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For those thinking about blogging
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, September 28, 2006

A tutorial, grasshopper.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I can barely stomach Pogue’s stupidity on this blog, much less his own. Sign me up as Uninspired.
Written By: kyle N
Amanda Huggenkiss????? Am I missing something here? "A man to hug and kiss"?

I’ll tell ya though, his is one tough site to read.
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
Pogue is going to really enjoy all this positive feedback, he no longer being a ’grasshopper’ and all.

Heh ...
Written By: McQ
Amanda Huggenkiss????? Am I missing something here? "A man to hug and kiss"?
I ain’t touchin’ it.
Written By: McQ
If this means fewer comments by Poge I’m game. Let’s hope he meets a nice medium of being popular enough to read for fun by some people, and annoyed by others enough to get e-mail that keeps him busy with his own thing; all the while hoping ignorance doesn’t trickle down to the readers.
Written By: Ike
URL: http://
I can barely stomach Pogue’s stupidity on this blog, much less his own. Sign me up as Uninspired.

Awe…, gee kyle, I knew we were buddies and everything, but you really didn’t have to trouble yourself. But thanks for chiming in. I’m… touched.

Compelled no doubt by your good nature, and seeing as how you went out of your way to comment on this thread giving your opinion of my intelligence… I thought I would do the same about you.
So lets have a look at the brilliant writing of kyle N’s own blog, Impudent Domain, where upon arrival we are greeted with instructions to,
Just shut up and blog me.
And with that, we know to prepare ourselves for a refreshing trickle of intrepid declarations scored with literary tunes. And dance with poetry.

We’ll start off with some of your more subtle work about our 38th President,
Hey Jimmy! Shut up! why don’t you just drop dead already you sad, sorry stupid excuse for a human being.
Insightful, lucid, sapient. Striking, yet with the touch of a feather.
Good work.

Worldly are you au courant,
The world’s biggest hole is located in Russia.

With grace, go you – cosmopolitan.

Fertile imagination, winged creativity yielding summaries for art in motion,
My Idea for a cant miss screenplay.
Ok, you know how everyone likes Vampire movies right? And, the current fad is for really beautiful, sleek figured women to be the action heroes right?
Well here is my Idea, The cast is very important, you have these three female vampire hunters, Kate Beckinsale, Liv Tyler, or maybe Milla Jovovich, and either Charlize Theron, or Scarlette Johnason. If that trio is too white for you then throw in either Kelly Hu or Halle Berry.
Now these particular type of vampires can only be killed by blowing up their heads, so the girls hunt them with shotguns and there is lots of action and lots of gore. The problem is, if you get even a little of the vampires blood on your skin, or it could seep through your clothes then after a while you could become a vampire,
SO, after each battle the Girls have to take these really long, hot, showers together and they have to scrub each other real good. I figure at least five such scenes in the movie.
NOW who don’t like my little Idea for a vampire movie?

Stimulating to the last.


No need to thank me kyle, I’m just returning compliments in kind.
I can barely stomach Pogue’s stupidity on this blog, much less his own. Sign me up as Uninspired.

You know, kyle… after reading what you write… I find it effortless to sign you up as “Uninspired”.

Written By: PogueMahone
Crikey, Mr. Mahone, how do you find the time to write these lengthy comments here? Surely this alledged blog of yours takes up a fair amount of time. Or are you like the Maytag repairman in the commercials? I would have visited but I was told there is no "Gelid carboy" blog. That’s why I said alledged.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

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