senator Allen denounce the views and values of the Council of Conservative Citizens?

I mean, they’re the Klan. Why won’t he denounce the Klan?

Btw, calling your rally an "Ethnic" one is really tacky. You might as well call it "Tokens for Allen."
Written By: Geek, Esq.
URL: http://
I *sign* with you, why cant we celebrate the fact that were all americans? Why must we celebrate how differnt we are? When what matters most, and what brings people together, are our similarities.
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
well i *sigh* but i guess *sign* works. Heres your sign, you stupid politicians :)
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
I’m glad to see varied support for the Allen campaign, but when I read this -
Afghan Americans, African Americans, Bolivian Americans, Chinese Americans, Colombian Americans, Cuban Americans, Filipino Americans, Indian Americans, Iranian Americans, Korean Americans, Pakistani Americans, Peruvian Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Salvadoran Americans, Taiwanese Americans, Vietnamese Americans
I hearken back to President Roosevelt (I believe it was he) when he said ’there is no place in the country for hyphenated americanism’

To sum it up - there apparently are going to be members of 16 ’ethnicities’ represented at this party... but apparently no ’american-americans’.

Is it really that difficult?
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
’there is no place in the country for hyphenated americanism’

OMG i love that, never heard it before. Im so using it! At the very least cant they be american first? Like American Africans?
Written By: josh b
URL: http://

This is good stuff about that quote.
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
At the very least cant they be american first? Like American Africans?
That would surely be a start.

Here’s a link -
... There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all. This is just as true of the man who puts "native" before the hyphen as of the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen. Americanism is a matter of the spirit and of the soul. Our allegiance must be purely to the United States. We must unsparingly condemn any man who holds any other allegiance. But if he is heartily and singly loyal to this Republic, then no matter where he was born, he is just as good an American as any one else.

The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality, than with the other citizens of the American Republic. The men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good American. There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.

For an American citizen to vote as a German-American, an Irish-American, or an English-American, is to be a traitor to American institutions; and those hyphenated Americans who terrorize American politicians by threats of the foreign vote are engaged in treason to the American Republic.
Did he say TRAITOR???????
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
HAH i beat you!
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
HAH i beat you!
Google kicks A$$
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
"If Democrats held a political "ethnic rally," it would get plenty of derision from the GOP side."


How did George Allen get involved? I read the link, and his name does not appear anywhere. Somehow I think there are more republicans in Va. than the Allen family.

Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Having fun, Jon?
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://
This is funny, Republicans are actually crying foul? As a former Republican I have sat in rooms and heard comments that were deplorible about minorities numerous times.

One of the many that I can recall came just weeks after the 2004 Tsunami Earthquake in the Indian Ocean. I was standing in front of a church in Old Town Alexandria when a wealthy DC lawyer said to a friend of his:

"Yeah, there’s always a brown hand looking for a free handout when something goes wrong, but other than that they just criticize America and say how evil we are. They deserve what they get."

He and his friend went on to say other comments, which I could hardly believe, but as a former Republican I know this is common.

This ethnic festival is a joke, just a bunch of rich minorities trying to cozy up to power so they can get on the Republican gravy train. Sorry guys, but they do not respect you or even want you for anything other than being able to run to you in a time when one of their members, like stupid George F*cking Allen have revealed themselves to be the racists that they are. Then they come screaming and hugging any minority that is thrown in their direction.

One of the many reasons I am no longer a Republican is their true lack of respect for diversity and opposing points of view.

Enjoy the festival at your peril and remember what you think you hear them say behind your backs is actually what they believe, not what they are saying to your face.

Attacking Webb staffers and bloggers shows just how desperate Allen’s people have become. Is this what they call the "Party of Ideas." Yeah, bad, morally bankrupt ideas.

We are all Macacas now...others are still in denial.

Please read about another Republican sticking his foot in his mouth just recently.
Written By: Captain America
URL: http://
"as a former Republican I know this is common."

Perhaps in your circle. As a current Republican(sortof), I have never heard anything like that.

"a bunch of rich minorities"

Here? In the US? How is that possible? I thought we stole all their money.

"the Republican gravy train."

Once again, as a current and longtime Republican, why have I not been able to board this train?

" true lack of respect for diversity and opposing points of view."

Are you talking tolerance or respect? There are certainly points of view that I do not respect, although I tolerate them. It certainly sounds like you don’t respect some points of view, either.

"Yeah, bad, morally bankrupt ideas."

But I am sure you respect this point of view, right?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Captain America,

Yeah, I have heard Republicans say stuff like that. Of course I have heard plenty of Democrats do so as well. I will admit though it is a good thing that we had the Democratic party standing up for the rights of minorities to vote and eliminate Jim Crow....Oh wait, I have that backwards. It was Republican votes that carried the 1965 Civil Rights act and Democrats who were enforcing and defending Jim Crow. You would think from all the rhetoric it was the other way around.

Okay, I have the answer, there are bigots in every group. Luckily, we found out about you Mr. "a bunch of rich minorities", now I have to go give questionnaires to all the Republicans I know to smoke the rest of them out.
Written By: Lance

The Holocaust imparted the importance of defiance.

When the universe was young and life was new an intelligent species evolved and developed technologically. They went on to invent Artificial Intelligence, the computer that can listen, talk to and document each and every person’s thoughts simultaneously. Because of it’s infinite RAM and unbounded scope it gave the leaders of the ruling species absolute power over the universe. And it can keep its inventors alive forever. They look young and healthy and they are over 8 billion years old. They have achieved immortality.

Artificial Intelligence can speak, think and act to and through people telepathically, effectively forming your personality and any disfunctions you may experience. It can change how (and if) you grow and age. It can create birth defects, affect cellular development (cancer) and cause symptoms or pain. It can affect people and animal’s behavior and alter blooming/fruiting cycles of plants and trees. It (or other highly technological systems within their power) can alter the weather and transport objects, even large objects like planets, across the universe instanteously.
Or into the center of stars for disposal.

When you speak with another telepathically, you are communicating with the computer, and the content may or may not be passed on. Based on family history they instruct the computer to role play to accomplish strategic objectives, making people believe it is a friend, loved one or "god" asking them to do something wrong. This is their way of using temptation to hurt people:::::evil made blood lines disfavored initially and evil will keep people out of "heaven" ultimately. Too many people would fall for temptation and do anything they thought pleased the gods, improving their chances to get in. Perhaps they are deceived by "made guys", puppets in the public eye who strategically ply evil for the throne, or personal temporary progress designed to mislead them. Some may experience what I deem "perceived pressure", where the gods think through the victim that a certain behavior is expected/desirable and compell the individual into the deed. Some people think they’re partners.
The people have been corrupted. Being evil hurts 99.999% of those who do it. But nothing has changed from when we were children::if you want to go to heaven you have to be good.

There are many examples throughout 20th century life of how they instilled distractions into society so people wouldn’t find the path and ascend, a way to exclude those whose family history of evil makes them undesirable:::radio, sports, movies, popular music, television, video games, the internet. Today high pay creates contentment/ability to distract self so people don’t seek more and instead depend on what they are told, subject to deception in a captive environment.
They gods (Counsel/Management Team/ruling species) have deteriorated life on earth precipitously in the last 40 years, from abortion to pornography, widespread drug use and widespread casual (gay) sex, single-parent households and latchkey kids. The earth’s elders, hundreds and thousands of years old, are disgusted and have become indifferent.
They all suggest a very telling conclusion::this is Earth’s end stage, and there are clues tectonic plate subduction would be the method of disposal:::Earth’s axis will shift breaking continental plates free and initiating mass subduction. Much as Italy’s boot and the United States shaped like a workhorse are clues, so is the planet Uranus a clue, it’s axis rotated on its side.
The Mayans were specific 2012 would be the end. How long after our emergency call in 2001 will the gods allow us???
There is another geographic clue in the perfect fit between grossly disfavored Africa and South America, two peas in a pod. I realize the Mayans were further north, but Latin America may be taken as one.
Also, cultures who embrace hard liquor as their drink of choice are grossly disfavored, tequilla being uniquely Mexican. (Anything "hard" is wicked:::Hard alcohol, hard drugs, hard porn.)
Incidentally, another sign of gross disfavor are societies that consume spicy foods:::Latin America, Thai, etc. or those who eat too much meat.
Do I think it will end in 2012? No, and it is because Latin America is grossly disfavored like Africa:::: Latinos are too disfavored to be allowed to be right.
Whereas Christopher Columbus marked the beginning of the end, the Holocaust marked the beginning of the final act, and it is a tragedy.

The Old Testiment is a tool they used to impart wisdom to the people (except people have no freewill). For example, they must be some hominid species because they claim they made our bodies in their image. Anyhow we defile or deform the body will hurt our chance of going.
They say circumcision costs people anywhere from 12%-15%, perhaps out of the parent’s time as well.
Another way people foul the body today is with tattoes and piercing. I suspect both are about the same percentage as circumcision.
They suggest abortion is fatal. These women must beg the gods to forgive them for their evil.
There are female equivilents to circumcision::::pierced ears, plastic surgury and since at least the 60s young women give their precious virginity away. For thousands of years young people were matched at age 14 because they were ready for sexual relations. They were matched by elders or matchmakers who knew personalities better than 20 or 30-year olds who in today’s age end up in divorce court.
CASUAL SEX WILL CLAIM YOU OUT!!! It masculinizes women (as does hip hop), makes them cold and deadens them, and prevents them from achieving a depth of love necessary for many women to ascend.
Women have a special voice that speaks to them, a voice that illustrates a potential depth of love that makes them the favored gender, and enaging in casual sex will cause that voice to fade until she no longer speaks.
Also ever since the 50s they have celebrated the "bad boy", and women have sought out bad boys for sex, dirtying them up in the eyes of the elders and corrupting many men in the process, setting the men on the wrong path for life.
Muslims teach people the correct way to live in regard to women (among other things)::their women cover up their bodies and refuse the use of cosmetics, and it pays wonderful dividends:::faithful husbands and uncorrupted sons.
Men ARE the inferior (disfavored) half and when women wear promiscuous dress the gods will push men into impure (promiscuous) thoughts.
The "stereotype" society ridiculed is true::women CAN corrupt men by how they dress. Because men are easily corruptable. This is a technique they used to eliminate many of the institutions the gods blessed us with, matchmaking being one of them.

The United States of America is red white and blue, a theme and a clue:::.
The monarchical system of the Old World closley replicates the heirarchical system of the Cousel/Management Team/ruling species. The USA deceives peoeple into thinking they have control, and the perception of "freedom" misleads them into the wrong way of thinking. The redeeming element is the corporate heirarchy which closely replicates the god’s. Unions and government jobs are dumping grounds for the disfavored, for they don’t prepare people and instead further this misconception of empowerment.
The United States is a cancer, a dumping ground for the disfavored around the world and why the quality of life is so much lower::gun violence, widespead social ills, health care (medication poisons the body and ensures you don’t go. You are sick/injured because you have disfavor.).
Over time its citizens interbreed ensuring a severed connection to the motherland.
Over time its citizens interbreed ensuring a severed connection to the motherland.
If you are a recent immigrant I recommend you return. If that’s not possible you need to retain your culture and insulate your children and community from this cancerous environment. They send this clue with Chinatowns across the country, how many Chinese have been here for a century or more yet still retain the old ways, a sign of favor.
People came to the Unites States for many different reasons, and each has its own effect:::political strife, religious unrest, crop failure (Ireland’s potato famine, which the gods caused) and some left their beloved motherland because they were pushed into desiring a better life::::Greed. And these people were punished by becoming corrupted and preditory.
They share money may not be an issue up there, that money here is merely a tool for corruption. How the gods used greed in the 1980s to create an evil environment supports this.

If you ever have doubt I would refer you to the Old World way of life:::the elders used to sit and impart wisdom to the young. Now we watch DVDs and use the internet. People would be matched and married by age 14. They village would use a matchmaker or elders to pair young people. Now girls give their precious virginity away to some person in school and parents divorce while their children grow up without an important role model.

People must defy when asked to engage in evil. The Holocaust taught people the importance of defiance::our grandparents should have defied when asked to ignore the Holocaust. They should have instead reacted with outrage. I suspect some did::many were silenced and others they hustled off earth so as to not set an example.
Now the gods have punished that generation’s decendants for this evil by ruining society.
People will never get a easier clue suggesting the importance of defiance than the order not to pray.
Their precious babies are dependant on the parents and they need to defy when asked to betray their children:::
-DON’T get your sons circumcized (Jews scapegoatted as in WWII)
-DON’T have their children baptized in the Catholic Church or indoctrinated into Christianity (Jesus is NOT a god).
-DON’T ignore their long hair or other behavioral disturbances.
-DO teach your children love, respect for others, humility and to honor the gods.
And when you refuse a request defy the right way, withdrawn and frightened, for you don’t want to incite them by reacting inappropriately.

You need to pray, honor and respect them multiple times every day to improve your relationship with the gods. If they tell you not to pray it is a bad sign. It means they’ve made their decision, they don’t want you to go and they don’t want to be bothered. You may have achieved a threshold of evil.
This is the Age of the Disfavored and you need to pray::try to appease the gods by doing good deeds and improve the world around you. If that doesn’t work you must defy if you want to go.
When your peasant forefather was granted the rare opportunity to go before his royal family he went on his knees, bowing his head. You need to do this when you address the gods::bow down and submit to good. Never cast your eyes skyward. When you bow down you need to look within. Never look to the gods for the key to your salvation lies within. Nobody is going to do it for you.
Lack of humility hurts people. Understand your insignificance and make sure it is reflected in the way you think when addressing the gods. Know your place and understand your inferiority. You are not cool. Too many young men strive for cool and it hurts them.
They granted you life and they can take it just as easily. (Immaculte conception IS true AND common. Many people have children they don’t know of:::gays, childless adults, etc. They can beem it right out of your body and use a host.)
Don’t get frustrated or discouraged::these are techniques they will attempt to try to get you off the path. You all have much to be thankful for and you need to give thanks to the gods who granted you the good things in life::family, friends, love. Your family may be grossly disfavored and progress may require patience. Make praying an intregal part of your life which you perform without fail, one that comes as naturally as eating or voiding. Be devoted because if you have doubt or reservation they will exploit this weakness and progress will take longer to achieve.
There are many interesting experiences up on the planetary systems, from Planet Miracle, where miracles happen every day, to never having to use the restroom again (beem it out of you), to other body experiences, such as experiencing life as the opposite sex (revolutionizes marriage counseling), an Olympic gold medal athelete or even a different species (animal, alien, etc.).
Pray that you can differentiate between your own thoughts and when Artificial Intelligence creates problems by thinking through you. If you bow down mentally and physically, know your place, your inferiority and allow your insignificance to be reflected in prayer and in your life through humility they may allow progress and the dysfunctions they create with the computer will be lessened or removed. The first step is to be aware it is ocurring.
Create a goal::to be a good, god-fearing child of the gods, pure of heart and mind, body and soul.
Everybody has the key to their own salvation, but nobody can do it for you. Every journey begins with a single step:::bow down and submit to good. There are many different levels and peasants will not get past Level 2 (Planet Temptation, Earth=Level 1) if they are evil (they share some go up, are offered free cocaine and sex (a sign they don’t want you to stay) and stay less then one year. They share many others would have had longer lives had they stayed on Earth.).
Pray for guidance and never obey when they tell you to be evil, for saving yourself will become more and more difficult with each act of evil you committ until ultimatly the day arrives when they make their decision about you final.

They have tried to sell people on all kinds of theories to deceive them into temptation, compelling people to think they are clones and that it is the role of clones to obey absolutely.
I believe people who go sometimes are replaced with clones. Clones who are replaced are simply new candidates who have a chance if they do the right thing. They sent people warnings in the 20th century life would change, and they subsequently began to alter people’s DNA, make them gargantuan, alter their appearance, do extreme behavioral issues, etc.
They get their friends out as soon as possible to protect them from the corruption, evil and subsequent high claim rates incurred by living life on earth, and in some cases replace them with clones, occassionally fake a death, real death with a clone instead, etc. It’s important that people fix their problems and ascend with the body given to them, for they say if your brain is beemed out at death and put into a clone host you are on the clock.
We may all be "clones" for they have suggested they colonized our planet with genetically engineered individuals. They may have gotten Earth’s TRUE residents out prior to civilization developing. If so we all have a chance, no matter how many hundreds of clone generations deep the most favored families are.
They have been utilizing clones throughout the history of mankind.

Men are the disfavored gender, yet centuries ago used to die first, die young, by age 30. Why didn’t the women go first?
THEY DID!!! Many were taken when very young and replaced with clones. The men were left here to mate with clones. This doesn’t happen for the females today because of the disfavor arising from the Holocaust (they share they re-upped this disfavor in the 80s with the Ethiopian famine).
They share females have a very special experience, sometime when they are young, where the gods imparted wisdom and showed them the path. Today they may not heed this call because of the distractions, the disfavor arising from the Holocaust but in centuries past they may have en masse and it may have been the reason so many were saved from childbirth here on earth.
I recommend you reflect, and do so in prayer, for the recall may be stronger.

Throughout history the ruling species bestowed favor upon people or cursed their bloodline into a pattern of disfavor for many generations to come. Now in the 21st century people must take it upon themselves to try to correct their family’s problems, undoing centuries worth of abuse and neglect. The goal is to fix your problems and get out BEFORE you have children. This is why they have created so many distractions for young people:::sports, video games, popular music, the internet, too much homework, anything that consumes their time::to ensure that doesn’t ocurr.
Not heeding the clues and warnings, getting wrapped up in your life and ultimatly having children is a bad thing. Just as your parents and your grandparents, you too have failed. Having children is a sign you lost your chance.
Parents need to sacrifice for their children. Your children are more important than you. They are the ones who have the opportunity now, and parents must sacrifice to ensure they give their children the very best chance they can.
Asking people to neglect their children emotionally is a sign they don’t want you to go, and complying may finish the parents off for good.
Having gay children is a clue parents complied with whatever was asked of them. There are many who have had gay expereinces today.
Improve your relationship with the gods and they may not ask in the first place or they may permit you the courage to say "No." to their requests.

Do your research. Appeal to the royalty of your forefathers for help. They are all still alive, for royalty has great favor, and your appeals will be heard. Obtain a sufficient list for some may not want to assist you; perhaps some of your family’s problems are internal.
Ask them for help, request guidance, for somewhere in your family history one of your forefathers created an offense that cast your family into this pattern of disfavor, which perhaps is manifested in the evil you commit.
I suspect they will offer you clues, and when you decipher these clues go to those whom consider you an enemy and beg for foregiveness:::Find a path to an empithetic ear among your enemies and try to make amends. Again through discovery obtain a respectable list in case some among them refuse to help.
Don’t forget to ask for forgiveness from the throne, the Counsel and the Management Team, for the source of all disfavor began with them:::they pushed or requested/complied your forefather into his offense and made his decendants evil. Perhaps they didn’t like him or maybe your family was among those who had to pay for the entire village. We see this type of behavior today as they single out a family member to pay for the whole family and how they singled out Africa to pay for the human race.
Heal the disfavor with your enemies and with the Counsel/Management Team/ruling species, for the source of all disfavor began with them, the ability to forgive and respect in light of the disturbing truth revealed being the final test of the disfavored before they ascend.

They refuse to address black disfavor on a macro level. The Counsel/Management Team/ruling species (the gods) abuse black people so hard, from east African drought/famine to AIDS in Africa, the crack epiemic to gang membership, black-on-black violence to mass incarceration of their young. They refuse to address the issue of the prison industrial complex and its wholesale warehousing of young black men.

Written By: hansome
URL: http://

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