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"Just give me a sign"
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, November 19, 2006

My wife has been between jobs as the start-up with which she was working finally gave up the ghost (under-financed). So she's been looking while working part-time. Naturally when she finally got a job offer it was actually two. The company with which she was working part time and another one with which she'd interviewed.

She and I did the 'pros and cons' on both offers, compared benefits and salaries, commission, who she'd be working with and for and for the life of us couldn't get enough daylight between the two to say which was better than he other.

In frustration my wife, Jan, looked toward heaven and said "just give me a sign!". We both laughed and agreed to talk about it again the next day.

Dutifully at the crack of dawn Jan took off to the part-time job hoping to discover something during the day which would help her in the decision making process.

When she got to the offices, a guy who works there was standing outside. "Don't go in", he said, "there's someone in there and I've called the cops".

Sure that it was burglars caught in the act, Jan got back in her car and locked it up. 3 squad cars arrived, and with weapons drawn, two policemen entered the building while one watched the back.

Long delay and the two who went in come out smiling and shaking their head. Jan walks up to them and asks if everything was all right. They assure her it is and then inform her and the guy that it was a group of raccoons who'd somehow found their way into the offices, and, apparently, had a fine time of it in there.

"It's a mess in there", one of the policemen said.

"What kind of a mess", Jan asked.

"Well they were pretty rambunctious and they really messed up one of the desks in there." The officers had escorted the perpetrators out of the back door and they'd taken off into the woods.

The policeman told them,"it's safe to go in now."

Jan quickly walked in and went directly to her office - one among many, many offices.

Guess where they had had their party? Yup. And not only that, they'd left a steaming, stinking pile of raccoon poop right in the center of her desk.

Yes, friends, Jan had gotten her sign. After a little housecleaning, she promptly called the other company and accepted their offer.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Heh, great story. Though perhaps that was the "sign" indicating that that was where G-d wanted her... congrats in any case.
Written By: Mithras
:-) This story made me laugh! Agree, that that "steaming, stinking pile of raccoon poop right in the center of her desk" was the sign, that she must accept this company’s offer.
Written By: Geo

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