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Liveblogging Meet the Press
Posted by: Jon Henke on Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'll be Liveblogging today's Meet the Press debate between Senator George Allen and Jim Webb at the new George Allen Senate campaign blog, AllenHQ:


Also at Allen HQ:

Jon Henke is the New Media Coordinator for the George Allen Senate campaign.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I’ve been watching these "Press Releases" over the last few weeks from Sen. Allen’s "man of teh Internets" John Henke.

This may have been discussed earlier, but I’d like to see a main poster comment on how easily this blog could turn into a never-ending "P-R" medium for anyone; from candidate to members of Congress and their staffs.

I understand the unique two-way communication it affords, but I do not want to wade through 50 or more pieces of spun ’conservative’ fact "From the desk of..."

Other than being a huge Cowboys fan, I have no issues with the name George Allen. Is George Allen a openly declared Libertarian? I misssed that one.

What is to keep every other staffer from filling the QandO box with, um, you know....political manure.

Nothing personal, John. You seem dedicated, for an employee (?)
Written By: Rick D.
URL: http://
I’ve clearly stated that I’m on the campaign staff. I do most of my blogging at, but — as I said from the beginning of this — I will, on fairly rare occassion, post something here at QandO.

In any event, settle down, Beavis. This is not = "never-ending ’P-R’" — it is a relatively infrequent post about an election in my State and for a candidate I support. Of the current 30 posts on the front page of QandO, only 3 are by me. One of those is about ethanol, not Allen; the other two are simply links to my blogging elsewhere.

Written By: Jon Henke
How dare you use your blog as you see fit, Jon! I want my money back! ;-)
Written By: Pablo
URL: http://
Here’s the ten reasons to vote for George Allen...

1. Immigration. Allen gets it. He voted against President Bush’s shameful amnesty bill. Close the borders now. No excuses. Immediately. Then, sort out what to do with 12 million or so illegal immigrants – after the borders are sealed.

2. Taxes. Allen voted for the tax cuts that have fueled the economy out of the Clinton/9-11 Recession. Allen supports an end to the Death Tax. He will continue to vote for lower taxes.

3. Energy. Allen has done his homework and supports the achievable alternatives to make the U.S. independent of Middle Eastern oil. His initiatives using Virginia’s coal, crops, off-shore oil and gas and technologies will bring wealth, jobs and more energy resources to Virginia.

4. Judges. Allen stood strongly for the conservative, stricter constitutionalist judges nominated by President Bush. Allen understands the threat activist judges are to the Rule of Law under our Constitution — although, he hasn’t prepared articles of impeachment for any tyrannical judge yet.

5. WW IV. Allen understands that the war in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) is part of the greater World War against Islamist Terrorism. He knows that removing Saddam Hussein was necessary to preserve and protect U.S. security. He has visited the war zones and wants the Generals to decide when troops can come home, not cut and run on an arbitrary timetable.

6. Trust. Allen has been a consistent, courageous conservative since he was elected delegate to the General Assembly from Mr. Jefferson’s seat. As Governor he set the example for "promises made, promises kept." His reforms for truth in criminal sentencing and parole and for establishing educational standards have served Virginia well and are standards for national leadership.

7. Jobs. When Allen was Governor, he kept Virginia open for business. He works to limit federal regulation and taxation that kills jobs.

8. Environment. Allen supports good stewardship to preserve open land and clean water. He is instrumental in getting rid of the mothball fleet environmental hazard in the James River. He works for federal resources to help clean The Bay.

9. Trainable. Allen changed his position on hate crimes when he learned the threat to liberty for Christian free speech lurking in including "sexual orientation" in hate crimes legislation. Maybe he can continue to mature his thinking and vote against all hate crimes legislation, minority quotas, set asides and race-based privileges – like his regrettable Virginia Indian Tribes bill.

10. Resolute on Life and other issues. George Allen has always been a legislative champion for the right to life of the unborn babies. He understands when life shouldn’t be snuffed – like euthanasia – and when life may be taken, regretfully and solemnly after due process – capital punishment. Allen supports defending traditional marriage as one man and one woman.
Jon, constructive criticism: this list is terrible. Most of it is vague to the point of being very unconvincing. The specific stuff, like #1 and #10, are not very liberty-oriented, methinks. #2 seems to be in tension with your own economic work.

Even the things that might concievably sound promising ("His reforms for truth in criminal sentencing and parole and for establishing educational standards") - I have no idea what that means. Reforms for truth? what?

But I’ve saved the best for last -
#9: Trainable

I hope Jim Webb doesn’t pick up on that one. It sounds bad. I’d quietly take it down, myself.

Sorry, Jon, I’ve tried to avoid these posts and avoid picking on them. I know you can’t answer, but I imagine you’re not enjoying having to promote stuff of this quality.

Written By: glasnost
URL: http://
This is idiocy, Jon, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Is Allen coming out in favor of drafting women? Is he coming out in favor of putting them into combat? Is he coming out in favor of subjecting them to the selective service? If not, then this is garbage and you know it.

In other policy areas, Allen essentially believes that our system is more or less great the way it is. He is not one to ever take chances or rock the boat.

Tax cuts? What tax cuts? You mean the tiny little 2% cut that belied all the increased spending that he voted for? By the way, Jon, all that spending will have to paid for by future tax hikes. Allen refused to take a stand on the car tax, by the way, Jon. Gilmore had to work on that. Allen was too sheepish and unwilling to rock the boat to do anything on that score. George Allen is mediocre and that is all he will ever be.

If anyone even tries to claim that Allen is in any way, sense, or form, libertarian, that person is a liar and a fraud and unworthy of being believed.

Very sad. Very, very sad and close to pathetic when people try to claim that they are "libertarian" Republicans and then vote for more federal intervention in the system in almost every area, but think that tiny tax cuts will fool true believers in limited government.
Written By: william
URL: http://
This is idiocy, Jon, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Is Allen coming out in favor of drafting women? Is he coming out in favor of putting them into combat? Is he coming out in favor of subjecting them to the selective service? If not, then this is garbage and you know it.
At no point have we objected to Webb’s policy preferences on this matter — only to his characterization of women.

Please read for comprehension.
Written By: Jon Henke
That is stupid and doesn’t answer the question. Webb never said he hated women. He said that there were integration problems in the militray, which is a point of view widely held on the right, with groups dedicated to keeping women out of combat. Allen was not especially helpful to women during the VMI fiasco. Once again, we see rank politics from a mediocre man, who will never live up to his father, the real George Allen.(May he rest in peace. I will never forget that Dallas-Washington game in 1972 when Ken Houston made the big tackle on Walt Garrison at the goal line to preserve the victory 14-7. but I digress.)

If Webb has any sense he will call Allen on this and demand Allen’s position on all of the matters which I have mentioned.(Of course, Allen as is the wont of the mediocre, has no position). I note once again, that Allen is not and could not, ever be honestly categorized as a believer in small government. And for all of you Gop-bought-off parrots who go around saying: tax cut, tax cut, tax cut. Guess what? Tax rates were lower under the first George Bush and he raised them. That is all cutting in tax rates that we have gotten from George Bush and his glorious acolyte George Allen.
Written By: william
URL: http://
In case any of you missed it, "libertarian" George Allen has now come out in favor of affirmative action for women in the military. Examine one of his critiques of Webb and you will see that Allen’s position is certainly put forth as one that is pro-affirmative action:

“What the whole world may not know is that women did not attain these positions in the same way that men historically have…Women will not be leading men inside the brigade this year. They will be managing them, buttressed by the officers who hurried them along. And the morale of the brigade will demonstrate this distinction far better than this article ever could.” (pg. 277, “Women Can’t Fight,” Washingtonian Magazine, November 1979).

The only other explanation for the inclusion of this quote could be that Allen is simply trying to say that Webb is just as anti-affirmative action as Allen is, but regardless this is mostly due to Webb actually being the more conservative, small-government candidate, who like most liberty-oriented Republicans, has been driven out of the party by the fundamentalist, warmongering morality police. George Allen believes that you belong in jail if you smoke pot, if you gamble, or if you visit a prostitute, and he also believes that the federal government should have the funds and authority to track you down and arrest you. Small government, indeed.

Unlike some people, who get money and job opportunities for betraying their principles, some of us still think that there is a possibility of curtailing leviathan. George Allen, with his big-government approach to law enforcement and the military and his unwillingness to ever take chances is a disaster for anyone who still thinks that curtailing government is possible. A word to the wise: tax cuts no longer signify smaller government; smaller government signifies smaller government and Allen has never made government smaller during any of his service. I was a Republican my entire life until 2002 and I can honestly say that they only thing more ignorant than a former Republican, is a current Republican. Thus, Webb is the choice for anyone who truly believes in smaller government.
Written By: william
URL: http://
Jon, I was dissapointed to learn that

#6, which sounded interesting to me,

"His reforms for truth in criminal sentencing and parole",

seems to stand for what I read in CQ today - that as governor, George Allen abolished parole.

I find that to be an unacceptably vague description of a much more specific set of actions.

I know you didn’t write it, but I welcome clarification.

Written By: glasnost
URL: http://

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