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OMG! War Plans!
Posted by: McQ on Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh glory be, Lilly, get the dog in the house and head to the basement:
The Pentagon has stepped up planning for attacks against North Korea's nuclear program and is bolstering nuclear forces in Asia, said defense officials familiar with the highly secret process.

The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the accelerated military planning includes detailed programs for striking a North Korean plutonium-reprocessing facility at Yongbyon with special operations commando raids or strikes with Tomahawk cruise missiles or other precision-guided weapons.
Really, I don't know how many times this has to be explained when another breathless reporter discovers plans are being updated for a possible attack on North Korea. And this time it is Bill Gertz who should know better.

Yes. Operations Plans (OPLAN) are being updated based on current data, the possibility of significant activity in the area, the priority of the crisis, updated military technology or new tactics. It is when they become Operations Orders (OPORD) that you should worry.

They do this planning all the time. That is the full-time job of the future plans folks in the Pentagon. My guess is there's even a current plan for invading Canada, not that it has much of a priority. And not that we'd attack Canada ... well, except for Quebec. (Only a joke my Canadian friends).
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I can personally confirm that I worked on mission plans like this back in the early 90’s wrt NK. I can see clearly now that even back then the evil BusHitler/Rove mind machine was hard at work.

Written By: bril
URL: http://
Can’t the Christianist Neo-Con Terrorists in the Bush Regime understand that military force can NOT be used to remake a nation’s socio-political structure? The War-Mongers no doubt intend to spark endless war so as to declare martial law and the imposition of their Radical Social Plans! SHEEP LOOK UP!
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
They’d be much happier if they could publish the actual plan. We have a right to know, you know?

Written By: looker
URL: http://
PLANS???? It’s all part of the genius Bush/CHeney/Rove plan for world domination.

Of course, the alternative would be, hostilities break out and Bush/Rummy admit ’well, we’ve been kind of busy elsewhere and have no plans for NoKo’. What would MK say then???? BUSH IS INCOMPETENT!!!!! He should have had PLANS!!!!!!!
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
The commandos would blow up the facility to prevent further reprocessing of the spent fuel rods, which provides the material for developing nuclear weapons.
Actually I think my son and I have infiltrated this site while playing X-box. Pretty sure. They’ll need to watch out for that pesky guard that’s hanging around the storage room. Oh, and shooting the camera on the nuke lab level won’t knock it out, and the NOKO camera watching guard in the security room will say, in English, that he sees someone moving on that level and trigger an alert.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
My guess is there’s even a current plan for invading Canada
Shoot, I’ve been planning that for years.
Written By: ChrisB
URL: http://
History is instructive, eh. It tells us that Quebec’s a harder target than Paris, eh. Watch out, eh.
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
For that matter, it’s a harder target than 1945 Berlin, eh. The US managed to take Berlin, eh, and that’s what it’s all aboot.
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
Reading it, it almost sounds like a oral press release. Nothing in it gives the impression Gertz (or whoever was receiving this info) asked any questions, not even, is there a plan for occupation?, is there a plan for the aftermath?, or what’s the exit strategy?.

But I like it. It’s a good article to have on the outward facing page of the paper our rep is reading when NoKo diplomats enter the room for some six party talks.
Written By: Dusty
URL: http://
Y’know, I don’t really care if the secret information is leaked by and unfriendly paper like the NYT or WaPO, or by a friendly paper like the WaTimes, I’d like to see the Feds put these leakers and reporters in jail. Why do they think that their own self-agrandizement is worth giving away our national security advantage to our enemies? And if you’re a reporter, just because some traitor hands you the information on a platter does not absolve you of your responsibility to your country. Is it just me?
Written By: Scot
URL: http://
And they’re anonymous - yeah, sure. Maybe at publication time they are.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
The obvious question is, why would DoD bolster nuclear forces in Asia as part of such a plan?

Even if DoD was planning a nuclear attack (which is so crazy as to be incomprehensible), don’t we have enough missiles for that outside of Asia anyway?

I can’t see the strategic or tactical point in bolstering nuclear forces in Asia.

For deterrence, well, our entire Strategic arsenal can hit NK already, and they know it.

For retaliation to a nuclear first strike by NK, ditto.

That leaves only pre-emptive, offensive use of nuclear weapons. That’s not only way outside US doctrine, but the Strategic arsenal can do that too. All it’d take is taking all-but-one of the warheads off one of the Tridents, and launching it, if we wanted a single strike. If that’s somehow too sneaky, there’s always cruise missiles; I believe the Tomahawk can take a W57 or equivalent warhead in some configurations.

Heck, I’d be staggered if the carrier group in the area didn’t have a few low-yield warheads lying around anyway, so if we were stupid-crazy enough to fly one in on a plane, there’d be no need to increase deployment anyway.

In short: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Written By: Sigivald
URL: http://
Invading Quebec? Would you? Please? Pretty Pretty Please?
Written By: Joe Canadian
URL: http://
Sigivald -

It’s actually not so far-fetched that the US would use tactical nuclear weapons in Korea. We seriously considered using atomic weapons in Korea (it wasn’t just MacArthur’s idea), but at the time, napalm was just dandy for wiping whole towns off the map. Now that we have a class of weapons that we absoutely have to destroy reliably if ever things do head south in Korea (no pun intended), they’re back on the menu. No need for a big launch that can be detected far away or too far ahead of time, and which would set the PRC and Russia on edge (hey, they can’t be certain where an ICBM is going)—just load a warhead onto a cruise missile or load one into a B-2 or onto any plane that can reliably deliver the payload.

And then, this could very well be a purposeful "leak" — a way of saying, "You mess with us, we’ll serve you a Midnight Sunrise. Capiche?" Kind of a re-run of the Madman Theory.
Joe Canadian -

Sorry. There are just no good configurations for 51 stars in the corner of our flag. We’d need at least one other province. Then we could even have a full deck of cards named after states.
Written By: OrneryWP
URL: http://
The obvious question is, why would DoD bolster nuclear forces in Asia as part of such a plan?
Well first you have to believe it is part of the plan. As OrneryWP points out, it could be part of a disinformation program to make a point ... you know - "you have a .5kt weapon and we’re into megatonnage". A little reminders, so to speak.
Written By: McQ
MADD NK ver2.0?
Written By: VRB
VRB: he might be a crazy dictator, but I don’t know that Kim Jong Il has done anything to deserve Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
Written By: Bitter
Too many D’s? So many acromyns, today. I could have sworn it had two D’s.
Written By: VRB
Mothers Against Democratic Dictators?
No, I don’t mean the Democratic PARTY

or maybe I do.

Maybe I’m John Kerry.
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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