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Our House is very fine house...But not right now
Posted by: Dale Franks on Friday, November 10, 2006

Well, I've mentioned our slab leak mold problem at the house. For this week, we've been dealing with "The Bubble".

This is what The Bubble looks like from the family room.

All of our furniture is shoved over to one side of the room. Also, our coffee table is having to double as a dinner table.


Chris is kinda freaking out. She really hates the clutter and the inconvenience. I mean, I don't like it either, but she's even more upset than I am.

Here's The Bubble as seen from the kitchen.

We have the tiniest space to access the stove and the fridge. But, without a sink, there's not much we can do with them.

Here's what the world inside The Bubble looks like.

The big silver and black thing is a de-humidifier unit, to soak up all the moisture in the bubble. Once that is done, the Environmentalist (A guy who checks out the state of the mold abatement in the environment, not a guy who hugs larches and nuzzles fuzzy bunnies) says it's OK, we can begin rebuilding this part of the kitchen.

For comparison, this is what the Kitchen looked like before The Coming of The Bubble.

Fortunately, the slab leak is between the kitchen and the bathroom, so they won't have to drill into the slab. They just have to reroute about 7 feet of hot water pipe from the pipes there on the left side, to the front of the bathroom tub, which is in the background.

We've been waiting all day to get the plumbers out here to do that.

Actually, we did have one plumber who was supposed to do the work, but he was a complete ass. We took him into the bubble, and told him what we needed to be done. Then, speaking to me as if I were a dull, small child, informed me that we would need a leak detection before he could do the work.

Apparently, while I was showing him whjat I wanted done, he was rolling his eyes at me, like I was a moron. Chris saw that, and we he came out with the leak detection remark, she went off on him for his attitude.

I mean, this ass is standing in the middle of the bubble, with a blower unit and de-humidifier blasting. The cabinets and sink have been ripped out. All of the drywall has been removed. And, I'm showing him where the water is coming from, and where the re-route needs to go. Did he really think that we had done all that without having a frickin' clue where the leak was?

Chris says he was probably just having a bad day, and didn't want to do the work. Which is probably true, because, when the company sent him out, they assured us he could do the work this afternoon. Then he tells us he can't do it until Tuesday. So, we told him goodbye.

We also called the compnay, and told them that, even though their guy's bid was the lowest one we'd gotten, his attitude, and unwillingness to do the work cost them the job.

They were unhappy. So were we, but we've got another plumber on the way, who, we are assured, can do the re-route tonight.

So, it looks like I'll be able to take my first hot shower in three weeks. Since the hot water has been shut off, We've had to heat big posts of water on the stove, then pour it into the bathtub. I hate baths; rooting around in water clouded with my own filth like an animal.

If they don't get it fixed today, though, we'll have even more inconvenience, because they had to shut off all the water, not just the hot. Apparently, because we have single-valve faucets, they don't seal completely, so even using cold water, the water backs up into the hot pipe, and causes it to keep leaking.

The insurance company has gotten us a local hotel room, so we can drive over there for a shower, at least, if the plumbers can't do the reroute this evening.


Well, it could've been worse. We might've had to live in the hotel room, which would've been a real drag.

We aren't the unhappiest ones in the house though.

This is one freaked-out kitty. She doesn't know what's happening, but she doesn't like it.

UPDATE: The plumber's here and the re-route is happening as I write. He's having to notch the two by fours with a very loud saw. It sounds like hot showers to me!
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Man I am glad I don’t live in CA. You wonder why your voters don’t care about the Fifth Amendment. They go from some of the most robust frontiersmen ever, to a government regulated paralyzing panic over mold! I hope you had your respirator on when you ventured in the bubble to take that picture.
Written By: coaster
URL: http://
Oh Dear God. A plumber with a Sawzall.

Pray for your home.
Written By: spongeworthy
URL: http://
We in southern Lebanon feel so much better about our own bombed homes after reading this pitiful thread.
Written By: Kahlil
URL: http://
We in southern Lebanon feel so much better about our own bombed homes after reading this pitiful thread.

Maybe if you in Southern Lebanon would stop lobbing Katyushas into Israel, your homes wouldn’t get bombed. Then, maybe plumbing issues would once again be your biggest worry.
Written By: Dale Franks

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